These Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Toys Are Terrifying


I’m a dog person. Always have been, and until one decides to go full Cujo on me, that isn’t likely to change. Now, I realize this is a strange post to stumble upon while perusing a site like Bloody Disgusting, but I’m certain that by the time you’re done looking through the gallery below, you’ll agree that these photos are as horrifying as they are comical.

These are some damn eager dogs, you can tell their sole purpose in that very moment, captured by photographer Seth Casteel, is to get that toy. Eyes wide, jaw unhinged, limbs spread — nothing’s going to stand in their way.

For more of Seth’s work, feel free to check out his gallery.


Source: Twisted Sifter
  • ThunderDragoon

    That 4th picture is the best ever lol.