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Would You Watch A Real Life ‘The Running Man’?

Although the 1976 Dustin Hoffman-starrer Marathon Man is a better jumping off point, I watched Paul Michael Glaser’s 1987 The Running Man on Netflix this weekend, so that serves as the inspiration for the following post.

Starring the great Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Jesse Ventura), I’ve been watching this dystopian classic since I was a kid. In it, Schwarzenegger refuses military orders to obliterate a small town, which results in him being framed and staged for a public stoning on national television. It’s a last man standing film, similar to Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, which has all sorts of political statements layered within.

As a kid, I could give a shit about the social implications, which left me asking one simple question: would I watch a real life Running Man? Could I order a PPV where prisoners are run through the mill and slaughtered right before my very eyes.

Watching it again this weekend had me pondering such a future that oddly doesn’t seem that far fetched. So, I thought I’d bring this discussion to you guys and ask, would you watch a real life Running Man, and why?




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