GTFO: 'Tusk' Photo Reveals Bloodied Justin Long! - Bloody Disgusting!

GTFO: ‘Tusk’ Photo Reveals Bloodied Justin Long!

This Reddit user shared our first look at Justin Long on the set of Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror film, Tusk, about a man (Long) who is surgically turned into a walrus by a mysterious seafarer (Michael Parks).

Check out this nasty image that shows Long stitched together into one nasty lump of flesh and covered in blood. Blech. I’m in.

The pic, inspired by The Human Centipede, also stars Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez. It was acquired by A24 for release later this year.

Update: the source of the image is none other than Kevin Smith!

  • Werewolf

    I bet Jason Mewes pops up in there somewhere with a walrus dick joke.

  • Evan3

    This is easily the first time in years I have been exxxcited for a Kevin Smith joint, and this is a great still.

  • diapers

    Looks like his arms have been sewn to the torso, creating a… walrus-Justin Long hybrid!