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Waxwork Records Teases Upcoming ‘Friday The 13th’ Vinyl Reissue

Waxwork Records has teased their upcoming Friday The 13th vinyl OST reissue by posting a video of the audio going through the mastering process on their Instagram page. The video demonstrates the love that Harry Manfredini‘s classic score is receiving. You can check it out below!



  • J Jett

    that’s awesome! Manfredini’s score from part 1 remains one of my all time favorite scores ever (i especially love the ending song where Alice is in the canoe). i very much liked the reboot movie but it sorely needed Manfredini’s music in it.

  • Nightflyre9

    To me, Harry Manfredini’s score for Friday the 13th is a masterpiece. I’ve always loved it for its phenomenal mood and atmosphere. And when I finally got the complete soundtrack album and sat down to listen to it intently, I also realized just what a brilliant piece of work it is, both technically and aesthetically. It deserves every bit of attention and recognition it receives.

  • jasonlives314

    I hope it’s a complete soundtrack including the generic country song playing toward the beginning when they’re first making their way to camp. I definitely need a better paying job with all these $40+ records coming out every other week. Also, when did the $40 LP become the standard anyway?? When I was a kid, records were about 6 or 7 bucks.

    • J Jett

      jasonlives, what i love about that country song in the beginning is it’s the exact same song played at the end (Alice in the canoe) but just a sped up country version with lyrics. yeah, i wish they’d release that song too. i have pretty much everything else except that one.

      • jasonlives314

        Years ago some of my buddies and I had a little band called Meatsicle which was an all instrumental band that played porno music. We also covered that country song just because we all thought it was fantastic and were all big horror nuts.

      • Nightflyre9

        The country-sounding song at the beginning is called “Sail Away, Tiny Sparrow.” Manfredini composed it specifically for the film because there was no money in the budget to secure rights to any other music. I believe the vocalist’s name is Angela Rotella. I love that the scene with Alice in the canoe (as well as the end credits) uses a tweaked, slowed-down version of Sail Away. This music is perfect.

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