[E3 2014] 'Bayonetta 2' Trailer Doesn't Have Time to Dance - Bloody Disgusting!

[E3 2014] ‘Bayonetta 2’ Trailer Doesn’t Have Time to Dance

A couple E3’s ago, to almost everyone’s surprise, a sequel to Bayonetta was announced. The game didn’t sell terribly well despite receiving universal critical acclaim. In most cases that’s not enough to warrant a sequel, but Bayonetta 2 happening because Nintendo decided to take over publishing, likely in an effort to diversify the Wii U’s portfolio.

At Nintendo’s digital conference, it was revealed the game will come bundled with the first game when it releases later this year. Check out its latest nigh-incomprehensible trailer below.

Bayonetta 2 releases exclusively on the Wii U this October.

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