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[Preview] The End of Remender’s Captain America!

Rick Remender’s run of Captain America has been strange to say the least. However, I’ve found it defines the character in a new and interesting light that no other writer has managed to do before. It took Cap’s age old concepts and tropes and explored them in wildly different ways, there’s been a constant sense of danger, and an otherworldly vibe, almost like a 1950’s science fiction movie. For some, this isn’t working but for me it’s the best Cap we’ve had in years.

After almost two years on the book, Rick Remender decides to bring the Cap’s biggest villain back into the fold, at a time when he’s least prepared. Good old Remender, I expect a ton of death to follow. That or A younger and more spray Cap to burst from a puss filled cocoon on this old fart’s back, wait, that’d be Cronenberg’s Captain America. Still waiting on that Marvel…


From Marvel:

This July, the final chapter of the saga that started in Dimension Z begins in The Tomorrow Soldier – an epic new story arc kicking off inCAPTAIN AMERICA #22 by writer Rick Remender and artist Carlos Pacheco! After the Earth-shattering events of last issue, the Super-Soldier Serum within Captain America has been neutralized, reducing him to a feeble old man. After everything he’s already been through, how can Steve Rogers cope with such devastating loss? And can he continue to fulfill his duties as Captain America?

There’s no time for doubt, though, as two of Cap’s greatest foes have emerged from the shadows, their master plan almost complete. The Red Skull and Arnim Zola have reunited to finish the job they started – and not even the Avengers can stop them. The next explosive arc of the series that will have everyone talking begins right here! No fan should miss the explosive CAPTAIN AMERICA #22 this July!                                   




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  • Evan3

    I’m really digging the cover art here.

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