[E3 2014] 'Dead Island 2' Will Be the "World's Smallest MMO" - Bloody Disgusting!

[E3 2014] ‘Dead Island 2’ Will Be the “World’s Smallest MMO”


In case you missed its initial reveal, Deep Silver has unveiled Dead Island 2 — the official follow-up to the original Dead Island. It’s being developed by the team that brought us Spec Ops: The Line, one of the darkest and most memorable shooters I’ve ever played. Seriously, that game is grim.

Dead Island 2 is still largely shrouded in mystery, but a few details were dished out in a recent interview with Bernd Diemer, Game Director at Yager.

According to Diemer, the game world will be comprised of three different locations, including the San Francisco Bay Area, a substantial portion of Los Angeles, and a third area that they aren’t talking about just yet. They’re describing the game internally as the “world’s smallest MMO,” as it features 8-player co-op. Unless you specifically opt out of the multiplayer, you will always be playing in a world inhabited with up to seven other players.

Check out the full interview with Diemer below.

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  • Brian McNatt

    That trailer is like, the exact opposite of the trailer for the first game.

    I love it!

  • Fantasma George

    LOL, I see they took out that joint from the minister’s mouth on the header image!

    • Adam Dodd

      They did! That’s hilarious.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    It’ll probably also be the buggiest and most repetitive.

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  • I still think this franchise has lots of potential! But I prefer the dramatic tone of the first two installments rather than something on the vibe of dead rising. Say anything you want for dead island and dead island riptide but these games were oozing with atmosphere. This one seems more generic regarding the setting – have not we seen this before on DR, DR2 DR3, the upcoming Dying Light, etc?

    • Adam Dodd

      I’m surprised DI2 won’t continue the series’ serious nature, seeing as it’s being developed by the team that brought us one of the darkest, grimmest video games in recent memory (Spec Ops: The Line).

      • Agreed as well. Perhaps they are thinking that making too serious they might be distracting away the teenagers. But to be honest, no matter how many flaws the first one had – terrible dialogues, stereotypes, and poor execution of the story, especially in the second half – the image of the guy crying over the dead body of his – forced himself to kill – girlfriend, sister? in a pool of blood inside a chill out pool (not sure how to put that!) made such a contrast in the tropical and luxurious setting that really touched me emotionally! Weird no?

        • if only the rest of the game could pack such a powerful emotional punch – see the trailer! – that would have been an incredible experience