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Vinnie Paul Nixes A Pantera Reunion

Rumors were once again swirling recently of a possible Pantera reunion after Phil Anselmo, in a recent interview, stated, “…If there was ever a proper presentation, like, OK, Pantera is back together, Zakk’s on guitar, that would be a massive feeling,” and that a reunion could only happen if, “…the situation would have to be correct.” It got a lot of people hyped up and excited that after more than a decade there might be a new opportunity to see the band live once again.

However, in a recent interview with Revolver, ex-drummer Vinnie Paul has made it more than clear that this will not be happening.

Paul states:

If you had an ex-wife, and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again? It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not. And I think a lot of people are selfish. They say, ‘Oh, he oughtta just kiss and make up with Phil and everything will be cool. And then they can go get Zakk Wylde and everything’s gonna be great.’ No, everything’s not gonna be great.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, looks like Pantera has been put to rest for good.



  • Leebo

    Do we really need a Pantera reunion?
    No – they had one GREAT album in Vulgar (which to me is in the top 10 greatest metal releases EVER), but that’s really about it.
    I know I’ll get some stick because of Cowboys (which in reality had about 3 great tracks and lots of filler) and Driven, but come on – they really aren’t as “legendary” as some would claim.

    Give me Bon Jovi over Pantera any day,,,,,,,

    (ahem – that last comment was a joke! Don’t hate on me!)

    • FromHeroesToDust

      Do we really need a Pantera reunion?
      Yes – They had five AMAZING albums. Their debut Cowboys From Hell was a bone-crunching, ass kicking helluva debut album. It really put these guys on the map. They created groove metal which helped kill off that bullshit grunge scene.

      So in reality, yes, they are LEGENDARY. As most metal fans will tell you.

      • Mortis-Dei

        Pantera released three albums prior to Cowboys…

        • Karl Sanders’ Pointy Guitar

          Actually, they released four.

        • FromHeroesToDust

          No Pantera fan recognizes those albums prior to Cowboys From Hell.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’m that weird Pantera fan that thinks “The Great Southern Trendkill” is their best album. I absolutely love that record!

      • I wouldn’t say that’s a weird fan. Trendkill is my favorite album as well. Nothing like the screaming intro and Dimebag’s style on Floods.

        • JonathanBarkan

          So good!

          • deadsnow07

            I was in 8th grade when my friend popped on Trendkill and I heard that scream at the beginning and I was hooked. First time I heard real metal. That’s def my fav Pantera CD w/ Far Beyond Driven 2nd.

      • CTHL

        Pantera being my second favorite band ever (admitted GWAR superfan)… Vulgar is my favorite album, but Trendkill is a very close second. I’ve actually never been too high on Driven… I think it’s worse than Steel. Still good/borderline great, but their worse… not counting the 2 pre-Cowboys hair-metal albums that no one ever recognizes as existing though… I wish I could erase them from my memory.

      • Leebo

        Drag The Waters is awesome.

  • As far as Vinnie Paul goes, he’s the selfish one. There’s millions of fans and “one” of Vinnie Paul, but we’re the selfish ones. Pantera wasn’t an ex-wife. An ex-wife isn’t something millions of fans across the world care about. Pantera was a business and perhaps the best metal band of all time. It’s not about saying “hello again”, it’s about the best god damn metal band in the world for crying out loud.

    Time goes on. People change. Forgive and forget. Do it for the fans if you won’t do it for yourself. Vinnie Paul is one stubborn a-hole and don’t think we’ll ever see this unfortunately. Stop crying over Phil Anselmo spilling your bottle of milk and get over it.

    • ChildoftheKoRn

      I whole heartedly agree. Watching your brother getting shot in front of you that you have toured with for a multitude of live shows and grew the fuck up with should have no standing in seeing someone else playing your brothers songs.

      Pantera was good for its time but one member has moved on. Find a replacement and call it good. I hear Dave Lombardo needs work.

      • Maybe your right on that part, however I still think Vinnie should bury the hatchet with Phil already. He acts like Phil killed Dimebag.

        The question is…what would Dimebag want?

        • ChildoftheKoRn

          the conflict between phil and Vinnie, excluding the death of dimebag, I can’t really comment much on as I don’t know the drama that transpired, I’m sure it had to have something to do with a large consumption of drugs and/or alcohol (Rockstars, Amiright?) and I’d agree to bury the hatchet for the fans.

  • The_Righteous_Dan

    Phil’s words are vague here “the situation would have to be correct.” My guess is that the animosity is still probably on both ends, maybe more from one side than the other with Vinnie straight saying “NO”. My take is that Vinnie doesn’t want to do it because the incentive isn’t there. He seems to be doing just fine with Hellyeah. Phil is probably feeling nostalgic as he seems to be doing Pantera material with other bands live, even if it is only one song at a time. So he probably wants to relive some of those crazy years, musically of course. Yes, the fan demand is huge and yes, we’ve been crying for it for years, but realistically it probably isn’t going to happen. We’re all just going to have to face it, pop in a copy of Vulgar Display of Power, and mosh to it at home.

  • Charlie Kelly

    As great as Zakk Wylde is and no disrespect to him, it’s not gonna be the same without Dimebag Darrell.

  • Alexander Rahbek Witt

    You go to hell Vinnie, you go to hell and you diiiiee!

  • morrisseylikesburgers

    Vinnie Paul is a fat idiot

  • Luke Knutson

    Phil is not the reason dimebag was killed. Vinnie needs to understand this. If you read Chris A’s book ‘A Vulgar Display Of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa villa’ You will find out what really happened. The shooter, was mentally ill who thought the entire band was stealing his thoughts and using them as lyrics. There is photocopy photos of his notebooks, claiming he wanted to kill everyone in pantera. He tried attacking dimebag earlier in 2004 at bogarts in ohio. This was before phils immature childish beat down threats. This guy was on a mission and if it were superjoint or down playing that night, he would of attacked either phil or rex. Phil is only SLIGHTLY responsible for the end of the band (dime and vinnie are to blame as well), but he is NOT at all to blame for dimes death. Those guys ragged on him for his drug use, and he ragged on them for being hypocrites as being big boozers who were just as messed up as he was and that is the truth. Vinnie paul is a very stubborn self centered man. Fuck the reunion crap, just talk to the guy, even if it is ONE time, and then you move on. You can’t live life blaming others for something you had no control over. The killer was going to attack either one of them no matter what. Its just a sad tragedy. Its just very coincidental around the time metal hammer printed phils quotes (interview took MONTHS prior after they were talking shit about him too) and then a week later, he got murdered. Vinnie was known to be a perverted asshole behind the scenes. As far as their music goes.. FBD and Trendkill IMO is their best back to back work. I hate the fucking song walk. VDOP is good, but the other albums they were on a more extreme path that i like. and Superjoint ritual was a fucking great band so was down, but damageplan was GARBAGE.

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