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[E3 2014] ‘Alien: Isolation’ May Get Oculus Rift Support

Developer Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival horror game Alien: Isolation may be getting virtual reality headset support. At the very least, it’s playable at E3 right now in the Oculus Rift booth. However, Al Hope, creative lead on Isolation, was quick to deny that this is official. Right now, they’re just testing the waters before it’s decided whether or not the game will ship with the functionality built in.

“To be clear, what we announced last night is that we’re showing a prototype of Alien: Isolation on Oculus Rift,” Hope told Joystiq. Check out its latest trailer below.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled to arrive on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 7.

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  • McGilli

    I hope they don’t waste time on that. For all of the 3 people in North America that will use the functionality – they could use that coding time for better purposes…

    • mrl72

      You’re kidding, right?

    • Adam Dodd

      I’m sure significantly more than three people will play Isolation with the headset if they decide to go that route. There are already thousands of people with the Oculus Rift and the device technically still isn’t out, at least not at retail.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That would be cool.

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