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Would You Watch A Real Life ‘The Running Man’?

Although the 1976 Dustin Hoffman-starrer Marathon Man is a better jumping off point, I watched Paul Michael Glaser’s 1987 The Running Man on Netflix this weekend, so that serves as the inspiration for the following post.

Starring the great Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Jesse Ventura), I’ve been watching this dystopian classic since I was a kid. In it, Schwarzenegger refuses military orders to obliterate a small town, which results in him being framed and staged for a public stoning on national television. It’s a last man standing film, similar to Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, which has all sorts of political statements layered within.

As a kid, I could give a shit about the social implications, which left me asking one simple question: would I watch a real life Running Man? Could I order a PPV where prisoners are run through the mill and slaughtered right before my very eyes.

Watching it again this weekend had me pondering such a future that oddly doesn’t seem that far fetched. So, I thought I’d bring this discussion to you guys and ask, would you watch a real life Running Man, and why?



  • Fantasma George

    LOL thanx, but I think I’m fine with Chuck E. Cheese brawls or futbol ultras riot games on Youtube! It’s got all the violence and dystopian social commentary we need right there: American society is in comical decay, aimless European youth in masses are re-embracing fascist culture, and it’s all real happening right now for us to watch and upvote!

  • brewers_rule

    Personally, I wouldn’t but I could see it appealing to a specific segment of society today. I just wish they’d put the reality back into some of the shows that showed promise once upon a time. If they’d done Survivor like it should have been: people thrown on a dangerous island with little to live with & be forced to fend for themselves (more like Naked and Afraid, minus the Naked), it would have been great. Instead, we got a show where people solve stupid puzzles for a freakin’ can of Coke & then gossip about who needs to get thrown off next because they actually may have skills that’d fit that type of survival scenario.

  • Watch the Olympic hurdles, instead.
    People racing along in competition, all decked out in their fancy lycra, desperate to come first. Sure, no one will die, but it’s always entertaining when the someone trips over one of the hurdles. ^_^

  • Trixxxster

    I’d be a liar if I said anything but probably yes . . . especially if the “stalkers” were as ridiculous as the ones in the movie. Can’t say I have much pity for violent criminals, just use murderers and pedophiles/rapists as the runners.

  • Un Gsund

    if this kind of show goin to be real.. im not anymore part of humanity.. even the question makes me wanna start a revolution…

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