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Jeremy Sisto “Returns” to Genre Roots; Mary Elizabeth Winstead

After years away from the genre, May and Wrong Turn‘s Jeremy Sisto has landed a lead role opposite Mark Pellegrino and Kevin Alejandro in Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode A&E drama series “The Returned”, says Deadline.

A late afternoon update also has The Thing‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead, pictured below, starring.

An adaptation of the acclaimed French series, “Returned”, from A+E Studios and FremantleMedia, “focuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, bringing with them both positive and detrimental consequences.

Sisto plays Peter, a psychologist who runs a grief support group for people in the town who are struggling with the loss of loved ones from a bus accident four years ago.

Variety says Winstead plays Rowan, the girlfriend of musician Simon (Mat Vairo), who has to deal with her late boyfriend’s return.

The Thing (prequel) - 2



  • J Jett

    cool! i like Sisto. with his SUBURGATORY now canceled this is good timing for him.

    • True, I will miss Suburgatory so much though. That was one of my favorite comedies.

  • Paul

    I may be wrong but this sounds like ABC’s Ressurection?

    • But the French series of The Returned came out first so technicalled ABC’s Resurrection sounds like The Returned (or Les Revenants). It’s streaming on Netflix now I think but it got really good reviews.

      • J Jett

        technically RESURRECTION is not a remake of LES REVENANTS (it’s claiming it’ not even though it’s basically a remake of that show!). it IS very good though! it has returned people coming back and they also don’t sleep and they eat (regular food) a lot but that’s it as far as similarities. RESURRECTION is also getting a 2nd season!!

        the A&E show is going to be a direct remake of the awesome French version. i hope it’s good (i think it will be!).

  • Ltg1998

    I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so this is making me more excited for the American adaptation. You can never have enough of ‘The Returned’.

  • Red Right Return

    I’ll tell you this – part of the charm of the french version is the EXCELLENT soundtrack from Mogwai. The American version really needs to have some creepy music too. Also, its going to be nice seeing MEW in something a little longer than a bit part in a movie.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Yes! I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

  • Krug09

    Jeremy Sisto… Last time i said that name was 06! I used to think based on his role in SFU he should have gotten a real lead role.

  • diapers

    Don’t forget Sisto was in the overlooked Dead and Breakfast!

  • Evan3

    I’ll watch this for the cast alone, I love me some MEW and Sisto is all right in my book.

  • Lee major

    I’d rather watch the original, which is BEYOND awesome.

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