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‘Pacific Rim 2’ Officially Announced!

Despite a soft box office take in the US, we are officially getting a sequel to the super fun Pacific Rim (you can thank the film’s worldwide take of $400 Million and probably some decent ancillaries for this good news). The last we heard Pacific Rim 2 was just a glimmer in Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s eye – they were informally developing the sequel back in October – but now things are official.

The Legendary production is switching studios from Warner Bros. to Universal, per Variety. Zak Penn (The Avengers) taking over scripting duties from Beacham. Del Toro will of course direct. This isn’t the first Del Toro sequel to switch homes, Hellboy 2 moved from Sony to Universal back in 2008.

Universal has even announced a release date! April 7th 2017! Seems legit!



  • Mildly excited for this. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Pacific Rim 2, but I’m not foaming at the mouth for it. My big problem with Pacific Rim is Charlie Hunman and Rinko Kikuchi had NO chemistry whatsoever together in one of the most awkward love stories I’ve ever seen. Did anyone else notice how they were horribly afraid to make a move on each other throughout the movie? “I lov…….no wait. Let’s just be best friends and fight together.”

    Also, I think Pacific Rim was a victim of its own massive hype train, because a lot of us (myself included) had high (and somewhat unrealistic) expectations for Pacific Rim, so there was no way it could live up to all the tremendous hype.

    Still looking forward to it, though.

    • I know just what you mean about the lack of chemistry between the two, I noticed it myself.

      • Weresmurf

        I never thought it was possibly to have ‘negative chemistry’ in a movie til I saw Pacific Rim… then I watched Hunnam and Kikuchi act together. I get they didn’t want to pair them romantically, but there didn’t even seem to be friendship or much in the way of respect floating between the two characters. Hopefully that can be rectified in part 2, but it’s also not helped by the fact that despite being an appealing guy, when acting in an American accent, Hunnam is *incredibly* wooden.

  • Khy

    First film was a lot of fun. I’m not super excited for the sequel mainly because I’m not really into action films really but I’ll see it if it looks good. I know I’ll get a lot of hate for this but I preferred Pacific Rim over Godzilla. Godzilla just wasn’t all that great to me.

    • We’ll get hated on together then because I agree. I enjoyed Godzilla for what it was but feel it could have been so much more. Pacific Rim gave me what I expected based on its trailer. Sadly, Godzilla didn’t. That said, I am into action films so bring on Pacific Rim 2.

      • I’m actually on board with both you guys.
        While I enjoyed Godzilla for what it was, Pac Rim was overall more enjoyable for me as it was more fun. Godzilla seemed to take itself a bit too seriously.

        • J Jett

          count me in too guys. GODZILLA was ok (i REALLY liked the MUTO creatures) but 10 minutes of Godzilla screentime and even less time spent on monsters fights just barely made the film ok.

          PACIFIC RIM surpasses GODZILLA in every way. i can’t wait for the sequel (of PR).

        • Exactly. The trailer set up a movie that was dark and serious and epic and in the end the movie, in my opinion, was lighthearted but trying so hard to be serious and it wasn’t particularly epic at all. When the 2 MUTO monsters basically smooch over a nuke I was like “What the fuck, are you kidding me?”. It played as too goofy. I had a certain amount of fun with it but ultimately it was disappointing so hopefully Godzilla 2 will get it right. Pacific Rim was exactly what the trailer promised: awesome robot on monster action. If they can write the characters better this time around then PR2 could be amazing.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s great news. I loved the first one.

  • TCM66633

    I wish he would get At The Mountains of Madness started back up. He said that he will at some point.

    • Yes! Yes!! A thousand times YES!!!

    • AlienFanatic

      Every time I read that sentence I get depressed. GDT would be the ideal candidate for the movie, but he’s had an almost Gilliam-esque struggle to bring his vision to the screen.

      Likewise, I’d auction one of my family jewels (ain’t worth much, I’ll admit) to see him and Mignola buckle down and finish the Hellboy films in a satisfying way. HB1 was great, HB2 was pretty good, but we need to at last see Anung un Rama fulfill his destiny before they have to cart Ron Perlman around in a wheelchair.

      • KilliK

        The Hellboy movies, with the exception of Ron Perlman who was born to play the titular character, have nothing to do with the comics. They are decent popcorn movies, but good adaptation of the comics, they arent.

        • AlienFanatic

          I don’t disagree, however if you can accept them as an alternate take on the HB series as I do it’s still frustrating that there’s no resolution. Heck, look at how long the HB series has been in print. Is he any closer to finishing the saga? I think both GDT and Mignola have their own ideas where the series needs to end up and I’d just like to see Guillermo’s take for now.

          • KilliK

            I dont think we ll ever get a sequel. Both movies had mediocre success, and studios arent too keen to invest on this property. Remember, the only reason we got a sequel in the first place, was because Universal Pictures bought the rights from Columbia Pictures, after the critical success of Pan’s Labyrinth. They practically gave GDT a second chance with a bigger budget, but the movie failed to gross a lot more money that its predecessor.

            This trilogy will never be completed.

    • KilliK

      fuck no. have you read his script. it’s godawful and missed the point of the original masterpiece.

  • Raziel_cz

    I love Guillermo… so it hurts me to see him want to spend three years on another generic action movie. He should at least write his own script.

  • Un Gsund

    i love del toro but i hope the second PacificRim will have more soul than the first had..

    even tranformers got more soul and thats sad.. but as i see the new millenium people seem to love that kind of soulless special effect popcorn pics… 🙁

    • I am sorry but in no planet of this solar system Transformers have more soul than PR!

      • Un Gsund

        ya sorry dude… i kno my comment is too hard but my heart is still bleeding bcause of what PR finally is… in the end its a movie for kids and thats something..

        • T.J. Barber

          Absolutely agree.

  • Fantastic news! I love PR – although it is the most commercial film of Del Toro – but count me in when it comes to these glorious battles between Jaegers and Kaijus!

    • Un Gsund

      now u hit the point.. the battles are awesome but the hours between are so odd for del toro.. but im lookin forward and prees my thumps hard 😀

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  • amol


  • Saren Nevac

    1st movie was great, then on second viewing everything that isnt a monster fight is such a chore to watch. Just boring and cliche. Hopefully they will give him even more freedom for the sequel and make something crazy.

    I really want to see his At The Mountains of Madness movie.

    • Evan3

      Indeed, the script (and acting) were rough as hell. No way this holds up outside the theaters.

  • T.J. Barber


    Pacific Rim is just Michael Bay fodder marketed to, sci-fi and horror fans. It’s deeply insulting how uninteresting and shallow the characters are and VERY concerning how much the online horror community welcomes it’s return with open arms.

    Guillermo is such a brilliant horror director, doing these actions movies is beneath him, Hellboy and Pacific Rim have the same artistic integrity as amateur bukkake, simply making up for it’s shortcomings in pointless excessiveness. Have you read hellboy? it’s a brilliant Noir story with mysterious lovecraft elements and one of the best comic book atmospheres ever put to paper… the movie is none of that, just loud sillyness showing no love for the source material in any way, shape or form. Bring back the days of Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, stories that had a point and had so much innovation crammed into them you thought poorly of other movies that came out at the time.

  • brewers_rule

    I like the sequel plans but not the animated ones.

  • Good news for the fans I guess, but I for myself could not see the fun everybody’s projecting into it. If they sequelize this, a “Dredd” sequel would be only fair.

    • skulldruggery

      uh,,,dred made no where near 450 million worldwide,,,,,duh, thus the sequel

  • Evan3

    Too bad about that studio switch. I assume it forecloses the already unlikely eventuality of Godzilla v. Pacific Rim.

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