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Survival Horror MMO ‘Nether’ Leaves Early Access

After several months of listening to player feedback and tweaking accordingly, Phosphor Games’ survival horror MMO Nether has left Steam Early Access in favor of a full release. I spent a couple hours with it back in February and while I wasn’t terribly impressed with what it had to offer back then, it’s seen some significant improvements and new features since then that make me want to give it a second chance.

Owners of the pre-release version will get a potion that turns the user into a Nether — one of the game’s monsters — as well as keys that can be used to gain access to the rare loot inside golden chests. If you’ve been waiting to be sold on Nether, it can be purchased on Steam for $14.99.




  • M M

    I lost interest pretty quickly, but it’s been a while now since I’ve played it so I might have to give it a shot again. It felt pretty empty and very frustrating, but it had a good concept. Hopefully they have added a lot more too it.

    • Gabbi Cordero

      that’s unfortunate to hear. i’m more of a console gamer and i was hoping this would come to playstation or xbox. you’re right though. what drew me in personally was the concept

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