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Yep, That’s a Lyre Made From a Human Skull

Because the world is and forever will be a source of creations that are both wonderfully bizarre and thoroughly ghastly, we can always look forward to things like this, a lyre crafted from a human skull, antelope horn, skin, gut, and hair. Whoever donated their headpiece — whether or not they were willing — has been forever immortalized in something that is officially, in my humble opinion, the very definition of metal.

If you’d like to see this creepy 19th century musical instrument, you’ll have to wait for the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take it out of storage. I’d go on, but I think I just found the perfect birthday gift for Jonny B…




  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    That is badass! I want one!

  • T.J. Barber

    It’s used in the internal artwork for Gorguts’ album obscura.

  • JonathanBarkan

    So, if you want to get this for my birthday, feel free. I totally wouldn’t object in the slightest!

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