Takashi Miike's 'Audition' Gets U.S. Remake - Bloody Disgusting!

Takashi Miike’s ‘Audition’ Gets U.S. Remake


It’s surprising to me that, even through the J-horror craze, Takashi Miike’s Japanese masterpiece, Audition, has yet to be remake. Yet, here we are, and I want to take some piano wire to my neck…

Deadline reports Friday night that Terminator, Rambo, and Basic Instinct exec producer Mario Kassar is assembling an English-language adaptation of Audition, the infamous 1997 novel by Japanese author Ryu Murakami about a lonely widower who gets more than he bargains for when he puts out a fake casting call to find a new girlfriend. Audition was adapted in 1999 into a cringe-inducing cult film in its own right by Japanese helmer Takashi Miike. The new Kassar-produced version is based on the original Murakami novel and will transplant the story to an American setting.

In this version, to be directed by Richard Gray (The Lookalike), Audition‘s unlucky protagonist is Sam Davis, who lives alone with his son following the death of his wife seven years prior and is convinced by a filmmaker friend to stage the fake auditions. The former ballerina with a mysterious past he falls for is now named Evie Lawrence, but otherwise details fall closely in line with Murakami’s best-seller.

Gray adapted the script and will tackle a fall shoot for Audition.


  • ChasingTheGhost

    With The Omen remake news today, this is the rotten cherry on top. Dammit.

  • AlienFanatic

    This Gray fella must have sustained a head injury to take this project on. I actually avoid Miike’s work–I tend to prefer keeping my food down–but at least he’s a bonafide original. It’s pretty ballsy for anyone to attempt a remake of a movie that depends so completely on the insanity of its director for its success.

  • Ltg1998

    I’ve never seen the original and I see that it’s on netflix. I’m contemplating watching it. Should I? Is it more than just her torturing the guy? I’m super on the fence about it.

    • Leebo

      The “torture” comes right at the end – until then it’s more of a drama about relationships, and if you didn’t “know” about then ending it would come as a massive shock!

      Great movie though.

      KIRI KIRI KIRI!!!!

      • Ltg1998

        Now I want to see it even more. I’m going to start searching and try to find it today. Thanks for commenting:)

    • its not on Netflix streaming anymore….I was not a fan, pacing was a bit too slow for me.

      • Ltg1998

        Dang, I guess I waited too long.
        Thanks for telling me:)

        • You could always watch ‘Ichi The Killer’ on Streaming. It’s by the same director of ‘Audition’ a bit more Abstract! But that would give you a sense of his style (which is very unique). Personally i’m just not a huge fan of Miike. ‘Ichi’ had a TON of potential…. Ichi is MUCH more memorable than Audition (its only remembered for its 15 minute ending) Ichi on the other had, is just Nuts!

          • Ltg1998

            I was wondering about that one also. I will go watch that today and than look for audition at a later point.

  • rocker_15-c

    Did you smell that?…. That’s the smell of a flop, just like Old Boy and many others, I really hope this movie get the treatment that recieved The ring or The grudge, Those weren’t that good but I actually like those movies.

  • ImPetrified

    *collapses to knees; inhales*
    Eh-NOOOOOOoooooooo00000001010100000oooooooo….*14 minutes later*…ooooooo…..!! *echoes into the ether*

  • satangotmylungs

    sad news remaking a takashi film, it is a definite failure waiting to happen

  • Leebo

    I always thought it would have been “remade” as a Basic Instinct sequel.

  • Krug09

    Why? First of all from a business stand point it will flop, we all know this. Second we have films like this already. Third, The original movie said what it needed to say. Do people really hate reading subtitles that much? Look at the pieces of shit remakes they put out, its annoying.

  • MaryMaria

    Article headline is totally misleading. Did you guys not read the rest of it? It’s not a remake of the Miike film, it’s a new adaptation of the original novel. It’s probably not going to be a crappy, shot-for-shot remake a la Psycho. They’re going back to the original book to come up with their own version. Calm down!

    I’m not saying it’ll be bad or good or necessary or unnecessary, but I’m interested to see their take on the book. It’s like the Coen Bros. “True Grit”. Yeah, there was another “True Grit” in 1969 based on the book. The Coens based their film on the book, not on the previous film.

    Cool your jets, wait and see. Not a remake. A new adaptation of the original novel.

    • Jack Derwent

      They said the same exact thing about Oldboy and Let Me In and it was BS.

      • Don’t forget Carrie 2013. Same shit. “We’re going back to the book and doing a more faithful adaptation”. Well, when I went to the theater I saw almost the exact same movie as the 1976 version.

      • ohitsmerenz

        Let Me In was good though

        • Jack Derwent

          If you trace the Mona Lisa and show it to someone who never saw the original painting they’d probably think it a work of art too.

          • ohitsmerenz

            But I saw LTROI.

          • Jack Derwent

            I’m speaking in general.

  • I was never a big fan of the movie. I really wanted to like it but sadly could not get into it…I tried to find parts I enjoyed, but definitely not something I would want to watch again.


  • Taylor Kitchen

    Audition was amazing. One of my favourite horror flicks. REMAKE? what. hell no. fuck no. fuckin helll no. maybe. i’d watch it.

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Oh for fuck sake, we should start some seriously boycott towards this kind of shit, I mean, c’mon, stop doing the same thing over and over again you lazyassfuckers.

  • So… we have a re-reboot of Friday the 13th, a re-reboot of The Omen, and a reboot of this. Is it just me, or is it kind of depressing to be a horror fan right now?
    I can forgive the same old cliches used time and time again in different films, as usually at least there’s an original villain or something to make it feel somewhat fresh, but the constant stream of remakes just makes me feel like there isn’t much on the horizon to get excited about, as we’ve pretty much seen it all before.

    • Odd Prime

      I thought Friday the 13th already had a reboot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(2009_film)

      • Yea, but they are rebooting the reboot, which is why I called it a re-reboot.

    • Christensen

      They aren’t rebooting The Omen or Audition. They’re remaking them.

    • Mistah Vader

      At least the reboot of Evil Dead was good…

    • brewers_rule

      I don’t know. I still think there’d be something sexy about J-Law with that needle and thread going “Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri!” as she had her fun with the male lead. Maybe Jason Segel? He’s had it coming for a while now.

      • Chrissie-Watkins

        SO agree, haha

  • elpinche

    OMG..one remake after another. Carrie, the Halloweens, Oldboy, Robotcop, fucking shitastic Total Recall…all complete and total crap. Look at me. I can’t even make complete sentences because I’m so fed up with this shit.

  • ohitsmerenz


  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Didn’t they learn anything from the ‘Oldboy’ remake.

  • Trioxin83


  • EmPleH

    Ah remakes. Hollywood’s unoriginal and uninventive way to make money

  • Fantasma George

    Maybe it’ll get swept under the rug like Spike Lee and Josh Brolin’s Oldboy!

    • Anthony Gulino

      speaking of Spike Lee’s Oldboy I noticed that there are a lot of mainstream moviegoers that have no clue about the Korean original and are quite fond of Lee’s version.. Personally I found it a piece of garbage…
      My point I think the fact that the average movie patron has no clue that these films exist and thats what the studios are banking on, that they can put there Hollywood spin on it and sell it as there own..$$$$

  • McGilli

    Can someone post a list of all the American movies that have been remade in Japan in the last 10 years?

    Oh – here I can list them here:

    [list empty]

    Wow. Pretty impressive…. What country has more original ideas?

    To this day the only US remake to ever be worth it is The Ring…. And then they F’d it up with part 2….

    • Fantasma George

      You know what would be hilarious?? If Japan made a remake of Hunger Games!
      (note: I know what Battle Royale is, please don’t kill my joke)

    • CTHL

      Paranormal Activity (Tokyo Night), for one.

      Tons more blatant ripoffs too… the kind that are just different enough that they can get away with it without legalities.

      We’re all guilty, is the moral of this story.

    • brewers_rule

      Hollywood’s pulling all their ideas from overseas because they’ve stifled all creative thought in that town. Look at the TV series like Being Human or Bitten (Canada). The horror flicks like this over the last decade or so. The constant reboots or sequels. Rarely does originality come from within in that industry.

    • Damn-Deal-Done

      Agree. The Ring was a brilliantly done film which was not a complete copy. I am a massive lover of Asian cinema and The Ring is the only film where i enjoy the remake more than the original. I also agree that The Ring 2 was poor which is weird because they used the original director. But this is probably why it was not as good.

      Hong Kong have remade a few American films. The one I remember is Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon which is a remake of Running Scared with Billy Crystal so it does happen, occasionally.

      I really hate a new trend in which Asian cinema is starting to use more American teams or producers or Japanese directors are making American films. This removes everything that makes Japanese cinema so good. It just squeezes out all the originality and adds in all the conveyor belt standards of Holy Wood.

      • DoctorZin

        I also totally agree that the American Ring was a very well-done remake.

        But the original has atmosphere hands down. The overproduction of the U.S. version takes away form the story slightly. Starting with the overly slick VHS-tape itself which was WAY too artsy and overtly ominous.

        But hats off to Hollywood for not making a mess of it.

  • Victor Manuel Culell

    I’m the only one here who thinks that “Audition” is a kinda boring movie? I saw it like a year ago and i almost fell asleep. For real.

    • Golic

      it has like 2 good scenes in it; I don’t understand where all the love comes from.

      • Mistah Vader

        The only reason I think people liked it so much is because the whole sawing off the leg thing came out of left field. It’s like how everybody talked about the descent and how great it was.

    • CTHL

      Me as well. Not terrible, but bleh. Of all the bajillion Miike films, I don’t know why this one is considered one of his best. Zebraman was better!

    • Ian McTeague

      It’s not the best in horror of coarse, yet it is one all horror fans must see. There were slow moments though.

      • SaltSlasher

        I could say Ringu had very slow moments, but it had a more substantial story line to attach to. Like you could always feel like it is moving forward. Audition really took a good 20 minutes till we got settled in, and probably another 25 getting an idea of where this is going.

        It is like one of those movies that you really would enjoy watching a second time. So during all the slow parts you can see how the actress slowing develops into character, cause in the first viewing you don’t really know what is going on so it is hard to pick up on small subtle things.

    • SaltSlasher

      I watched while running on a tread mill like I do all Asian movies (it is easier to focus on subtitles when your running and not using computer or laying down).

      It definitely had a slow start, but it was one of those movies where the payoff towards the end was really worth the build up, as in, it delivered something good rather than waster our time, like the movie Frozen or Paranormal Activity 2, where there is 45 minutes of next to nothing in moving the story and the climax is dull and none existent.

  • Romantic Placebo

    The only way this will works is if the make the main guy an MRA.

    • Odd Prime

      That would definitely make it relevant for today’s audiences..

      • Ian McTeague

        So true.

  • murdermakesmecum666

    good news would have been that an accomplished director would start making R. Murakami’s other novels into good movies. Piercing, and In the Miso Soup are great reads.

  • brewers_rule

    This is the best news I’ve seen today if they cast this right. Now that The Hunger Games and X-Men are basically done, I wonder if they could get Jennifer Lawrence to totally shatter her good girl image and play the lead? But you have to wonder, what does “Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri!” translate to in English?

  • joesey

    sounds awful. hollywood execs will find a way to make it into an r rated mess

  • Miranda Wilson

    Why does this keep happening!?!? Stop messing with great movies!

  • Andy Rapt

    Sex politics in American are much different from Japan, that’s why an American version of Audition will never work. Try potraying and American lady as meek and submissive as the lady from Audition. It’s gonna look very fake.

  • Alanna Hackworth

    why do American remakes keep switching the position of the male as derserving victim into an innocent victim by “Crazy woman”.

  • Brodequin

    Lovely. Another good film to be f@!#?d up…

  • *begins to pray* Dear Satan, please make this picture never happen.

  • Alisa Alisa


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  • deathmonger420 .

    what will they put in the bag? or whom?

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    What annoys me about everything related to the film Audition is how everyone gives away the plot. Look at the images. Even the DVD cover gives away the plot and it is meant to be a surprise when it becomes sinister. People that do this should not be commenting on films or working in the industry, they are inept.