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‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’: Previously Unseen Effects Work!

Paul Jones Effects Studio has been going behind-the-scenes crazy on their Facebook page sharing incredible never-before-seen images and videos from the set of films like Resident Evil and Silent Hill!

Below we’ve embedded quite a few videos ranging from an awesome green screen shot of the Axeman from Resident Evil: Retribution to them prepping a zombie dog in Resident Evil: Afterlife (easily my favorite).

You’ll find tons more at the above link, and I expect it to be updated with tons more in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Paul Jones Effects Studio


  • ummm…why is silent hill mentioned here?

  • MovieMan224

    These are the kinda BTS that make me wanna make my own films. Inspiring! Short horror film “The Séance” check it out!

  • J Jett

    i love watching these RES EVIL vids! yes, more please!

    • Gerald Button

      Maybe because the cars are CGI? I couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not.

      • marklola12 .

        cgi YES but that is actually a movie fx app you get on iphones where it has a few different built in effects

      • J Jett

        holy crap!! i honestly thought those cars were real!! wow!

        • ThunderDragoon

          Same here! See, THIS is the type of CGI I like. The kind where you can’t tell it’s CGI. So great.

  • These are great! I love the practical horror effects – particularly the creature design in Silent Hill was fantastic!

  • ThunderDragoon

    So damn cool.

  • gul_badanka

    Awesome! Made my day 🙂

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