Intrada Reissues Les Baxter's 'House Of Usher' OST - Bloody Disgusting!

Intrada Reissues Les Baxter’s ‘House Of Usher’ OST


Intrada has just released a reissue of Les Baxter‘s score for the 1960 horror classic House Of Usher, which starred Vincent Price and Myrna Fahey and was directed by Roger Corman. Based upon the tale from Edgar Allen Poe, the story follows, “A man, upon entering his fiancées’s family mansion, discovers a savage family curse and fears that his future brother-in-law has entombed his bride-to-be prematurely.

Intrada’s synopsis reads:

Intrada presents entire score from only surviving music elements available through MGM – the music-only dubbing masters used in final production of film. Happily these include no dialog or effects, albeit assemblies and edits of many cues were, of course, already locked in. For early screenings of movie, Baxter supplied an “Overture” to get audience into proper mood. Cue was dropped from subsequent re-releases of film and initial home video presentations but happily was present on scoring elements and also appears on our CD. Baxter scores for full orchestra plus chorus, writes music both soothingly tonal, frighteningly dissonant. Score is lengthy, covering some three-fourths of the picture!

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Track list:
01. Overture (3:03)
02. Main Title (2:00)
03. Roderick Usher (4:02)
04. Madeline Usher (2:50)
05. Tormented (2:24)
06. Lute Song (1:00)
07. Reluctance (3:58)
08. The Sleepwalker (4:12)
09. The Vault (2:36)
10. The Ancestors (2:58)
11. House Of Evil (4:53)
12. Catalepsy (4:13)
13. Pallbearers (2:03)
14. Buried Alive (8:14)
15. Fall Of The House Of Usher (13:50)