Iconic 'Jaws' Scene Re-Scored By Hans Zimmer - Bloody Disgusting!

Iconic ‘Jaws’ Scene Re-Scored By Hans Zimmer

This video slipped past me when it first came out, so I’m bringing it up now because it’s rather hilarious. YouTube channel Legolamb re-scored one of the most iconic scenes in horror by removing John Williams‘ music from the climactic battle in Jaws and instead inserted a musical parody in the style of Hans Zimmer (Batman Begins, The Ring, Hannibal). The end result is a completely changed feel, one that drops the intensity and anxiety and instead completely overpowers the visuals.

Check it out below!

  • Anthony Prieto

    Hmmmmmmm. NO

  • Sick_skwerl

    The best par is the end as they’re swimming away- Brody: “I’m not the sheriff this beach needs right now, I’m the sheriff it DESERVES”

  • Eldritch Love

    Wow, that was awful!

  • Bryant Low

    I know it’s supposed to be a joke but you guys nailed something that’s been bothering me about Zimmer’s action scores for years (like Dark Knight Rises etc). Namely that they are pretentious, bombastic rubbish completely lacking in imagination and subtlety. And as you guys quite rightly demonstrated – it doesn’t take much time or skill for anyone to come up with this kind of lazy crap.

    Thank God we still have John Powell, James Newton Howard and Micheal Giachinno.

    • Alan Stowe

      Giachinno? The guy whos scores for the Star Trek reboots are so generic and awful they might as well be tv scores? Wow. Try Clint Mansell and Johnny Greenwood if you really want to talk creative scoring. No one you listed is any worse or better than Zimmer. But ill give points to Zimmer fir jokers theme and the melody in inception coming from slowing down the classic song on the film to a crawl. That’s certainly more than Giachinno EVER did. Guy just does cartoon backgroubg music fir everything.

      • Bryant Low

        Hey Alan. Nice of you to respond. Ya, I agree Giachinno might not have done that much in terms of action movie scores to be a good example, though I love his music for MI:3 and John Carter.

        And do note that I specifically referred to action movie scores, so I’m not sure what Mansell and Greenwood (both great composers) have done in that genre.

        Correspondingly, I think Zimmer has done wonderful work outside the action genre (everything from Green Card to The Ring to Driving Miss Daisy for ex) but as far as action movie scores go he continually falls back on the same hackneyed, militaristic bombast nonsense whether it’s for a movie about pirates, submarine warfare, a hostage situation on Alcatraz or gladiators – he hardly differentiates them even to just give them a sense of period.

        You seem to disparage music done for TV. Any real reason for this? There is a lot of great music done for TV shows as well.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I think it’s more a situation that a lot of movie scores are also doubling as sound design. It’s hard to tell anymore what’s music and what’s a sound effect, such as the now infamous blares in ‘Inception’.

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  • Amnesiac Kid

    has anyone listened to the inception soundtrack? that was a masterpice