'Monsters Unplugged' Is Perfect For Sitting Around The Campfire - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Monsters Unplugged’ Is Perfect For Sitting Around The Campfire


Graveyard Calling Horror Records has released a free 21-track album of horror-themed acoustic songs that are perfect for your next camping trip! Featuring artists such as The Zombie Dandies, Wolfman Chuck & The Spookalele Of Doom, Telling Tasha, Bad Whoremoans, and more, the album can be heard below.

21 monsters, deep in the woods, with no flesh to eat and no blood to suck, just a handful of instruments, crudely crafted from coffin lids to keep them entertained! Like a monster campfire jam in a graveyard, the album features tracks on guitars, violins, ukuleles and more.

A cassette of the next double feature will be out next month!

  • Paul Mauled™

    Killer Compilation.

  • A.D.

    Awesome ! Thanks, Graveyard Calling !

  • Thanks guys!