Some Creep Left Porcelain Dolls On People's Doorsteps That, Get This, Looked Like Their Daughters... - Bloody Disgusting!

Some Creep Left Porcelain Dolls On People’s Doorsteps That, Get This, Looked Like Their Daughters…


On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was notified regarding porcelain dolls being left on the doorsteps of numerous residences in the Talega community of San Clemente, a press released issued stated.

As many as eight homes have had porcelain dolls left on their doorsteps over the last week. But here’s where it gets scary – no, frightening. Families in each of the homes where porcelain dolls were left, voiced concern that the dolls resembled their daughters.

The Sheriff’s investigators are actively reviewing and following up on information provided by each of the families involved. The porcelain dolls have been collected as evidence and are being examined in an attempt to identify their origin or discover clues as to who may be responsible for leaving them. Investigators are also working with community members and the impacted families in an attempt to locate any possible connection between the homes where dolls were left.

An update to the story this a.m. stated that the culprit was discovered and was a “Church member clearing out doll collection left dolls for children in OC.” The OCSD stated: “San Clemente – Porcelain Dolls UPDATE, Investigators locate person responsible for placing dolls on porches. INTENT WAS GOODWILL.

This is an interesting story because it makes you wonder – who are the real monsters? Has society become that terrible that we immediately believe dolls left on our porch have ill-intent? It’s the unfortunate truth in today’s fear-mongering society.