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Linkin Park Debuts “Until It’s Gone” Official Video

Alt-rock band Linkin Park has released a highly-stylized video for their track “Until It’s Gone”, which comes from the upcoming album The Hunting Party (out June 17th). The video mixes performance footage with images of things that we will supposedly miss once it’s gone. I’ll tell you what I officially miss, however, and that’s a good sound mix as this still sounds compressed, messy, and just plain awful.

Give it a view below.



  • Fantasma George

    Aight look, people usually walk into the Dead Island topics just to bash and I’m cool with it, so you guys are gonna have to be cool with me dropping by here just to remind everyone that this band has always been laughably terrible.

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      Yeah but your LP bashing is subjective. People bash Dead Island for objective reasons.

      • Fantasma George

        Yeah Chandler Bing defending these people how appropriate!

        • Chandler Of-Adelaide

          Making sense…you’re doing it wrong.

          • Fantasma George

            How so? Both Friends and LP are birds of a pussy feather.

          • Chandler Of-Adelaide

            Oh…you’re still being purely subjective…now it makes sense.

  • Mistah Vader

    Linkin Park hasn’t released a “good” album since Meteora. A thousand splendid suns was tolerable though. I tried listening to their newer albums and they suck floppy donkey dick.

  • Nick Harold Wojtowicz

    Yeah, that was not a very enjoyable tune.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Not a bad song but yeah, whatever is going on with the mixing for this album needs to stop.

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