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The Ultimate Sci-Fi Monster Size Guide!

Have you ever wanted to visualize the height and weight of your favorite Sci-Fi movie monsters?

Bloody Disgusting received this incredible infographic, “The Ultimate Science Fiction Monster Size Guide”, courtesy of TSG (Technology Services Group).

Godzilla, King Kong, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Clover, Slattern, Alien and Alien Queen – this guide features all the best known science fiction creations. Depicted against individual height charts, you guys can gauge the enormity of these creatures with the human-to-monster comparison guide. There’s even some fun facts from each film.

Check it out below!

TSG - SciFi Monster size guide (full)



  • AnettaBiolettimso

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  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s so cool. 😀

  • JB

    There’s no way the Tyrannosaurus Rex is that short.

    • ndre

      five meters – 16 feets was the standard Tyrannosaurus height. There were some bigger carnivore dinosaurs, however it is well-known that the true giants were herbivorous.

      • Guest

        I mean the Jurassic Park wiki says it’s that height but look at this picture and tell me that’s 16 feet.

        • Brandon Stauffer

          The way its standing in this shot has the head higher then it would normally be. So in this shot its prob closer to 20 maybe 25 feet but the way they walk their backs are closer to parallel with the ground. Not saying they cant be this tall when they are standing and scanning the horizon but in practicality that’s like saying a dog on hind legs possible but impractical. plus this is a movie though in context with the story of the movie maybe to make it look cooler to park visitors they made it bigger

  • Guest

    That doesn’t really look like 16 feet to me, even though the Jurassic Park wiki says that.

  • horrorking95

    What about that huge fucking mammoth thing in The Mist! The sheer size of that thing sends shivers down my spine!

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