Indie Horror 'The Hum' Invades Kickstarter - Bloody Disgusting!

Indie Horror ‘The Hum’ Invades Kickstarter


I think we can all agree that there really aren’t enough horror games about aliens out there right now. Despite their prevalence in film, especially horror movies (Under the Skin, Alien Abduction, Dark Skies) that same movement hasn’t been seen in horror games. The Hum aims to change that, but they’re going to need our help. The game recently made its way to Kickstarter, where they’re hoping to raise $250,000 NZD (about $213,000 USD).

That’s a lot of money, but if it’s successful, The Hum will find itself among only a handful of similar horror game success stories, including Among the Sleep and Dead State.

If you’d like to support the game, you can do so here.