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‘Godzilla’ Cosplay So Cool Your Head Will Explode

Enter “Project: Nautilus”, Sean Sumagaysay’s year-long project that would result in the most astounding Godzilla cosplay ever stitched together.

The costume was built leading up to the Puerto Rico Comic Con, which has sine come and gone.

Sumagaysay, a lifelong Godzilla fan, delivered on his promise to unveil his epic cosplay at the convention. Below are shots from the event displaying his interpretation of the new Godzilla, in theaters now.

Since my childhood (finally 2 decades old, I guess that counts lol), I have been a longtime Godzilla fan starting with the Raymond Burr cut at the age of 3. As a 7yr old & already knowing how the Godzilla films worked their magic, I’ve always had the fantasy of actually being the guy inside the suit. I used to make claws, feet & dorsal fins out of construction paper with a former cousin of mine.

But at the beginning of high school I have since abandoned that part of creativity and focused on my drawing skills as a hobby & future career, and have greatly improved as of today. (for those who haven’t, you can check out my art here:

Last year, I became inspired by Jacob Baker’s Hyper Godzilla suit and read more into it at, I saw how easy it was to make a Godzilla suit with the proper resources. So when Legendary’s Godzilla was officially revealed to the public at Comic Con 2013, it then came to me: What better way to celebrate the return of the beast than to make my first costume based on the new flick?

and so, Project: NAUTILUS was born.




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