Now You Can Build a Home in 'Frozen State' - Bloody Disgusting!

Now You Can Build a Home in ‘Frozen State’

Last month I spent some time with the unforgiving post-apocalyptic survival horror game Frozen State. It’s a solid game with a fair amount of potential — especially for an Early Access game — but I did find it lacking a bit in the “things to do” department. The game recently saw an update that introduced base building, so now you can gather resources and use them to build a home — a home you’ll likely die in, maybe from hunger, thirst, cold, or possibly at the hands (talons? claws?) of the various monsters that are roaming about.

If you’d like to check this game out, you can grab Frozen State on Steam right now for $9.99.


  • Sick_skwerl

    Did they give you something to use the condoms on?

    • Adam Dodd

      No! I’m considering starting a petition.