Robert Englund Will Wear the Freddy Krueger Makeup One Final Time…


REMINDER! Robert Englund will officially say goodbye to Freddy Krueger at this July’s Flashback Weekend here in Chicago.

The official website announced that Englund, who will be appearing at the convention to sign autographs, will be donning his iconic Freddy makeup that made him famous.

The kicker is that there’s are photo packages with Englund while in character; this is seriously a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Robert Englund’s “Freddy Krueger” makeup will be designed and applied by FX master artist Robert Kurtzman in the same extensive process used in the A Nightmare On Elm Street films.

This one time only event is happening August 8, 2014. Get your tickets here! He will also be signing autographs (without makeup) Saturday and Sunday.

Flashback Weekend is a horror convention with a deeper initiative. Our philanthropic efforts are dedicated to the preservation of the American Drive-In. Flashback Weekend owns and operates the Midway Drive-In located in Dixon, IL to support the film industry and to present classic 35mm horror film festivals. For this reason, all net proceeds from Flashback Weekend and the Robert ENglund Freddy Krueger make-up photo-ops go to the preservation and operation of the Midway Drive-In, located in Dixon, IL.

The Flashback Weekend 2014 line-up features horror legends including Robert Englund, “PHANTASM” 35th anniversary reunion featuring, director Don Coscarelli, Angus Scrimm (THE TALL MAN), and a full “PHANTASM” cast reunion, Lance Henriksen (“ALIENS”, “NEAR DARK”), Jen and Sylvia Soska, Katharine Isabelle, Traci Lords, Zach Galligan, Amanda Wyss, Ronee Blakley, Jennifer Rubin, a “HELLRAISER” reunion (Ashley Laurence, Barbie Wilde, and Nicholas Vance), Charles Band, Chicago Horror Host legend Svengoolie, and more!

Flashback Weekend also features a huge horror vendor room, evening entertainment including “PHANTASM” stars In Concert and Charles Band’s Full Moon Horror Roadshow, Costume Contest hosted by Svengoolie, Sinister Visions Zombie Pin-Up pageant, and more!

Robert Englund make up updated - quad

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I thought before I read the article that he would made a sequel to FvsJ which would be his final Freddy movie… Still wish I could go there ! :)

    • J Jett

      Nicolas, i too initially thought he was returning to play Freddy in one last movie.

  • jasonlives314

    Wow…..I was possibly going to go to Flashback anyway, but this made it a MUST until I saw it was $365.00……my budget is far too Troma for that.

    • Roddie Orenjii-Juice

      “Troma” … awesome

  • Werewolf

    Robert Englund will always be Freddy Krueger in the same way that Sean Connery will always be James Bond.

    • Cherie Willis

      …and anthony hopkins will always be hannibal lector, and michael keaton will ALWAYS be beetlejuice.. i think for an actor to have the charisma and screen presence to transform themselves INTO the character that they are meant to portray in such a way as to make it ultimately IMPOSSIBLE for the role to be played sufficiently by ANY other actor-especially when its such an eccentric & uniquely written character-is an EXTREMELY TALENTED individual. i have seen the “new-er” Freddy movie that came out a couple of yrs ago and i was very disappointed, i HATED it. the ONLY thing i even found interesting was the details they included into Freddy’s back-story, which i wish had been written into the originals, Other than that,i didn’t much like it at all. and i know the true fans will know what i mean when i say that that version is just too serious all around…the dude TRIED to bounce out a couple of puns laced with that iconic dry humor and sarcasm that Freddy has been known for, but it just wasnt there ( and not to mention the VOICE or WTF happened to his BURNS and WHY they look so cheap & fake!) But honestly, without Robert Englund dominating the role HIMSELF, i honestly dont think it could have gotten much better, even if his make-up was on point, tho. and actually i think it was pretty arrogant for them to have even ATTEMPTED to re-write a character that was literally MADE into a LEGEND by ONE MAN’S dedication to the total embodiment of the infamous Freddy Krueger, not to mention the poor actor they duped into taking on such an impossible venture and expected to meet the criteria! bASICALLY-Robert Englund KILLED that role-indefinitely-FOREVER, so that anyone who dares to try to step to it, would just pale in sad comparison. like they say in Highlander- “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”- AND THAT’S ENGLUND, without a doubt! y’all with me on this or what??

  • PJ

    i wonder how much just the photo op is…not that crazy package

  • dirtyghettok

    Please somebody slip plenty of liquor into the place so we have a great story afterwards of people freaking out… Just asking.

  • AlanMorlock

    I’m sorry but keeping a drive-in, a private business, open is not a damn charity.

    • jasonjrf

      It is now adays thanks to torrents

  • J Jett

    $365.00?!!!?!!! fuck that. not at all worth it. sorry Englund.

  • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

    Well, it says it’s $365 for a photo-op. Will he not be in makeup at the autograph table? If it wasn’t $365 and on a work day, I’d be all over this.

    Should be a shorter line for the people that do pay though.

  • Tim Gosnell

    40 make-up…just as good

  • STRIK9

    Why the fuck cant he just wear the makeup and make another elm st. film? He’s more than capable of still playing that character.It’s ridiculous to think that he could’nt, actually.Its not like he’s 91 years old like christopher lee. After that piece of shit remake, you would think the studio would be begging him to come back.

  • Krug09

    I can’t go to Chicago sadly but i really have to meet this guy. He is my favorite horror icon and plays Freddy perfectly. He is amazing. He needs to play Freddy again. PD are assholes for recasting him.

  • Ben Gleason

    This news bums me out! The NOES remake was awful. I was hoping for one more epic movie with the REAL Freddy! Who knows, Tina Turner, Cher etc. had a few “farewell” tours so maybe…

  • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

    I’m hoping he’ll step into the make-up and realize, I still have it in me. Then make one more final Freddy film. It’s disappointing that we never really got a final film.

    • jasonjrf

      Wes Cravens New Nightmare was kinda the final film went full circle back to Wes Craven. What more do you want? Freddy in space? Freddy possessing other peoples body? Freddy having a copy cat killer? Yes I’m taking stabs at Jason.

      • Seth

        ‘Stabs’ at Jason. That’s good.

      • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

        How about Freddy getting pulled back into the real world and staying there? How about FvJ 2? Or maybe even the proper Freddy’s dead where he actually dies. Freddy’s a legend. Always room for him to come back and terrorize Elm Street once again.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    weak, why not another movie. remake was shit. At least Freddy vs Jason 2 if nothing else…

  • Mark Lepine

    for $365 England better be giving me head in full make-up.

    • marklola12 .

      haha he would be in freddy mode and bite it off

  • Derek Weirather

    At first I just read the headline and thought oh it will be somewhere far away, but then I saw it was in Chicago and I’m only like 4 hours away so hell yes I will be going and will be paying the 365 for a pic with him in full make up. This has been my dream since i was probably like 5 years old so this is gonna happen.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Damn. Was hoping to see the master himself reprise the role one more time on the big screen, because the remake left a bad taste in my mouth (and I know I’m not the only one. lol).

    • Jon Bailey

      hate the remake, couldnt even watch it completely thru the first time i watched it.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Yeah, after twenty something minutes in the theater I said to to myself “pretty sure this is going to suck”…….and it got worse. lol.

  • Carlton Fisher

    Damn it. I was really hoping someone was going to get their shit together and make Freddy v. Jason 2 happen. The first one was not awful (it was a bit too jokey/Screamish for my taste), but I think they could have put together a really good sequel that would have not only stood for itself but redeemed the first one.

  • E.V.-Suicide

    Naturally I thought this meant he was going to take on the role one last time, I’m a bit disappointed. He is and will always be the best Freddy Krueger. Totally wish this event was in NYC, it would have been awesome.

    • Kaine Morrison

      NY, especially Long Island, NEVER gets any good Con Stuff.

  • VictorCrowley

    I have to throw my name in as another who thought this meant he was coming back to do one last film. Great opportunity for hardcore Freddy fans. But, for $365, my cash will be going toward an awesome Michael Myers mask.

  • brewers_rule

    Call me cynical but I think this just MAY be a bit of the testing of the waters to get him back into the Freddy game, so to speak. Considering the reboot didn’t take hold, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried one with Robert being an integral part of it.

    • Khy

      I’d love if Robert could return just for one final film. One last good nightmare for the road would be nice.

      • brewers_rule

        I tend to agree. It’s funny to me that Craven and Englund don’t really wanna come back Japan Godzilla-like to make one final, epic film to wash the taste of the Jackie Earl Haley film out of fans mouth like Japan did w/Broderick’s Godzilla. Then again, I suppose in their view, that was what Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was originally intended to do: close the door on the franchise.

        • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

          But then the door was opened again with Freddy Vs Jason. Since they reopened the door, they better re-close it. Englund should make it clear to the fans that one more Freddy will be the final.

          • brewers_rule

            I’m still shocked FvJ didn’t spawn a sequel or another horror spin off as was rumored shortly after of Myers/Freddy/Jason etc. It made over $100mil and only cost $30mil to make so you’d figure it could’ve warranted a second one. Too bad they sliced my favorite horror queen Katharine Isabelle in it so she couldn’t be back for it, though.

          • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

            They were supposed to make another. Ash from Evil Dead was even rumored to be in it. Then the remake trend stepped in.

          • DarinKeen90

            I want the sequel of Freddy vs Jason not nightmare bullshit reboot grrrrr Hollywood is pissing me offfff

          • DarinKeen90

            Bad news you guys I’ve saw the horror magazines and I’ve saw the new horror movies and the sequel of a nightmare on elm street will be coming and when I’ve saw that another nightmare movie on the magazine i was piiissseeeddd offfff very pissed off

          • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

            That’s very old news and it won’t happen. I’d bet you.

        • Khy

          Hell, it’d be a dream if both Wes and Robert came back for one last Nightmare. Oh God, I just realized I gave a pun lmao. Anyway, it wouldn’t even have to be anything with a super unique concept like New Nightmare, just give us a batch of teens, Robert’s Freddy, and Craven behind the camera and lets have one last good kill for the road. ;)

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      I totally agree. And I’d love if he made a real final Freddy movie, nobody cared about the reboot.

    • Weresmurf

      I’m 100% ok with this if it’s so.


    damn, i’ll be in Chicago the week after this… bummer

  • marklola12 .

    Ah damn I saw the hedline and thought it was another movie!!
    tbh I don’t see why they do not make another nightmare movie, as with freddy vs Jason there could be a stand in for the action scenes and you couldn’t tell
    the reboot was crap and panned by most people, I do not think they will actually be making a sequel to that movie as it was not popular enough

  • marklola12 .

    I will say while I don’t think they would do a nightmare with Robert again as there has been someone else playing freddy now THEY could still do a freddy vs Jason 2 with Robert

    WHY WHY WHY would they not make a freddy vs Jason 2???? the 1st one made good money

    • Evan Hatcher

      If Brad Dourif and Doug Bradley showed up they could Monster Sqaud it

      • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

        They should do a comedy about old Monsters hanging out together.

    • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

      Doesn’t matter if someone else played Freddy. The fact is most didn’t like that Freddy and there is no true Freddy other then Robert.

    • Sammy Lane

      They should have!The comic adaptation of Freddy Vs Jason 2 had them square off with Ash Williams from EVIL DEAD and also had them massacre nearly everyone in Washington DC..sounds pretty sweat if you ask me?

  • R L

    I think “Final Time” or “One Last Time” is a little bit of sensationalism being used by the promoters of that convention to spur interest. I’ve not seen anything from Warner Bros / New Line or Robert Englund himself that confirms that this will be his absolute last appearance as Freddy. That’s not to say it’s not a golden opportunity for hardcore fans to take advantage of. Just don’t go playing with everyone’s emotions if it’s not the truth. *shakes fist*

  • Sammy Lane

    Ummm…”The kicker is that there’s are”,really??No spell checking??Ok?Sounds more like “The kicker is that there’s are gold in them hills!”.I think you meant to say “The kicker is that there are”,am I right??Haha!

  • bearmon2010

    Disappointment. He was the best freddy ever and I wish they are going to make more movies with a new actor.. A new night mare recently was not that bad but no sequels yet. Sad. Sighing.

  • Tabetha Cruz

    Damn, I can’t believe that Freddy is gone for good. At least we get to see Robert Englund one last time to see it, too bad I don’t have the money to go. I would love to meet him and see him in costume :..(

  • mackenzie

    cant wait to go meet robert englund again