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‘Skull Island’ Was Offered to An Amazing Director!

One of the biggest surprises out of the San Diego Comic-Con was the announcement by Legendary Pictures that they’ll release Skull Island in theaters on November 4, 2016.

Reports out of the Con stated that Guillermo del Toro was said to be directing, but now it’s looking as if that may have been misconstrued due to his Crimson Peak being part of the panel.

As much as I like del Toro, he’s overwhelmed and has his hands full, which is why I’m over the moon excited about whom their talking with.

Deadline reports this Monday night that Attack the Block‘s Joe Cornish has been offered the job, although it’s still unclear if he’ll accept said offer.

The bad news is that Skull Island, based on the mythic origins of King Kong, where mutant giant creatures rule, is being penned by Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein. I know a lot of people gave Godzilla a pass, but that screenplay was horrid. The characters were poorly developed, and Godzilla never interacted with any of them.

Cornish is an odd choice to pair with Borenstein as Attack the Block actually understood character development (Moses!). Maybe the thinking is that Cornish will get his hands dirty and dive into Borenstein’s draft to punch it up?

Well, whatever, let’s just hope the new Kong movie ages better than Peter Jackson’s, which is about as relevant as the second Star Wars trilogy.

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  • WhySoSerious54

    Godzilla screenplay was solid. “Godzilla didn’t interact with the characters” maybe because he is a 500 ft tall lizard dumbass. You sir are a moron.

  • part6productions

    Godzilla’s script was decent, but my biggest problem here is the shot taken at Jackson’s ‘King Kong’, which is a great remake to say the least

    • James

      Jackson’s long was ok but mostly a bloated silly mess.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose, however the Godzilla script worked for a Godzilla movie. Being that I don’t expect any monsters to have any lines in the script, Im sure Skull Island will be just fine.

    • ThunderDragoon


  • Has anyone ever cared about the characters in a Godzilla movie? We’re there to see Godzilla. I happened to like the new Godzilla, but I will admit it was kind of slow. I also happened to really like Peter Jackson’s King Kong and look forward to “Skull Island”.

    The reason I think Godzilla never interacted with the humans is because he’s simply not interested. I think the new film is designed as a potential series of Godzilla vs whatever monster just like many of the old films.

    • James

      While I agree this was the chance to make the movie more than just watching godzilla stomp around. At least the trailers made it look that way.

      I also could have dealt with a godzilla movie with weak characters if godzilla had actually been in it for more than a few moments.

  • JohnDaggett

    Godzilla didn’t interact with any characters in the amazing original film with the exception of the final minute. Come to think of it, he rarely interacts with any of the leads in 30 film, 60 year history. In most of the films that don’t involve the humans piloting a large weapon, the characters are watching the monsters fight on monitors or from a safe distance on a hill top. So what is the point of that comment that he “doesn’t interact with any of them”?

    • Philip De Cristofano

      I was wondering the same thing.Stupid comment

  • Does this mean, King Kong will only show up in the last ten minutes when Godzilla scribe is involved?

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Besides the slow start, I don’t think the Godzilla screenplay ain’t that bad.
    Cornish would seem like a decent choice for this project.
    Legendary really seems to bet a lot of money on giant monster-movies now. Considering their recent success, I think it’s the right move. Hopefully it’ll contribute and create a solid wave of flicks with kaiju-themes.

  • redeyedjedi410

    Attack the Block is one of my top 10 films of all time. This is interesting news.

  • Lucca Cantisano

    The lack of character depht in Godzilla had a meaning, it had a purpouse in the meaning and intention of the film.

    • James

      Lack of depth would have been fine if the characters had been good to begin with. Aside from Cranston they weren’t.

  • James

    Yeah the godzilla screenplay was pretty terrible but hopefully Cornish will make this story his own after getting his hands on it. Godzilla was just a pretty damn weak movie overall. Hopefully the next Godzilla movie is actually the movie the trailer promised originally.

  • HighDefJunkies

    Why would Godzilla interact with the characters? The whole point is he is a animal monster who can give a shit about the humans. His goal was to kill the Mutos and he accomplished that goal.

  • Evan3

    Personally I couldn’t be more excited. And great call on the Peter Jackson film aging horribly. I looooved it in theaters, but now I can barely get through it on DVD. Really, it was a pretty bad film. Still, the best parts were on Skull Island, so this is promising. And, I would love to see Joe Cornish get a chance at big budget movie making.

  • Vicente Garcia

    This is my first time actually browsing BD and reading multiple articles (I usually go to Dread Central, but the amount of pop-up ads and bad articles made me go here today)…but DAMN, every “News” article I’ve read here today also feels the need to be half op-ed. Does every writer for this site have to constantly inject their negative opinions for every piece of news? (“It’s the 10th anniversary of The Village…which sucks!” “The Godzilla writer who sucks is writing Skull Island!” etc, etc)

    • DrewHamster

      No not every writer, but Mr. Disgusting has been known to do it pretty bad from what I’ve seen.

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