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Fall Out Boy’s Andrew Hurley is a Zombie!

Toe Tag Riot is a fantastic Kickstarter that’s happening right now. The creators of the series pitch the concept as Zombie Punks versus the Westboro Baptist Church. I couldn’t think of a more fun way to take out old racist bigots that unleashing a horde of flesh eating maniacs upon them, but it gets better. Andrew Hurley from Fall Out Boy has joined the fray, he’s being zombified and turned loose on the world.

Here’s the word from Matt Miner, the writer behind TTR:

Toe Tag Hurley-announce2Andy Hurley from the multi-platinum rock band Fall Out Boy has joined the cast of Toe Tag Riot and he’s amped to zombify himself and go on a zombie-fueled slaughter of homophobes, racists, misogynists and otherwise nasty people!

He’s appearing as himself in all 4 issues of Toe Tag Riot (on Kickstarter now) and, for the Kickstarter promotion, he’s signing 200 copies of a variant of himself, zombified! watercolor art by series artist Sean Von Gorman.

Kickstarter here:


Recently TTR has had some success with taking the Westboro Baptist Church to task about supporting their comic, especially when everything between the pages flies in the face of their insane values. Matt Miner is a champion of creator owned comics, not giving him your cash would be pure insanity.



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