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Linkin Park Releases New Track With System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian

Alt-rock band Linkin Park has released a stream of a new track entitled “Rebellion”, which features System Of A Down‘s Daron Malakian. The track comes from the band’s upcoming album The Hunting Party, which comes out June 17th. You can hear the track below.

What I’ve noticed about each of the tracks that the band has released so far is that they all sound super compressed. The cymbals don’t sound like their being hit, they sound like their distorting. It’s upsetting because even though I’m not the biggest Linkin Park fan I still recognize that they have a lot of dynamics going on in their songs. However, instead of highlighting those, they opted to even everything out and it all sounds like one mess. What a shame.



  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Definitely agree on the compression. Sounds horrid…hopefully this isn’t what it’ll sound like on release :S

    Also, I don’t think you need to mention Daron being involved, the SOAD vibe is huge.

    EDIT – disappointed he doesn’t share vocal duties though.

  • thornvald80

    im sorry but whatever linkin park is doin, doesnt matter who with its still a pile of shite…

    or maybe im just to old to ‘buy’ their music…

  • Probably the first Linkin Park song I’ve heard since Meteora that I’ve been in to. Shocking how much Daron is all over the song! Never though a guitarist (bar Tom Morello) could sound so individual that you’d notice a guest spot!

    • PedJun

      Well, if you listen to any Korn song you’ll immediately recognize it…

  • tj811

    this is an awesome song!
    Cant wait for this new album

  • PedJun

    I actually liked this song.
    In my adolescence I was a big fan of Linkin Park. Well, at least for their first two albums. After that, I quite simply said to myself ‘this is crap music’ and left for other bands – for System of a Down, Rammstein, Sabaton, Nightwish and so many other types of music and bands. But never returned to LP, just because it sounded so… bland and uninspired. The fact that they’re returning to their original sound roots is a good thing, for me at least.

    But what I really, really, really would love was a new album from SOAD…

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