Laika "Escalation Of Terror" Song Premiere (Exclusive) - Bloody Disgusting!

Laika “Escalation Of Terror” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

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Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Winnipeg, Manitoba melodic death metal band Laika to bring you an exclusive first listen to their song “Escalation Of Terror”, which comes from their upcoming album Somnia (out September 30th). The track features tight riffs with old school influences injected into a modern approach. Head on below to check out this exclusive premiere!

Somnia can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

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Somnia track list:
1. Restless Mind (1:31)
2. Escalation of Terror (4:26)
3. Somnia (5:26)
4. Fidelity (3:48)
5. Caligae A Galea (5:29)
6. Dream of Nothing (5:35)
7. The Immortal (3:52)
8. Predictions (Tide Bearer) (5:48)
9. Invaders (4:13)

Laika online:

laika 1-front cover

  • T.J. Barber

    They probably could have compressed it more, I can still just kinda hear the drums. Crunched a little further and I bet they could have gotten rid of them and just retained the super flat guitar sound.