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Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ Leads the Way For ‘Moose Jaws’ #SDCC

For whatever reason most of the mainstream press skipped out on the late-night San Diego Comic-Con event in which Kevin Smith revealed this absolutely bonkers trailer for Tusk, his horror film about a man who is turned into half walrus.

Thankfully, /Film was on hand and brings back more news, good news only if Tusk ends up being as crazy as it looks.

Tusk will be the first film in a newly planned series that Smith calls “The True North Trilogy.” Likely a reference to a similar Canadian setting, says the site, Tusk would be followed by Yoga Hosers (which Smith wants to make next, and be PG-13) and a new movie called Moose Jaws which he described as, yes, “Jaws, with a moose.” All three films would return the same actors as Tusk – Justin Long, Michael Parks and Joel Haley Osment.

Smith’s next film, Yoga Hosers, is a bit more mysterious at the moment. He talked like it was going to shoot next and maybe be be ready for release next year. And though the film was spawned by an odd story of theft among yoga enthusiasts, that seems to not be the focus at all. Smith said he was hoping to make Yoga Hosers his second PG-13 movie (the first being Jersey Girl) because it stars two 15-year-old girls as the main characters. In the film, they’ll battle people with superpowers. Or maybe have superpowers. It wasn’t exactly clear. But Smith said he would be “run out of the country” once we heard what the powers in the movie were.

Then there’s Moose Jaws. The only thing Smith said beyond the premise is that it featured a scene of the killer moose chowing down on a little girl. So it sounds like some kind of exploitation horror.

I really, really didn’t like Red State, mostly because it lacked impact and showed Smith didn’t really understand horror or suspense. But, there’s always hope that he’s learned from experience and criticism, and delivers with Tusk, which is my hope. I’d love to be excited for bizarre horror cinema that’s been vacant for quite some time in Hollywood…

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  • Haley Joel Osment…..

  • Charles Richards

    Haha, I literally just finished watching Red State, though it was decent. Felt like a promising debut horror film, like a fresh start for him, and hopefully a sign of better things to come if he sticks with horror for a while (which it certainly looks like).

    Honestly though, I was mesmerized by the scene near the end with the trumpet call. I’m not even sure why, but it was one of the coolest singular scenes I’d seen in a film in a while.

  • ChildoftheKoRn

    Can’t wait to hear more on moose jaws, hell yeah. I personally enjoyed red state. He later explained why he classified it as harder, stating somethign to the effect of “This is the most horrific thing I could imagine” which leads me back to some of the scariest movies I’ve seen recently (The Reef, Frozen) where reality comes back instead of something fantastical. May not be a mass murderer or something impervious to damage beyond blowing up an entire city to kill it, but it got the point across of some scary shit goin down, personally a good touch thats missing these days, IMO.

  • Red State was marketed as a horror movie, but it really isn’t one. If you can let go of that, the film is a surprising and interesting piece of political commentary (albeit a very biased one, though that’s to be expected with Kevin Smith)

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    Is it just me? I feel like Smith is almost mocking horror fans with the plots of these movies…

  • NateMcCheezy

    Whatever happened to Helena Handbasket?

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