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‘Deep Rising’ Soundtrack From Jerry Goldsmith Now Available

Intrada Records has just made available the soundtrack to 1998’s ocean-based horror film Deep Rising, which featured a score by renowned composer Jerry Goldsmith (Gremlins, The Omen, Total Recall, Planet Of The Apes). The soundtrack features 35-tracks, three of which were not featured in the film, and is also nearly twice the length of the original release, which was only 33 minutes in length.

You can purchase the soundtrack here.



  • Hell yeah! I love Deep rising – fantastic b-movie with lots of gore and fun! I wish it would see the blu ray edition one of these days!

    • The 90’s era where Steven Sommers was a promising blockbuster director with some impressive CGI rather than the overkill we get these days from his latest creations (Mummy returns, Van Helsing and GI Joe)

  • J Jett

    i love this movie! personally i feel it’s a very underrated flick. plus it has gorgeous Famke Janssen!

  • One of my favourite creature features. ^_^
    There’s just a great sense of fun throughout the whole thing.

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