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Twiztid “Sick Man” Music Video Premiere

We don’t normally cover a lot of hip hop on Bloody-Disgusting but when this premiere came upon us we just knew that it was a perfect fit! In this exclusive “Sick Man” music video premiere from Detroit group Twiztid you’ll see horror favorites Sid Haig (House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects) and Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Hatchet) in a video filled with blood, gore, and torture. And if you’re into it, then prepare yourself as this video is just the beginning! Get on down below to check out these icons in action!

“Sick Man” comes from the band’s latest album A New Nightmare, which you can purchase via iTunes or Twiztid’s Official Shop.

Photo credit: Jason Shaltz

Photo credit: Jason Shaltz

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  • Tiffy

    That was wicked! Twiztid never disappoints me. MMFWCL and mad kudos to you two!

    • Tiffy

      spamming that repeat button.

  • Brutha Smith

    they on that next level with this shit! Fuck yeah! I hope my next video goes as hard as this. Im loving the story telling they doing with this one!

  • Morbid

    fuck yes TWIZTID naild it agin wit tha wicked shit omg Kane fn Hodder and Sid Haig in the same video OMG i died and went to horror heaven cant wait to see twiztid at this years gathering of the juggalos

    • Tiffy

      felt the same way man with the horror heaven! I been on that repeat for almost an hour. This is a real fresh Twiztid vid.

  • violentdope


  • Jonathan Cramer

    well at least paul got to get high before he died lol, dope ass video

  • Chris Lisk

    fuckin ill video..this is why twiztid has and always will be my favorite shit..fuckin dope.

  • Jennifer Perryman

    Fucking dope!!!!!

  • Edward Dostie

    Twiztid always representing and Let’s not for get George …good shit homies 🙂

  • Alexander Damright

    Hella fresh shits, I liked it alot. Can’t wait for part 2

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