'Life After Beth' Clip Shows How to Calm a Raging Zombie! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Life After Beth’ Clip Shows How to Calm a Raging Zombie!


In Jeff Baena’s horror comedy Life After Beth, the titular woman (Aubrey Plaza) rises from the grave and rekindles her relationship with Zach (Dane DeHaan). Resurrection can cause a dead girlfriend to feel some complicated emotions though, as Zach soon finds out. Imagine an anxiety attack as you realize you’re dead? Yeesh.

As her zombie side slowly starts to take over her human side, Zach attempts to calm her down with music. Which genre works best to soothe the beast? Smooth jazz, duh.

Entertainment Weekly scored this clip from the film, which is one of the funniest parts of the film and leads to a great recurring joke. Overall I thought it was a good film (my review here), though a little muddled in its tones and character motivations.

Life After Beth is currently available on DirecTV and hits theaters on August 15!