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Will You See ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ In Theaters?

Leprechaun: Origins

WWE Studios and Lionsgate Tell Variety they’ll release Leprechaun: Origins, which stars wrestler Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) as the title character, in limited theaters August 22. Will you find a theater near you playing it and see it with your friends? Personally, I will, although ticket prices are more than an early VOD rental.

The prequel is also scheduled to hit VOD on August 26th and DVD/Blu on September 30th.

Also starring Stephanie Bennett (Grave Encounters 2), Andrew Dunbar (Alien Trespass), Melissa Roxburgh (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days) and Brendan Fletcher (Freddy vs Jason), Leprechaun: Origins was written by Harris Wilkinson and directed by Zach Lipovsky.

Backpacking through the lush Irish countryside, two unsuspecting young couples discover a town’s chilling secret. Ben (Dunbar), Sophie (Bennet), David (Fletcher) and Jeni (Roxburgh) quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when the town’s residents offer the hikers an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

Special features on the home video releases include both the “Leprechaun: An Icon Reborn” featurette and “Leprechaun: Behind the Blood” featurette.



  • Will Schuster

    It looks terrible 🙁

  • tyler

    Hell NO – for two reasons: WWE raped my wallet and my time with that horrible, boring, stupid ass “Oculus!” Secondly, since they don’t have enough faith to even display the Leprechaun in a trailer for the film… I refuse to put any of MY faith in to this and spend my money and time.

  • lion7718

    I’ll wait for Netflix…

  • Lyle Chip Chipperson

    fwawk yea. As long as it doesn’t open on the same weekend as my new movie.

  • Golic

    I’m not even going to watch this on Netflix.

  • Yeah, this is going to be a limited release meaning I’ll REALLY have to go out of my way to find a theater that’s showing it, because I already know there’s a good chance the two theaters near me won’t show it, and I’m sorry, but the trailer doesn’t do enough to impress me for an “extra mile” effort.

    Hell, I have trouble contemplating watching Leprechaun: Origins at home, and I’m hopeful for See No Evil 2, but WWE’s track record for horror films? Yeah.

  • EvilHead1981

    It seems like yet another “young adults/twenty-somethings” go to a remote area to party and act stupid, encountering a monster. I think I’ve had enough of the “stupid twenty-something sex-crazed, drunk and stoned party animals” themed horror movies where characters are little more than just cliches and unlikable pricks. I don’t mind if the characters party, but show a little depth beyond that. It’s like a lot of writers don’t even fuckin’ try to make good movies.

  • Fantasma George

    It looks like crap, and I love the idea of WWE not turning profit in any way! I just can’t wait to read a headline of them pulling out on the Network and Vince divorcing Linda for her stupid political decisions dragging everyone down!

    Vince fire Linda!

  • If it was a Warwick Davis one I would. I’m not gonna support this crap.

  • Krug09

    maybe if its in my area

  • Kyle Yadlosky

    It depends on whether or not the ticket costs less than a bottle of drain cleaner, because either will surely kill me.

  • Grimphantom

    I prefer to see a Leprecorn

  • Evan3

    I wanted so badly for WWE to do this right after the incredible film that is Oculus. But this trailer, the look of the leprechaun, the already annoying acting has forced me to give this a pass.

  • ThunderDragoon

    If I get it here, I might go see it. I’d much rather watch See No Evil 2, but this could be good.

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