Female-Centered 'Spider-Man' Spinoff Being Penned - Bloody Disgusting!

Female-Centered ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff Being Penned

The public outcry has been heard, and this weekend studios began unrolling a series of female-centered franchises that started with news of an all-female Ghostbusters.

This morning, Sony continued to take the head of this charge by revealing plans to make a female-centered Spider-Man spinoff movie.

Says THR, after dating The Sinister Six for 2016 and pushing back The Amazing Spider-Man 3 by two years, Sony is turning its sights on creating a female superhero movie to add to its Spider-Man Universe.

Lisa Joy has been hired to work on the script for the female-centered story. And while they don’t know exactly what crime-fighter Sony plans to center on, a few that come to mind are Black Cat, Silver Sable and Spider-Woman. Personally, I want it to be Spider-Woman, as it could be a defining moment in film history.

This is incredibly exciting news to me, as Ripley is my favorite character of all-time (Wolverine a close second), but I strongly suggest that the studios think while they act – meaning, they need to make sure to create content that’s organic. I don’t want to see female centric characters forced into stories just to make people happy – they should do it because they are necessary and want to (it’s sort of like being asked to apologize – it means nothing after the fact).

The feminist movement has been strong online, and has been (rightfully) screaming for female characters in games and movies for years now. It’s a great feeling to know that voices are being heard, and that studios are willing to listen – even if they’ll point to the success of Lucy as a reason to do so.

  • Evan3

    Its amazing how Sony went from making two of the best super hero films of all time (Raimi’s first two Spideys, of course) to being this terrible mess. I hope none of these projects make it off the ground so the rights revert to Disney/Marvel.
    By the way @MrDisgusting …. any way to know whether Disney or Sony owns the rights to Jessica Drew?