'Batman vs. Superman' Teaser Leaks Out of #SDCC! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Teaser Leaks Out of #SDCC!


You guys like shaky cam movies, right? Good, because a teaser for the upcoming Zack Snyder directed Batman vs. Superman has made its way online. It’s mostly made up of glowing eyes and man-geeks losing their damn minds, but if the latter doesn’t bother you this is definitely worth checking out. You may want to act fast, because I don’t see this teaser remaining online for long.

Watch The Trailer Here

Assuming you catch this before it’s taken down, what do you think?


  • Logan

    Someone described it as a Frank Miller version of Batman come to life. That’s exactly the vibe I received from that footage. There’s no way it could actually be that cool, right?

  • ThunderDragoon

    I think it looks cool. Not sure what the whole glowing eyes bit is about, but I’m intrigued.

    • vmorda

      Superman had his glowing heat eyes as well, so visually it was a nice contrast between the two, though it looks like it’s part of his mech suit to take on Superman perhaps (beefier than his regular costume).

  • I am definitely watching this. Batman is the man! Now Affleck could do a potentially decent job, so I am not going to bash it. Also, MOS was a good start to reintroduce the character so let’s see how this one does

    • goththug012

      I only have one word for you .. Daredevil!

      • Christopher Pelton

        Yes because clearly an actor can’t improve his craft over the course of 11 years. And really the biggest problem Daredevil had was the script and not the actors which is why the directors cut is a superior film.

        • goththug012

          No .. I just think he is a shit actor.. but thats my opinion. . You dont have to like it…

          • Ray

            I just think your a shit commentator.. but that’s my opinion. . You don’t have to like it…

      • baros62

        Ben Affleck’s acting does get bashed on a lot, but I don’t think it was for DAREDEVIL. I feel Ben’s performance in that is fairly good. It’s other roles he’s had that have made him a hated actor. His acting is horrible in films like GIGLI and ARMAGEDDON.

        • even in Armageddon is was a bit decent although a bit douchy. However, I saw him in Argo and the Town and he was excellent. Not one of the best actors there, but definitely not a terrible one either. He can do the job as long the chance is being given to him. We will see

  • Dev

    Looks pretty dumb to me. As usual, throw nerds some fan service and they will scream with idiotic joy and cry money.

    • vmorda

      God forbid fans be enthusiastic about anything, especially at an event like ComicCon.

      • Dev

        God forbid anyone demands any quality. Literally everything Zack Snyder puts his hand to is pretty weak. Fanboys will always just eat it all up, anyway.

        • Jimmy

          Anything he puts his hands on is LITERALLY weak? So, something that is judged subjectively and holds different favor with everybody can also literally be not any good? Interesting…

          • Dev

            You’re dense. I said literally everything he puts his hand to was weak, not everything he puts his hand to is literally weak. Grammar boy, learn it.

          • Jimmy

            Not really an issue of grammar, but I see the mistake I made. What I said STILL applies, though. I’ll tell you what – I’ll sign up for a grammar class anyway if you go ahead and attempt to learn the meaning of the word ‘literally’ and how not ‘literally’ everything a person does can be weak in a subjective field. Deal?

          • fads

            Go start on filming your amazing movie that’ll blow these chumps out of the water. I’ll wait.

        • Sorry but DAWN OF THE DEAD was an excellent horror film, Watchmen was a brilliant adaptation of the source material and 300 style over substance (like the novel) but what style! Sure Sucker Punch was meh but MOS had definitely some good points

  • Max Ime


  • Harold Umbikwe

    More superhero horseshit.

    • Mister B

      And at ComicCon no less! How dare they!

      • fads

        Superheroes at ComiCon? What were they thinking?!

        • Mister B

          Next thing you know it’ll be games at E3 and movies at the Oscars. Then we’ll start hearing music on the radio. And sooner or later it’s fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness!
          Earthquakes, volcanoes… The dead rising from the grave!
          Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

          • Christopher Pelton

            I don’t know if that’s a world I want to live in. 🙂

          • I see what you did there – Ghostbuster fan! Well played! 🙂

    • Adam Dodd


    • Why even click the link then?

      • Patrick Tuohy

        Because he is a moron

  • undertaker78


  • Michael Dominic Mayberry

    Very curious to see how this will turn. To people that criticize Affleck solely because of his Dare Devil performance, that was ten years ago! He’s since been part of some amazing projects and is in better guidance. I’m not sure about the deal with the glowing eyes, but we’ll wait on that.

    Only thing that has me skeptical is what exactly the story will be. I also don’t care for Lex Luthor’s casting choice, but hopefully I can be proven wrong.

    • Patrick Tuohy

      Not just that, it was the Daredevil movie itself that was meh, not him. I think he will actually be ok as batman

  • Jason Callender

    All you guys watched the teaser and then have negative criticism smh. Pos Marvel fans

    • john

      Why do they all have to be Marvel fans? There are people who go to these comic book movies like myself with little to no background as far as having read the comics are concerned and still enjoy both franchises. The teaser was cool, but I don’t get the orgasmic reaction some people had over it. It’s something I look forward to but it’s too damn early for anyone to have an idea of how the movie is going to be good or bad. Let the people have their opinions for goodness sake.

  • Golic

    YAWN of Justice.

  • Adam Dieterle

    I can’t wait for the teaser to officially be released so i can actually see it….and sidenote….I love the dude having an orgasm in the audience

    • baros62

      Sounded like everyone was having an “orgasm” in the audience!!! That looked intensely awesome!!!

  • Carlos Lomas

    Batman was wearing his night vision cowl. I don’t know what is going on but I’m ready to find out.

  • Philip Hannah

    Already taken down due to copyrights by warner bros 🙁

  • Khy

    Batman look pretty awesome I must admit.

  • EyeKyu

    I missed it =/ Taken down.

  • TheAntiHeroMael

  • Nick Pezzolo

    couldnt see shit but i get it SWEET.

  • swordfish

    So, once something like this leaks, how long does it usually take before the studio releases the proper trailer please?

  • Ben Edwards

    I don’t see what everyone is making a fuss about, that was literally one of the worst trailers I’ve ever laid eyes upon. It was nothing, just a couple of stupid glowing eyes…

    • fads

      It was a teaser, TEASER. Blame the idiot from BD to type a hyperlink with the word trailer on it when it isn’t.

  • Golic

    YAWN of Justice.

  • Unless Batman has some sort of Kryptonite weapon, this is a no contest.

  • friend
  • Jess L

    If any has it please let me know. I’d like to see it.

  • gerbear

    want to see this shit mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!