Map of America's Most Infamous Villain Lairs! - Bloody Disgusting!

Map of America’s Most Infamous Villain Lairs!


From Camp Crystal Lake to Bates Motel, Road Trippers created an info graphic that takes you on a cross-country trip to the most villainous hideouts in fictional history!

By clicking over to the site you’ll find a breakdown of all the shown locations, as well as lengthy descriptions of the tourist spots.

They really went out of their way to make something cool and worthy of your time – you could easily get lost on the site for a good 30 minutes.

If these locations were real, which would you visit first, and why?


Image Source: Road Trippers

  • Sailor Galaviz

    When did Michael Myers move to Southern California? Pretty sure Haddonfield is in Illinois…

    • David

      There aren’t any palm trees or California plates in Illinois.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I know right!

    • art123guy

      I thought the same thing, then realized these were where the films were shot.

    • I visited all the real locations in California and I live in Chicago. I would know….there is no real Haddonfield.

      • Sailor Galaviz

        Yeah I realize that. There’s no real Michael Myers either though, bro. Nowhere on here did it specify that they were the shooting locations.

        • A town is more likely to be real then a horror villain monster bro. You’d be surprised how many people think Haddonfield is a real place.

          It’s pretty easy to figure out that all these locations are the real locations. Where you can find the homes in real life “that are real”. Didn’t specify one thing or the other.

  • David
  • They forgot the famous Interview with a Vampire plantation in New Orleans.

  • Bouncy X

    so they have Nightmare’s Springwood in California? i guess since the sequels set up the Ohio thing, they’re only going by the original movie which was obviously shot in that area.

  • Matthew Ohlinger

    What happened to number 21?