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First Look at Ultron in “Avengers: Age of Ultron!”

Briefly, today we’re offered the first look at Ultron as he appears in the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron from the cover of the newest Entertainment Weekly. No other news was shared, but expect a whole lot more to pour in as SDCC starts next week. I would imagine we’ll get our first plot details a brief teaser.




Image still isn’t in high res, but damn, I’ve got to say he looks pretty fantastic. And judging by the many robotic Ultrony looking guys in the background we’re not just getting one of him. Can you say Tony Stark created robot army?

More as it develops…

  • J Jett

    i’m excited for this movie!

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  • robthom

    Not looking forward to this.

    Like abrams, Whedon isn’t really that good (he’s still better then abrams), he’s just average at best but better then all the even worse directors hollywood invests in and empowers.

    They’re just looking for producers directors that can slather a retread in explosions, cgi and hollywood political agenda.

    Its called lowering the bar.
    Hollywood doesn’t want movies that are too good or politically off message.
    If too many good or off message movies came out,
    people might start to expect quality and even worse they might start to think about the community around them.
    We all saw what happened to idiocracy.

    That last avengers movie was average at best.

    • john

      … And Marvel’s most recent film was all about mistrust of the government, spying on citizens, and giving up your rights as a person to be part of a collective. How does any of that fit in with your theory?

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    • J Jett

      carolynchilders do us a favor and fuck off.

  • Charlie Kelly

    Domo Arrigato

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