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Here’s Wonder Woman from ‘Batman v Superman’ #SDCC

Zack Snyder just blew the lid off of Hall H moments ago by bringing out Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck (In full leather daddy mode), and Gal Gadot for “Batman v Superman.” He teased he didn’t have any footage and offered a photo of Wonder Woman.



Not one for hyperbole, Snyder followed this up by saying he had a little something to show. The lights dimmed the audience was treated to the first teaser.

I’m going to take Slash Film’s description, as those dudes are iron clad.

The short teaser opens with Batman in a full armor suit from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Glowing eyes, very mechanical, it’s pouring rain He pulls down a lever on something and we realize it’s the Bat Signal. It has the new Batman logo (reminiscent of the one from Miller’s comic). The camera slowly pans up to reveal the signal projected in the air but right in the middle of it: Superman. He’s illuminated in the sky amongst the pouring rain with his red glowing eyes. Cut back to Batman, staring right back at Superman with his blue glowing eyes and we cut to the logo.

Sounds like a pretty fantastic rendering of Frank Miller’s famous comic that redefined Batman as a brooding badass. My problem remains to be addressed, Snyder is all style and zero substance. Let’s see if his actual story can trump the visuals when the movie hits.



  • Khy

    She looks more like a cosplayer than an actual Wonder Woman.

    • Still a lot better than I was anticipating. She’s still got heels on though, sooo that makes it real easy to fight.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I’ll have to agree.

  • The invisible jet looks all wrong!

    • Leebo

      I dunno, I like it, especially the new design on the wings!

    • Anthony Moore

      Best comment ive read all week lol

  • Very, very exited to see how this plays out!

  • Werewolf

    Hope that’s just sepia lighting. No red, white, and blue, no Wonder Woman.

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  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Her outfit needs more color and her hair is too flat. Yes I am THAT gay horror fan 😉

    • ROMAN#@)!

      i agree with you there, hair looks good on one side (left side) and flat and unfinished on the other lol

  • ROMAN#@)!

    people are complaining about her heels, women can run in them and Gal being a Model as well i think she could do a lot more in them. wait for the footage.

  • dirtyghettok

    She’s better have an amazing back story to pull off that costume design and believable. These oldskool designs is part of what hurts a comic book movie. Lessens the realism.

  • J Jett

    YES!!!! Wonder Woman looks AMAZING!! i knew Gal would be great!!!

  • Darrell Simpson

    Eh? Xena?! Is it just me…

  • Roger Griffith

    Gal Gadot is the perfect choice, and for those unfamiliar with her

  • Luke

    More Xena than Wonder Woman?

  • Kyle Yadlosky

    Well, Snyder hasn’t written most of the movies he does, so if the script lacks heart it isn’t his fault. I mean, look at Dawn of the Dead. Snyder directed and full of life.

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