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In Flames Releases New Single “Rusted Nail”

Swedish melodic metal band In Flames have released their first single from their upcoming 11th studio album Siren Charm, which comes out September 9th via Sony/RED. Below you can hear the “Rusted Nail”.

I’ve listened to the track a few times and I’m still not 100% sure I know what I think of it. It’s definitely an understandable progression from the sounds of Sounds Of A Playground Fading but I don’t know if I’m completely into it or not. I like it but it’s not what I was really expecting.



  • AfterTheAsylum

    You can hear that Engelin designed this song, seeing as how much it sounds like something from Engel or Passenger. This song would be good if 1) It didn’t carry the In Flames name or 2) the In Flames sound were removed (you can still sort of hear In Flames in it and now it doesn’t fit in their new style). This band just isn’t recognizable anymore. If this were an independent/new/side project band, I would feel a lot better about it. But since it isn’t, it just sounds like squandered talent. I don’t expect them to return to Colony or Whoracle, but at least float in the Clayman or Come Clarity range.

  • Walder Frey

    “Rusted Nail”? A killer from “Joy Ride” movie franchise?

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    Lol, totally forgot about Inflames. They used to by my favorite band till Clayman. They kinda lost me after that. I can even remember anxiously awaiting Colony. I still think I own one or two albums after Clayman just because, but I don’t think I listened to them that much. Maybe I’ll have to pop in one of the oldies again.

  • Mattallica

    They lost me at Clayman as well. For me, that was their Master of Puppets.. They’ve just gone downhill since. I’m eagerly awaiting the new At The Gates, however. Something that long in the making is going to make face melting obsolete.

  • Samael

    This song is the worst In Flames song, ever. Period. It’s fucking pathetic.

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