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Millenium Falcon Pics From ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

With the addition of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford we already knew that the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII will have one foot planted firmly in the past (a feeling reconfirmed by the Tatooine set pics that his yesterday).

But now it appears that the rumors of them going whole hog are true, as this is pretty clearly the Millenium Falcon being built onset. Who knows how much action it’ll get in the film? My bet is that it just kind of hangs out in Han Solo’s space garage until he hands it down to his son at the end of his film and the kid takes off with it in the final frames.

Just a reminder, there’s a chance this movie could be good. The Star Wars tally stands at one really great movie, one pretty good movie, one decent movie and three awful movies.

For more pics, hit up the site that shall not be named in the source link below.





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