Capcom is Putting the Future of ‘Resident Evil’ in Our Hands


Earlier today, Capcom revealed a HD REmaster of the Resident Evil REmake that released on the GameCube way back in 2002. On the surface, this move looks like simple fan service, a way to give longtime fans of the survival horror genre and the series that helped make it popular something they’ve been clamoring for since Resident Evil was taken in a wildly different direction in 2005. In reality, it’s so much more than that.

With this game, Capcom is effectively putting the direction the franchise takes in our hands.

Because this re-release will have an effect on the direction Resident Evil takes with the next installment in the main series, if you count yourself among the many fans who aren’t happy with the more action-oriented sequels that followed Resident Evil 4, this will be an opportunity to give Capcom some “feedback.”

The publisher has said they’re planning on rebooting the franchise, again, with the next game, which sounds like a possible return to the series’ roots in survival horror. But Resident Evil 7 is likely still a ways off and video game development is shifty. This is a fast-paced industry that’s always changing and evolving, so games change all the time mid-development. This includes Resident Evil, as both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 saw numerous iterations before Capcom found the “right” one.

Recent efforts to expand on the franchise with games like Resident Evil Revelations, Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 have been met with mixed results. Revelations was received well, but didn’t sell as well as Capcom would’ve liked. Operation Raccoon City sold better than expected, but was almost universally panned by critics. Then there’s Resident Evil 6, which both sold well below the publisher’s expectations and wasn’t terribly well-received. This means the stakes are higher than ever and Capcom needs a win.


With the upcoming HD remaster of the Resident Evil REmake, Capcom is essentially testing the waters. Obviously, much of the game’s success rides on how much time and effort they invest into this latest iteration. If it’s not worthy of the original game’s legacy — or our money — than it’s not our fault if it doesn’t perform well. But if it’s good and no one buys it, that leaves little incentive for Capcom to take the main series, which is still a huge money maker for the publisher, back to its roots.

It’s not really even that simple, there are a few other factors to consider here.

When the REmake first released back in 2002, it undersold, motivating Capcom to “reboot” the series with Resident Evil 4. Now that horror is seeing a substantial resurgence, Capcom is using the REmake to see if the same renaissance that’s currently being enjoyed by indie developers of games like Outlast, Amnesia and The Forest also means games like the original Resident Evil trilogy are what genre fans want.

Then there’s the matter of remake/remaster fatigue, especially with Capcom, which has already given us HD remasters of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. If this is perceived as “just another port” with only a few improvements, that will keep many folks from dropping their money on it. But unlike Resident Evil 4, a game that’s been ported more times than I care to recount, the first Resident Evil hasn’t seen the same level of “milking”. There’s also the fact that it released over a decade ago, meaning there’s a large audience of horror fans who likely haven’t played it.

Like I said, it’s not simple. So that leaves us with a question.

How will the world, which has gone for some time now without many mainstream, “old school” survival horror games, receive this game? We won’t know until “early 2015″, but if you’re a fan of the series, than this is something to think about. The fate of one of gaming’s greatest and most influential franchises, horror or otherwise, is being put in the hands of us, the consumers. What happens next is going to have a monumental impact on the path Resident Evil takes.

So with that said, what do you think?


  • David Angle

    Truly am excited for this game as I never got to own or play it. Just the original PsOne. I don’t see why people are complaining. They are getting the best game in the franchise. Just some people are so ungrateful.

    • Nicholas Blondsey

      People, like myself, are complaining because Capcom keeps refusing to listen to what the people want. They keep rehashing old games that sold well over a decade ago in the hopes that it will generate revenue again. I’m not saying this remake will be bad, but it’s definitely a step backwards for Capcom again. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been clamoring for an updated Resident Evil 2. For some reason Capcom decides to turn a def ear to what the fans want time and time again. If they can add more to yet another remake of this game then it might sell. If not, then the future of the RE series is bleak at best.

      • Adam Dodd

        I definitely don’t think this move is a step backwards for Capcom, but I do agree with your opinion that Resident Evil 2 needs some love. And who knows? If this game performs well, that may inspire Capcom to return to Resident Evil 2.

  • Fantasma George

    Have I ever told you people how this site is one of the least cynical places on the internet that I know of? And here’s the thing: the same gaming boards that shat all over RE6 for changing too much are today groaning at this saying Capcom isn’t trying anything new. It’s really all an uphill battle with those stupid kids.

    • Adam Dodd

      Gotta keep that hope alive. If I don’t, who will? I can be pessimistic, but as a near life-long fan of Resident Evil, I can’t help but hope that Capcom will eventually return the series to its former glory.

  • KnightOfTears

    I believe Capcom lost track of the “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality trying to keep up with the changing graphics standards. If they go back to what worked from the start they will do well!

  • http://Voorhees83 Voorhees83

    Resident Evil 1 is one of my favorite games of all time if not my favorite. I’ve been wanting a reason to go back and play it, but just seems like the graphics are so outdated to me. Now I finally have a reason.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Resident Evil is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played (it came out when I was 9 or 10 and it scared the shit out of me haha). I will definitely buy this just to let Capcom know that this is what die-hard fans want. (Although, I have to admit, I do kind of like RE2 better.)

  • Bobby Jones

    Capcom: Here’s my input. Play Deadspace. Top it!

    • http://doomas10 doomas10

      Deadspace one because the sequels were less and less scary :(

      • Taboo

        They were still pretty scary, including 3.

        • http://doomas10 doomas10

          I am sorry but DS3 was just funny. Isaac was surviving armageddon proportions situations and then it got so ridiculous with the living planet that I end up laughing. The premise – the whole icy planet – was good but the execution was terrible in my opinion

      • Bobby Jones

        The first Deadspace was nearly a perfect survival horror experience, I never finished the second and never played the third. I’ve played through the first one a few times to max out all the weapons. The first game has great replay-ability, not to mention how each level spells out the end of the game.

    • TheChaseFace

      Dead Space was massively inspired by Resident Evil 4. They officially stated in interviews that they wanted to replicate that smooth control and over-the-shoulder camera.

      • Bobby Jones

        yep, they played RE, and made a kick ass game. Capcom should’ve done the same instead of making RE5 & 6. Copying if fine by me as long as the right game is being copied.

  • pakcik_g4m3r

    Only one thing from me: inclusion of Photo Mode ala Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    • Adam Dodd

      That would be a fantastic idea.

  • http://doomas10 doomas10

    I loved the remake of Resident Evil but the whole HD remakes is getting old really fast.

    • Master99

      Why do you say that? I no longer have my gamecube, and I would love to be be able to play this game again without having to buy an outdated system to do so. There are a ton of games I would love to see get a HD remake.

    • Gregory Miller

      I still have my Gamecube and the remake but it looks terrible on an HD television. I’m glad they’re making it playable again for everyone who loves the series with an HD remake.

  • Adam Paquette

    I want a remake of RE2 with the over the shoulder style of RE4, 5 and 6.

    • judeau13

      YES!!! This would sell like crazy. Have you seen the footage of the fan made version of RE2 w/over the shoulder camera?

    • C. Moonsong

      I hate the over the shoulder camera. Well, okay, I don’t hate it, but it’s not as scary when you can get a clear sweep of your environment.

  • judeau13

    I want to hear/see more about the alt camera angles they teased in the announcement trailer. While I love RE 1-3 and Code Veronica, the old style tank controls are very cumbersome and don’t hold up compared to new games (I bought Veronica for Xbox 360 and couldn’t make it through). I hope they address this and allow for a more natural movement. They should also update RE 0 and release that hidden gem on newer consoles. Capcom took a huge gamble making the REmake and RE 0 Nintendo exclusives and lost big time. RE 0 was a great game and deserves a wider release.

  • joesey

    I would love to see Resident Evil 1 & 2 remade b/c they’re so old and HD would be great just keep it scary and less action this isn’t Lara Croft,

  • Grimphantom

    This to Capcom: Make it as a Survival Horror!!! I do blame the live action movies since i feel they encourage to make RE more action and less horror.

  • Zomboni Pictures

    The old survival horror routes yes please, I did like merc mode though so keep that but make it more like resi 3 as a more mission based thing! So excited to play RE1 again now i just need RE2 HD and I can die a happy man!

  • anystrom0

    I love this article and the fact that it presents a positive outlook for the franchise without resorting to rumors and gossip. I will be buying this for the PS3 and I hope a lot of other people pick this up across all platforms.

    Also, to those wondering where a Wii U version is…there is a Wii version, which is perfectly playable on the Wii U with a classic controller.

  • Amit Parsotam

    It seems unlike horror movies, horror games are niche and don’t make a huge amount of money. I for one love that niche and especially RE1, as it was/is my fav game. Im not holding my breath Capcom is looking for any direction from this. Although I live in hope for a future Jill sandwich…

  • Taboo

    Will definitely be getting this.

  • Feonix

    After this one, REmake 2 and 3 – solid plan.

    • Godman

      If this one does well, also 0 and Outbreak

  • Dev

    I’ll probably pick up this remaster of the remake, but I don’t see it as necessarily the direction such a long running franchise should be going. Perhaps revisiting some of the tonal elements of the early titles is a good idea, or at least re-examining them (or reinventing them as RE4 did so well), but simply retreading former glories is the fast-route to stagnation, and arguably the franchise reached that point a fair while ago already. That being said, RE was never my preferred survival horror series (that would be Silent Hill, which is, at it’s best, altogether more interesting and abstract and less cartoonish than Resident Evil tends to be), so I am less inclined to be excited about it than I would be over a next generation Silent Hill title that actually has the depth of some of the earlier games (specifically SH2).

    • Chris Brink

      I agree on a new SH game with the depth of part two. Every gamer can dream; but that’s pretty much all we can do with the current team handling SH!

      • Dev

        I think people were unfairly rough on Downpour, there were a lot of interesting new mechanics (to the series at least) that were introduced, that could be expanded upon. They perhaps were not exploited as fully as they should have been, and I felt the monster design was uninspired, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the game as a whole, and I think the more open ended nature of the gameplay was long overdue for the series.

        • Chris Brink

          Hey Dev, I haven’t gotten to play Downpour yet, but I have heard from reliable friends it is great. Last SH game I played was Shattered Dreams on the PSP. I LOVED the difference in running as opposed to fighting, as that’s how I beat the first two. I also liked the “psychological analysis” sessions as they added a true “personal” touch to the game. Will invest in Downpour as I now have the cash… if I can stop playing “The Last Of Us” long enough!

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    The answer is simple, make the next Resident Evil a horror game again. I shouldn’t have to buy a game I already own. Plus, Capcom shouldn’t be questioning whether or not to make a HORROR franchise just that, freaking horror!

  • Dustin

    “Show us how you feel by giving us your money.” Typical Capcom. F_cking vampires.

    • TheChaseFace

      That’s the game industry as a whole…

      • Dustin

        Yes, most manufacturers employ “creative” ways to extort money from you, like Lionhead’s notorious dye pack scandal in Fable 3. Most manufacturers at least have the decency to give you what you want before extorting you, though.

        Ubisoft created Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Bethesda created the addon Broken Steel for Fallout 3, and Bioware created the ending Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3 – all in response to outcry from fans on social media, not because the fans paid them to do it.

        Meanwhile, Capcom deliberately guts its games in order to piecemeal it out to you (Operation Raccoon City) and rehashes the same stuff with minor upgrades (Street Fighter Turbo and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen) to get you to pay for it more than once. Then they have the audacity, in spite of receiving the same kind of fan feedback that Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Bioware received, to ask you to throw money at them before they agree to give you what you want.

        Square Enix came close to this level of debauchery when they said that they will remake Final Fantasy 7 when they manage to make a “better” game (we’ll ignore the fact that even though sales numbers do not correlate, there have been at least four main titles since FF7 that were better than FF7), but Capcom basically admitting that they will accept bribes is on a whole new level of slimeball, the likes of which would make even Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards host blush,

  • Nestor Josue Rogel

    it just really needs to go back to survivor horror. that whole action horror that made RE 5 put me off as a fan i really enjoyed the horror of having to choose between health and ammo weather to run or shoot in the OG resident evils

    • Tsiou


  • David Weir

    Return to the way things were, RE6 in my opinion made the right steps with Leon campaign by reintroducing zombies, it just wasn’t executed right! I recently played through REmake on the WII and it was so much better facing fewer enemies that were tougher and felt like a threat, than in Revelations gunning down 500 hunters with all the ammo you could ask for, it feels more like a mini game! Also scrap Chris, he’s shit. Bring back Claire or Jill and focus on one campaign – maybe 2 that inter connect like RE2! But stop with the QTE’s and explosions!

  • Adam Werdebaugh

    I think the Gamecube version was perfect enough, and that they should remake 2 and 3 already. And this better be on the Wii U.

    • MidianGTX

      No 1080/PC version = not perfect yet. Gamecubes will break.

    • Scorpion112

      I think they stated that this is basically gonna be a test. If it turns out succesfull they’ll do more of this meaning probably Remakes of 2 and 3. And maybe you think GC version was perfect as it is but it’s only on GC which is a dealbreaker for many gamers, especially the younger ones.

      I really don’t need better graphics (although it really wouldn’t hurt to have 1080p graphics) but what I do need is a version for PC or atleast for PS3/PS4 (they should do it for all consoles but I’m not gonna get anything else than a playstation and my dear PC..
      And you want it to be on the Wii so obviously you wouldn’t mind a new Remake either, huh.

  • Viking ZX

    I have zero problems with this re-release. I have fond memories of playing the GC version late at night with my best friend in a house that was still under construction. Ah, sleepless nights of yore…

    I can see why people like the older, classic style. At the same time, I love RE4 and RE5 (six was fun but flawed), and they were both a natural progression of the series. When you keep using the same characters, you can’t have the same level of “oh no!” you had in the first few games. Eventually they either become PTSD stricken to the point of locking up or turn into unstoppable zombie-killers and the scales have to get cranked up to match their new skills. Let’s face it, RE4 was a progression of the series. Normal zombies didn’t have the same “oomph” anymore for the character or the gameplay.

    I’ll probably pick this up when I have spare change, but I’m still going to go back and play Mercenaries in RE5. Both are a different approach to horror, but it was a natural progression of the series IMO.

  • C. Moonsong

    I will definitely be picking up the remaster because A) I love this game more than life itself and B) my Gamecube doesn’t work anymore so I can’t play the copy I already own.

  • marcus white

    They should go back to making the game more horrific vs all action like the newer ones are

    • Tsiou


      • marcus white

        What i meant was like how resident evil 3 was keep the action but more horrifics as well

        • Tsiou

          when you refer to the newer ones it is really unlikely for someone to understand RE3, really

          • marcus white

            Bottom line i love all of them what i like the most they are really challenging That’s why its good to do remakes so that everyone can understand as a whole

  • Cubx

    I can’t for this

  • Smoke Tetsu

    My issue with this re-release is how they are doing widescreen with it. Instead of redoing the backgrounds in hor+ for widescreen they are choosing to crop them and have “scan” (up and down) as a solution. I felt this was a golden opportunity to have a definitive edition of this with freshly rendered 1080p+ backgrounds. Doesn’t seem that way though. Seems like they are just running it through a couple of filters.

    On the other hand it’s nice that this has ventured beyond just being on Nintendo systems. The only way to play this previously outside them was to use non-sanctioned emulation.

  • Mike William James

    bring back those giant spider that scary the hell out of you, or just stay with action games like re4/5

  • Newcastle Junglist

    I feel it’s difficult to go back to how Resident Evil used to be because part of what made it scary(ish) was the cumbersome controls and fixed camera angles. I think they need to make a slower paced game where you have to trawl through dark locations with a torch rather than big explosive set pieces and fast paced run and gun gameplay. Stop giving us AI controlled partners to deal with, it kills the oppressive atmosphere you need for a horror game. Everyone remembers when the dogs and crows burst through windows in the old game so we need more of them ‘ jump scares’. Moving and shooting is fine but flinging yourself to the floor and rolling around is silly. Make us fear running out of herbs and ammo instead of feeling like a commando mowing everything down with ease.I want something similar to the first Dead Space game in terms of atmosphere and character movement. Keep the B.O.W’s for the epic boss fight scenes like the old games, i don’t want to see zombies mutating into flying abominations every 5 minutes. And finally…. fill the world with lots of zombies.. not groups of 4 or 5 at a time.. hordes of shambling corpses overwhelming you as your ammo runs out is tense and exciting.

  • Ahmed El Baz

    1- I approve and embrace the remake . Excellent move on the right way for the genre
    2- I am buying this to support the new era of classic horror.
    3- All this talk about remaking RE2 and 3 is not happening. But i would love to see it happening.
    4-Very good exposure for a game that has been highly rated in all reviews but was limited for GameCube and Wii owners. Not exactly mainstream consoles for the hardcore gamers.
    5- Let’s do this shit.

  • jeff biggs

    Just make it like resident evil 4 that game was pretty much the best. The game play was on point , story was great, not two much action but not two much boring filler.
    I think if they use R.E4 style with the story they will be doing it right. 6 was too much action 5 was lacking good story but game play was still good.all the old ones were awesome but come on the game play and camera angles sucked.

  • Chris Thrasher

    Tension. The atmosphere needs to feel tense. Jump scares are well and good but need to be paced. Too much fire power makes it an action horror. I have to be afraid of running to a zombie, spider, or hunter etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing RE1 remade with RE4-6 over the shoulder perspective. But the ammo and spaces need to be limited so that there is an actual fear of running into a few zombies. The headshot mantra of zombies should perhaps only apply to an easy mode. Since you’d be able to aim directly at a shambling corpse fairly easy.

    Replay value is a must. A battle mode, and a new game plus type deal would help tremendously.

  • Chris Brink

    RE1 was the first game I purchased when I got my PS1, I have followed and loved the series up to 4. I personally didn’t like 5 or 6; but some people did. I wish for a return to old school survival horror. Yes, even with the “tank” control scheme. I WILL buy the update, I only wish the would give 2 & 3 the same treatment; as they were my favorite in the series!

  • Colby C.

    What I would like to see is some of the basics come back.
    By that I mean the briefcase that held all your weapons and not the stupid gun wheel they implemented with the launch of Operation Raccoon City and RE6.

    I also think we need to be able to upgrade our weapons like we were able to do in RE4. Also, as they did in four and five, go back to those controls. Or have better options set up to determine which ones you liked better.

    And last but not least, less freaking cut scenes than RE6, give us our mind breaking puzzles back that the originals were known for and make us earn the next stage. And give us a likeable plot. Let’s just pretend RE6 never happened. Fair enough?

  • Jonathan Geier

    I guess now that I have that information about WHY Capcom wants to do this, I’m okay with it. I would really like to see RE2 and RE:Nemesis remakes; I would love to see what can be done with those games using today’s system’s computing power.

  • Guest

    must be in physical form as it is better and also be good for those who collect games this serie..Como collector who am resident evil since 1997 I would like to have this new game in my hands not formatted digital download something. For grace is to reunite with the previous titles and so form a bran collection and if sales think it would sell very well for all who want to collect and get their video libraries. Good or could place the two forms for those who prefer to download and for those who prefer the physical format. Thank you very much! : D

  • Sean-Paul Agius

    Keep it as tense as the origonal GC game even the same locked angles, same cutscenes just update the graphics, most havent played the GC first version but it was soooo tense and that was what was ULTRA ORIGINAL ABOUT IT – IT EVEN *SHAT OVER MOST HORROR MOVIES (people would watch me play and when a scarlet zombie jumped out of a wardrobe all of a sudden they’d jump out of their seat HILARIOUS)

    FOCUS ON THE UNEXPECTED JUMP HORROR AND FEELING LIKE YOU WOULDNT SURVIVE keep that button mashing PLEASE READ THIS and TAKE THIS ON WE HAVE TO UPDATE THE GC GAME AND SHOW THEM ALL WHAT THEY MISSED THEN IN BETTER DETAIL i played all the games but this was the most gut-wrenching which is why it was sooooooooooooooo different to everything before and after if you want any changes maybe just add after the locked views a keystroke that would let you see the room in a first person view to let the mansion feel more eerie but dont change the main THIRD PERSON AND FIXED LOCK CAMERA ANGLES but occasional first person switching might make the house feel EVEN MORE EMPTY to increase the unexpected jump factor

  • Outbreak Survivor

    I think this is definitely the right direction for Capcon and Resident Evil. I for one am definitely going to purchase this and support them hopefully returning to their roots!

  • Geovanny Colón

    I’m extremely happy that Capcom is remastering the remake. IMHO this is representative of the heart and soul of the series.

    It is tense, atmospheric, well designed. The score is perfect and works hand in hand with the visuals. And for me, this game has aged beautifully. Sure the backgrounds are prerendered, but they look realistic and when combined with the character models and lighting, you have a game that still looks great 12 years after the fact and actually looks better than a lot of games that have been released since then.

    New RE games need to feel like the remake. It felt like a true survival/horror game.

    Enough of the shooter games.

  • Shishio Makoto

    I am very happy that the Remake of the Remake will come to the new Generation of Consoles. I m not the type of gamer who says that the developer have no more ideas to create a new good Game, but I dont Understand why you are not hearing what we gamer want to see. A remake, a real new remake of Resident Evil 1 – 3 would be the best thing ever !!! It was the best time of many gamers. Bring this Games back in wonderfull 1080p and so many people will be happy. I really love the work of you Guys and I m thankfull for all those great games but dont let Resident Evil get one of this crap Mainstream Shooter games, please. Thanks so far and sorry for my English. I m from Germany. By the way if anyone read this (Gamergirls too), add me on PS, Gamertag is: Kenji-BeatZ

    Keep up with great games :)

  • Kondorr

    Day One purchase for me…
    but I doubt they will be willing to truly reboot it, part of RE is it’s cheese… that’s what separats REmake from Outlast, that and zombies… there are no zombies in Outlast, but on the other hand…. in later REgames, there were no zombies either…

    Just truly REMAKE the first 3 ones, and patch GFWL out of RE5… that would be a good start!

  • so scream

    The next RE game after this REmake should “reintroduce” us to the terrors of all the zombies and monsters; Specifically, by giving us characters who don’t know shit or have any past experience with BOW encounters or stuff. RE:Outbreak for example was enjoyable because it takes a well known event in the game’s history but gives us a first-hand experience from characters who DO NOT KNOW what to do off-the-bat. The game has to be tense and you gotta really gamble between running and fighting. ANOTHER THING: If RE7 ever does come out, PLEASE don’t give us a super-human-zombie-killer with state-of-the-art training, intelligence and weaponry and DON”T impose a PARTNER upon the player that’ll stick with said player %90+ of the game. It would be so splendid if there another Outbreak kind of game really- Just to observe scores of players in chaos as shit goes down all around them as they do what they deem most necessary for their own survival; Hey, that’s a good idea! The NEXT official installment should envoke DESPERATION!!

    • LovelessLane

      I’m with your Idea, had it in my head since people panned 6 (had no problem with it). The problem is these “fans” will cry when there’s no returning characters.

      • so scream

        Let them cry. Almost every main character now has made an appearance three times or more. Let the maggots feast on the rotting tissue. Nothing’s scary in a horror game if your character is some off-the-bat badass or some sort of monster themselves. It’s SURVIVAL HORROR, not SURVIVAL WHORE! (Hey, I just created a new definition!) Besides, why should Capcom waitst their efforts on a rotting fanbase? After all, don’t they know better than to keep a bitten limb?

  • Obi-Juan Kenobi

    I’ll buy this game. I own the Remake on the GameCube and still consider it the best Resident Evil.

  • Zach Clary

    They should’ve released this as a Resident Evil Collection with remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. The hardcore fanbase would’ve been all over it. As it stands, this is cool, I think it’s a step in the right direction but they could have done better. Capcom has dug themselves into their own hole, I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for them. For years fans have been telling Capcom what they want and Capcom shits on the fans every time they get the chance. They come out with Resident Evil 5 and 6 which get increasingly less scary, less tense, and really aren’t Survival Horror games like their predecessors as ammo is plentiful and there generally isn’t any sense of dread or foreboding that the original series was so famous for. They’ve ventured further and further from what made the series great trying to cater to the Call of Duty generation and it’s bitten them in the ass numerous times. Operation Raccoon City for example… What in the hell were they thinking. They banked their money that the RE2 locations in the game would appease the fans clamoring for an RE2 remake and honestly it gave them better than expected sales numbers, but the sales don’t overshadow the fact that it’s a shitty game with a story that completely craps on RE2′s and the enemy AI in the game is god awful at best.

    Capcom needs to listen to their fans. Give us the RE2 remake and RE3 remake we’ve been asking for instead of just teasing us with a remastered port of the 2002 Gamecube game. We’ve all played the 2002 Remake. It’ll be nice to see it with updated graphics and in HD but it’s still ignoring what fans have been demanding for years.

    • Andrew Ferrara

      well i never got a chance to play the 2002 remake so for me this is awesome, i would love to see remakes of 2 and 3 as well as a reboot of the franchise altogether. They need to go back to their roots and bring back true survival horror cause that is what made Capcom special

  • John Gagnon

    It was kind of Capcom’s fault for making RE Remake, and 0 on the Gamecube exclusively. Don’t get me wrong. GC was a powerful machine. Maybe the most powerful of the three. It was the least popular of the generation, to say the least. Capcom took a gamble by going away from RE’s roots with Sony. And RE ended up paying for it.. It would be nice if Capcom at least shouldered some of the blame. I put in my bottom dollar when I bought a Gamecube for those games. I know I made my contribution for RE’s future at the time. I still keep my GC around because those games were so great. I still love the classic formula. Hence why I bought RE: Revelations both times. Maybe Capcom will get the picture if this HD REmake is put together well, And is well received by the fans.

    • Silver Phoenix

      Sony had nothing to do with Capcom going away from RE’s roots. Where did you even get that from?

      • John Gagnon

        You’re miss reading what I’m saying. I didn’t blame Sony. I’m saying Capcom decided on their own to make a deal with Nintendo. It was a gamble on Capcom’s part. It might have made sense at the time, but it wasn’t smart in hindsight. I remember reading an article a year ago about Mikami saying that they changed the formula because REmake, and Zero were not doing well in terms of sales. Another article done by another game pundit was saying what I’m saying on Kotaku. Pat from Two Best Friends blamed Capcom for those games not doing well because they decided to go with Nintendo instead of Sony. When you look at from hindsight, Capcom shoulders the blame. It’s not just the fault of the fans. It’s like how Tecmo Koei made a deal with Nintendo over the Fatal Frame games. Nintendo hasn’t had a great history with third party support in the more recent gens. Hence why we’re not seeing Fatal Frame games over here despite there being a clamor for it by the fanbase. It was a business decision that bit Tecmo Koei, and its fans in the butt. What I’m saying is that companies like Capcom, and TK should make more responsible business decisions while considering their fan bases. And shoulder some of the blame themselves for their mistakes. Everyone has a part in it. It’s all about owning up, and learning from their mistakes in order to become a better company or perhaps us becoming better fans. Everyone has something to learn from this.

        • Silver Phoenix

          Who they make deals with has nothing to do with changes in how they develop the Resident Evil games. Those are in-house decisions and that’s what my comment was about. Sony and Nintendo have nothing to do with the state of Resident Evil and how it’s gotten worse compared to it’s original formula. They can make the games co-op effectively without going full out action. It’s become too much action shooter oriented and less of an adventure. The music has also taken a huge dive as that is part of the atmosphere that drove the earlier games.

    • chris

      While it did land in last place MS was only ahead of it by a couple of million, Despite that it was extremely profitable, blowing the XBox away (Which was actually in the red to the tune of $4 Billion) and was ahead of the PS2 in that regard until the tail end of the generation.

  • BGMaxie

    Truth be told I do like the more action-oriented style A LOT better than that of the first games. Because honestly it does not have to do with horror or anything, it has to do with playability and the previous controls WERE SHIT!!!! The cameras were garbage, the controls tough to use, it was not challenging in a healthy way, it was frustrating.

    Seriously I dunno why fans mistake the action-style with horror, one has nothing to do with the other, we can have the horror but more playability too. There can be a challenge too, but please make the game playable, not with insufferable movement and horrible cameras.

    • Jiggly

      The controls are as bad or as good as you are. This is coming from a guy who beat REmake on Hard/Invisible enemy mode. That said this is the best move Capcom has made since putting Resident Evil 4 to the Wii.

      • BGMaxie

        Which goes on the lines of being Player-UNfriendly. Which by all means and purposes is not wise.

        • Jiggly

          Do you mean invisible enemy mode being unfriendly? Because that is the whole point of that difficulty and the very reason why it is the last mode you will unlock. You’re not forced to play through it at all, and only the most seasoned veterans can complete it. The easy mode of the game is incredibly “player friendly” as you put it with ammo and herbs being crammed your way left and right. Not to mention you can do the infinite grenade launcher glitch with Jill your first time around and destroy the game.

          RE6 was way more “unfriendly” with the control scheme if that is the sense you meant it in, and a large reason why the game flopped. Capcom did way too much with the clunky over-the-shoulder control scheme and it was just a disaster in the end.

          • BGMaxie

            Erm not the invisible enemy mode. Rather the fact that the camera changed so abruptly and messed up the controls. The movement from left to right was also quite messy. Basically you had to make the character turn left or right and then go forward, which is pretty the Onimusha style, and God the games were good but the camera and controls were insufferable.
            I like the new style better because at least I have more freedom of what I do.

    • Michael Rose

      I do agree that the old school Camera just isn’t going to cut it in this market, but the controls in RE4 – 6 still sucked. Capcom needs to take a lesson from Naughty Dog because Last Of Us had the play ability that I want to see. With a Huge fan base like RE Capcom has no excuse unless there just that incompetent

  • actual fear

    If anyone else remembers the “actual fear” from the resident evil series was the camera angles, not knowing what is going to be behind the next corner, what the next frame will unleash upon the player. People complaining about camera angles was the death of the series which i’m still seeing in the comments right now. With fans like these who want action action action, the series will die because you want realism. Realism with a resident evil game takes away the fear, there is no suspense and no wonder. The scariest thing about resident evil is that it was a tremendously well crafted tool, not a simulator. It was a tool that allowed players to experience actual fear, not a survival science fiction which is, like it or not, what it has become. in conclusion the camera angles were the formula for the fear, it was the tool that to this day scares the shit out of everyone. RE lost me as a customer in 2005 and I miss my game, please give it back.

    • Michael Rose

      Couldn’t agree more! If Capcom was a person I would Shiv them in the stomach for RE5, What Crap!

    • ItchyTasty06

      Agreed. I am so tired of hearing people complain about the original controls and the camera angles. The game was so much more than those helped create the fear we felt while playing the game.

    • Travis

      I want to like this post more than once.

      It took them a decade, but I hope Capcom has finally caught on to the fact that abandoning your core fanbase to chase the dudebro shooter crowd was a bad move. The dudebros got distracted by something shiny and ran off and now their core is so alienated that there’s no more confidence in the brand.

      Resident Evil 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but today I could honestly not care less if Capcom ever makes another RE game again. They’ve poisoned the well so completely that it would take a complete reboot, and an incredible one at that, for me to consider giving them another shot.

    • Branden Thomas

      I’ll be your 25th Thumbs Up and chime in.

      I know I’m gonna sound mean but people need to “git gud”. The newer generations doesn’t know the difference between a learning curve and broken controls.

      I’m not even gonna say the controls in this game are amazing but they work and add a certain flair to the game. I guess if L1 doesn’t go to iron sight and R1 doesn’t kill then the game has awful controls these days.

  • Armando Hdz

    In my opinion I don’t think it’s necessary to reboot the whole series, the actual controls are just fine, the only thing they need to do is add some horror to their games and also bring back the missing characters like krauser, jill, rebecca, barry and billy instead of adding useless characters as sheva that’s all

  • Juan

    I think this adaptation to new consoles should have had happen 5 years ago when the ps3 and xbox 360 where at their best. Although this is good news for who we grew up with firsts games of the franchise, Capcom should stop living from past glory days. It’s time to move on. New story, new characters, new surprises, new puzzles, new twists in the argument, that leave us with the jaw open. Capcom should reinvent Resident Evil itself.

  • trinity

    I think rez 1-2-3 will be mega with all the graphics of today an I for 1 will be geting as I did just go an get a ps2 so I could play the old 1s again coz I sorta killed 2 ps2 playing them to.much lol I so again I think this will be mega plus the onlt thing the yunger generation know about rez is the shit crap rip off films…

  • Reggie Ho

    so many mix opinions on how this game should turn out either go back to old school or keep it like the way it is and make it scarier … pretty much gonna be a copy of evil within if they take that route and i don’t want that

    • ItchyTasty06

      This is why I don’t want another continuation to RE, but a remaster of the classic’s.

  • Laura E. Foster

    Personally, I am way too excited for this to happen. Plus, I have been waiting for Rebirth to go to Playstation for a very long time. What the fans want, and have been begging for, is a complete remaster of RE1, RE2, and RE3. Some people believe this is a bad idea because the first game has been ported close to a dozen times and have a last 3 different versions. However, I would 100% rather have a remaster with today’s technology than another horrible continuation of the story Capcom managed to ruin. In my opinion, RE6 was probably one of the worst games that I have ever played, that is next to RE:ORC, of course. RE6 sold so well because in every interview they were talking about how they were listening to the fans and were taking it back to Survival Horror; bringing back old-school Resident Evil elements that we were begging to have returned to the franchise. Some of which, Capcom announced, after the release of RE6, was dead and they didn’t plan to bring back. Yet, the franchise became what it was WITH those elements! You want your fans to come back? Give us a Remaster of 1, 2, and Nemesis. Collector’s editions wouldn’t hurt either. Between the movies and the new generation of the games, we are sickened, and tired of seeing something we loved turned into the complete opposite of what we fell in love with originally. We do not like the action base, shoot ‘em up games with unlimited resources, and very uncreative B.O.Ws. We loved the games that took a lot of thought to move on, a very in depth background/history, creatures that scared the living hell out of you, not to mention the claustrophobic settings and scary lighting elements. We Loved Resident Evil as a SURVIVAL HORROR game. There are too many action games, and they are all the same. The fan base is here, we are dying for this. Take Resident Evil back to it’s roots.

  • ry

    Plz do 3rd person controls like 6 but make it look amazing then do to and 3 the same way i would love that and also keep the puzzles that was the best part of the originals

  • Reggie Ho

    bring back the mangled and bloody with dim light environment with narrow paths with shit popping out, you can still keep the over the shoulders just have more shit creep up behind you, chase you while doing puzzles and what not, nothing feels scarier then when you have something chasing you while trying to solve a puzzle with a time limit

  • Becky Kelly

    To me, someone who grew up playing Resident Evil and hasn’t missed a single game or spin-off, I’m dying to see Resident Evil continue for many years to come. Now the thing is I do prefer the original survival horror, I’m talking Zombies, zombie dogs, Lickers that fall from the Sky Light or jump through windows and scare the crap out of you. I do like the new enemies like the Regenerators, Ganado’s, J’avo, Chrysalid and Rasklapanje. They put up a good fight and offer something different but Zombies and the enemies from RE1, 2 and 3 will always have my heart.

    I’d love to see all the original games REmastered for modern consoles, the graphics will be a complete knock out and gameplay will be even better. Bringing back the originals is the best move Capcom could make. I know as a lifelong fan that I’d be left with my jaw on the floor and bouncing off the walls with excitement.

    Do us proud Capcom!

  • patrick lescure

    Yo opino que deberían crear una nueva secuela con la misma atmósfera de cámara estática con buenos gráficos y con muchos puzzles ya que resident evil era una saga para personas inteligentes, sus uúltimos juegos re4,re5 y re6 se han convertido en un chiste para los veteranos como yo que jugábamos horas y horas para descifrar cada parte del juego y tener la virtud de terminar su historia en menos de 3 horas y conseguir las municiones infinitas, repito, deben regresar al clásico resident evil, x q ya es acción no survival horror como muchos deseábamos que fueran las ultimas sagas.


    I will support the remastered remake of the original Resident Evil in every way I can because I really want the series to go back to its roots. I never missed a single RE game. I started with RE2 and I was only 7-8 year old back then and until now, despite all the changes, I couldn’t give up on the series.

    All I hope is that they won’t reboot the story. They can modify and reboot the gameplay all they want but just make sure the story remains the same because have two different storyline rarely works and it remains confusing to fans.

    I did enjoy RE4, RE5, RE6 and RE:Revelations but quite honestly, I don’t think any of those will match the creative Brilliant of the RE2, RE3 and RE: Code Veronica. Those games are still better story-wise and gameplay-wise than the new ones despite their outdated graphics. I won’t deny that I loved the motorcycle rides and the new mechanics of RE6 or RE5 but I will always prefer the style of the classics.

    I still own the classics on my PS Vita and I’ve replayed RE3 a few months back and man, this game is still as magical as it was when I played it for the first time. I’m a graphics junky, I go crazy over amazing graphics but I assure you that graphics did not matter when I replayed the classics because not only the game play but the whole atmosphere and the mixture of characters, gameplay, enemies..etc. was just perfect.

    Resident Evil is a franchise that is very close to my heart and I wish it doesn’t end anytime soon nor do I wish to see it decay and die slowly due to lack of innovation. Please Capcom, don’t take away this franchise from me. It’s my childhood, teenage and adulthood.

    • Robert Dickerson

      I agree 100% with you I started playing RE 2 when I was 8 and never stopped playing.

  • 537les

    I had no real problem with any of the RE games. I thought they all were fun. I do like the survival horror better. I think if they didn’t have a basically endless supply of ammo, it would of been better but then again that is what difficulty settings are for.

  • Uchiha Obito (Moongem)

    Controls of Resident Evil 6 with slower running, no sprinting, no kung-fu and limited bad-ass sliding. Then recreate RE 1-4 with this new engine, story fixes and expansions and a co-op mode. After this totally re-write Resident Evil 5-6. Small amounts of ammo with VERY low drop rates from enemies. Bring back the old save system; needing the ink for the type writer was essential to the horror of the old games. You were scared to die because there were consequences besides not getting an achievement or trophy.

    The survival horror genre needs to focus on the meta-gaming; how the player feels, not how the player imagines the character would feel in this situation. A big ass, mutated thing thing that jumps around a corner and gets a free hit on you isn’t scary when you auto-saved five seconds ago, have an arsenal of guns and twenty tons of ammo. This isn’t mentioning all the Green Herbs you have.

    You know when that mutated-bastard is scary? When you only have a handgun with six rounds, can only be hit five times before dying and haven’t saved in three hours.

    Auto-saving isn’t compatible with Survival-horror, in my opinion.

    • Nakia Miller

      I agree 100%

  • Josh Brooks

    I was only really ever a fan of the first two Resident Evil games, after them, to me it seemed it was on a downhill slope. The first installment was so groundbreaking next to the first Silent Hill with good old fashioned horror. The tension you felt, not knowing what was going to be around the next corner, or what lurked in the shadows just feet in front of you (or behind you). The subtleness of introducing the “licker” was unexpected, there was no real, “hey, there is this new monster, let’s have a big cinematic introduction before the player has to fight it.” Although as I recall there was a cinematic intro, but it was so short, short enough to let the tension pay off and it never lingered long enough for me to lose interest or the edge I was feeling in my nerves. It was just there, and you then quickly had to figure out how to beat it. This alone built so much appreciation for me as a player, keeping things on the most minimalistic knowledge base as possible while still delivering a punch that I think about today. Another example, the spiders in the sewers. BRILLIANTLY introduced, you had no idea of there existence until it was time to pull out your Dirty Hairy and go to town. The boss at the end of RE2, AWESOME! The monsters don’t need to be all blown out, scaling 3 stories tall, and flashy with over the top new abilities that just takes away from the shock factor. Some of those boss introductions in the later games left me feeling like I was shopping for the next action figure birthday present for the son don’t have. “Oh sweet! Kung Fu Grip!” While I respect the efforts of the game developers, I must say there wasn’t much realism in it, and because the monsters in the first two were almost relatable to a real life viral situation, is what helped sell it. I didn’t feel like I was playing Call of Duty zombies like I did in the fourth installment, running through the desert shooting commonalities in the head until something not better than the “licker” from the first came along, What it DID feel like was I myself was going to die if I did not get out of those situations! THAT is what fans want, and that is what you need to give them.

  • InfectedBreed

    Add the scare factor (like dead space where they just pop out of places) but keep the game the way it is right now with third person view and keep the zombies like all the classic one’s like hunters, lickers, and the zombie dogs. Just don’t make it to where I have to keep running around to the same rooms over and over again trying to solve puzzles with enemies on me just to end up getting killed by the same zombies I had to run from the last ten times, and bring Claire back. Also keep the co-op, me and my friend really enjoy playing Resident Evil as a team and keep the melee please. I started with the original RE2 and kept playing through them all even with all the negative response’s about the new ones just because I love the Resident Evil story line. I would like Resident Evil to come back to life with this new reboot and hopefully those who quit the series because of the new material will again start the series because it is the original starting point for the whole franchise.

    • Pvt Wanker

      Co-op should be a secondary thing, not a primary. It is insanely hard to get the actual “oh shit” feeling when you know there is someone else there to help cover your ass. Also, if by “keep the melee” you mean RE4 styled knife then I agree. RE6 however took the melee way too far. While kung-fu kicking zombies IS fun, thats something that should be left to other games that arent trying to stick with a horror element.

      • InfectedBreed

        Actually co-op still can have the “oh shit” factor because things can happen to both players at the same moment or even separate them at points but again you can change it a harder difficulty to make it insane for two people to fight through. As for the melee, the knife is awesome always loved it and i will admit that the RE6 fighting style makes it kinda easy but at the same time i think to have a little counter fighting against enemies make the game feel more like a survival horror because we all know that if shit got real we wouldn’t all have the balls to just pull a knife out and stab a zombie until it just fell over we would push or punch the thing away until we had a clean shot.

      • Liam Freeman

        Resident Evil: Outbreak is a perfect example of a Survival Horror game with Co-Op that can still scare the shit out of you, trust me. AND THAT’S FOUR PLAYER.

        • InfectedBreed

          BINGO! Thank you!

    • Robert Dickerson

      Yes I agree 100% with you I love the co-op It made the game more fun and I’ve always love the teamwork. Capcom has that ability RE one you had Rebeca, Barry, Chris and Jill there’s a co-op option there. RE 2 You had Leon and Claire another Co-op chance RE 3 had Jill and Carlos. I do love the 3rd person over the shoulder it made you fill more involved in the character. Please take out the backtrack that’s the one thing that made me not really like the game I understand that you need to find a key then head back to the door to unlock it that’s find but when it’s over and over it’s annoying and yes please bring Clair back her and Leon were my two favorite characters and yes keep the melee because if you were in a “Survival Horror Situation” you would use whatever you had at your disposal. Do keep the original enemies like Zombies, lickers, and zombie dogs also please give us a fighting chance such as more ammo not a lot just enough because I prefer killing my enemies and not “ALWAYS RUNNING.” Unless I’m outnumber.

  • srkelley

    The remaster should also be hitting the Wii U.

    360/PS3 versions of the game can allow for a simple port. The Wii U has an install base comparable to the ps4 and xbone. DKC Tropical Freeze was the first U game to allow for the game pad to be ignored if they’re worrying about how to use it.

    There is no good reason to avoid the system, Fatal Frame players will want more true survival horror. Historically speaking, having choice has increased sales. You’ll get it two-fold here with the remaster on Wii U. You’ll have the competition in Fatal Frame and the presence of your own entry of Resident Evil Revelations. That gives people two traditional survivor horror games and two Resident Evil titles.

    360/PS3 = 2x Powerpc platforms. The base game is from Gamecube, another PowerPC platform. The ignored system, a Wii U, runs on a highly extended and expanded form of the Gamecubes architecture. They’re so close to 100% compatibility that you can run Gamecube games on a Wii U with a slight software tweak. (see: nintendont)

    Dave Chappelle: Capcom is fucking up.

  • Jameson777

    Definitely supporting this idea and will be buying this HD re-release-remake. Re.

    I made the mistake of purchasing RE6 and regretted it almost immediately. Never again will I haphazardly pick up a new RE on trust of Capcom. Shinji Mikami bailed after RE4, and the importance of his involvement was evident in the lackluster – to be kind – result of the subsequent entries. I hate that I contributed funds to Capcom for RE6, as horrible of an entry as it was, but what can I say? I bought into the hype. Shame on me for that, but I like to think I learned a lesson.

    On a similar note, I couldn’t be more excited about The Evil Within. That, and this new RE re-release are welcome additions to a market virtually void of survival horror games.

  • Justin Lucas

    I feel like they need to go back to the origional, survival horror style, but on an open world platform like fallout or skyrim. With the same old bad ass zombie killing and puzzle solving of resident evils 1,2 and 3.

  • James Alexander Rodriguez

    This has been the stance of japanese game studios for YEARS people. they release these remakes and spin offs to gauge fan reaction and purchasing power for an upcoming title release, if the fans want it they will buy it. yet nobody buys the shit then they scrap their future project ideas or plans. square has been doing this for years and nobody buys the shit so what you get after that is ff13.

    i dont see anything changing at all. you fans will constantly bitch and moan about what you want then you will not support any development by buying the damn games. you are gana get another shitty RE after this HD re-release cuz they wont see the numbers.

    ur just ganna keep bitching and moaning about how you hate a franchise that you used to support…and they will keep pumping out shit for the dummies that buy it simply because of the hype.

  • Ldg Deadgirl

    totally gonna buy it like i have every other RE game :) loved them all

  • Itachi312

    one thing that has been missing from just about every survival horror game these days is the actual feeling of threat to the player. and by that i mean, making the player legitimately “scared” to die because he’d lose significant progress. horror games become less scary when you’ll just respawn in the next room whenever you die. this is something the Dark souls games do way better than any survival horror game, and something they should learn from. make the “survival” part actually be worth something, you know.

    • InfectedBreed

      But doesn’t that kinda take away from the game play because as you die you lose so much progress and eventually people will just quit after dying too many times. It would make it to difficult for anyone to make progress and just end up losing interest like Dark Souls a lot of my friends quit because they couldn’t make it through dying constantly and then having to make their way back through all the same shit just to end up dying yet again at or farther then they were just to do it again.

  • Michelle Napierala

    I have bought every Resident Evil ever made and I personally love the first second and third one since it had puzzles. I love having something different than just shooting at people who seem to be “zombified”. The originals actually had zombies and was different than any other zombie game. I love them and hope Capcom makes another like the first. The mansion is where its at! I feel the first one was much more difficult because you had to actually find bullets and herbs rather than them practically getting handed to you.

  • leo

    Man all of the Resident Evil games were awesome well the ones with numbers anyway, Resident Evil was the reason i traded my nintendo for a playstation in the first place. 1 2 and 3 were cool as hell but I gotta say and i still have my ps1 disks. 4 was really good i have bought it on 4 different systems and on pc played the hell outa it got 5 on ps3 and 360 loved it still get on now and then and play even got it on pc . And 6 was not as bad as most make it out to be shoulda left the controls and menu like 5 but I like the run n gun kung fu .

    • InfectedBreed

      Thank you i don’t feel so alone now.

    • Robert Dickerson

      I agree 100%

    • Nathan J Verzella

      I agree with you too but after 5, 6 kinda lost me a bit. Dont get me wrong. It wasnt a bad game. I enjoy playing it with my brother but yet. We blasted through the main 3 stories with ease. Ive yet to beat ada coz i dont see my lil bro much. But 5 was where it was at. I somehkw lost my 5 disc amd its irritating but still it was amazing and yet. When i think i need an adrenalin surging horror rush. I dont think of 5. Nor of 6. Both are good and they have had some moments where i was like “nope” but in the end im not scared by these games and thats what i want. More of a scare. Re 5 almost got me a few times but in the end it wasnt horrifying. Idunno leo. Im hoping 7 becomes greater than all the rest but its hard to say forsure. Just gotta sitback n hope they figure something out. Even if it ends up more of a 4,5, & 6 combination with other new/old mechanics i could be satisfied just not extremely happy.

  • jordan

    #1 PLEASE Capcom make a RE2 remake.
    #2 Bring back survival horror. No more action-y story lines. We want scary back. I feel I can speak for everyone here that when we started playing the series, we were fairly young and so was the franchise. It imprinted horror and gore into our memories and now there is none of that. It’s just all about putting out the next game just because and throwing whatever looks cool in. We will wait longer for a better game. Maybe leave the main characters you’ve had and try a new outlook from an innocent person turned zombie killer. Make it more relatable. Reinvent Resident Evil without completely changing it.bring back those horror and gore memories.

  • leo

    and Resident Evil and Deadspace should have babies

  • Zaid Mohammed Jawad

    I enjoyed the old series of RE and they almost hit the spot with RE revelations.

    the atmosphere of the game used to make a player count their bullets, feel desprate and claustrophobic, and loneliness.

    check RE 2 with its narrow places and the number of zombies and the bullet count, always watching the bullet count and desprate and have to think before u shoot, it was survival horror, not action at all.

    • InfectedBreed

      You know I can agree with you on most of that but to run around and count bullets makes it hard to enjoy because it makes you stress more then enjoy the story I get it’s a survival horror but how can you survive if you can’t even think straight from trying to just run and not die. Capcom wants to sell the game, so how can they if people don’t play it or enjoy it because of the stress. Games sell by word of mouth and if people can’t enjoy it then they’ll tell others that it’s a crap game and don’t buy it kinda like what they did with RE:ORC. To tell you the truth I enjoyed ORC and if you read what it says in the article and i quote “Operation Raccoon City sold better than expected, but was almost universally panned by critics”. Unlike Revelations which again I quote “Revelations was received well, but didn’t sell as well as Capcom would’ve liked.”

      • Zaid Mohammed Jawad

        Revelation was release after people been skiptic about capcom and RE series, i know a lot of friends didnt touch RE after RE5 and said hell now am not buying any of their products ( that is a factor )

        for my personal experince counting the bullets was one factor, if you know how to manage your bullets u will end up with a lot of them as you go farther ( i loved the RE3 feature where you mix the gun powder to get a certien type of bullets )

        a player has to survive and some dont know how to survive, they will learn how to do it right, you dont have to kill the zombie, u can go around it and think when you are in critical setuations and how to dodge it.

        and of course the puzzel solving where you go actually stuck and dont know what to do.

        that was my RE experince, and that is why I bought it and played it previously.

        take for an example as Leo said ( the comment below mine i think ) he said Deadspace, I didn’t play that game much cause everything was freaking spoon fed to me and i felt like the game is treating me as a retard even when i didnt use the freakin guide that shows you where to go right infront of you on the ground.

        I want to die and get back to die again until i figure out how things works, it is what makes you THINK! games made me think, its not just time pass experince, it is a experince as the game provide a feel, atmosphere and mode, fatal frame for example, that creepy mood it had is what made it freaking amazing, and so as silent hill, ( 1 and 2 ) and Origins.

        every game has its own formula, people revisit it and play a sequal wanting more of that, you develope it, you don’t change it.

        like RE2 to RE3 ( okay players are suffering with bullets! what do we do! we can’t just put bullets every where but what bullets do we put? so many weapons the player has!? aha! the gun powder! )

        that is my personal opinion at least and also every friend i have on played the classic RE ( around 23 people )

        • InfectedBreed

          Well that’s your opinion and that’s great for you and your friends but you have to think like the company here. RE4 was misunderstood by people because they didn’t want to continue the franchise but sold tons of copies (somewhere around one million sold) and hit the game of the year award. The gun powder factor in RE3 was an amazing idea i loved it but you had to do that to even think about killing zombies if i remember right it took about five shots to kill a zombie which you then lost five bullets and i get you can always run around them but at times you would have to return to that area later and guess what there that zombie is again and its harder to run around it this time cause there’s even more there. Also now and days people don’t want to think when they play games it’s something they do to relax and enjoy. I’m not saying take the puzzles out i loved those also. it was running from enemies that i could of killed and never had to see again that made life hard for me as a player along with my friends. I’m not trying to make you mad it’s just if you look at it from the companies view people are what sell (or don’t sell) games and capcom really wants this to sell. It’s bad enough that people are beginning to (like your friends) drop the RE franchise because of what they think about a game if you don’t like it fine but if you don’t even try to play the new releases you don’t really know if you’ll like it or not.

          • Zaid Mohammed Jawad

            every one got their own point of view and I shared mine, and i did try RE6 and it was just too boring for me that i just couldnt finish the Leon chapter.

            in my opinion as i said before game isnt just relaxing and time wasting, i want to feel the experince, it is what games used to be, and it is what RE used to be, RE1,.RE2, RE3, RE4, RE code veronica and even RE Revelations.

            it offered and experince.

            as i have played games my whole life ( am 27 and started playing as i was 4 )

            i take games differently it is my time away from the world, the time that I live as another person.

            now games are not like that ( at least most nintendo and indie game and some PS3 and Xbox360 are like that )

            again DeadSpace, God I hated that game, the guides is like this annoying kid who played the game before you and sitting behind you keep telling u what to do and where to go, thats how it felt TO ME!.

            every classic game had its own formula that made it stand out from others, now i see most of games are very similar to each other, ( I play all, from rpg to 1st person shooter to strategy to MMO )

            and i am a game designer as well.

            I understand capcom is trying to sell a game but a game wont be a game anymore once it is treated as a product, it turned into a very bad holiwood movie that tried to put as much mainstream stuff as possible to sell its tickets to the audiance on every age and every scale possible.

            a good game attract people out of the genre into the genre, but when it is trying to satisfy all? the whole thing goes down the drain, RE6 was a big example, so as Castlevania LOS2 and Mirror of Fate.

          • InfectedBreed

            I gotta say you and share a lot of the same thoughts I started gaming about the age of 5 (I’m 25 now) and like you play almost all genre of games (I mainly play mmo’s and rpg’s now) and I am going to try to become a game designer. As you said yeah it does suck when companies turn around and make games to satisfy everyone’s needs and wants and I still love the original Resident Evils. I happened to like Dead space just for the scare and honestly I never used any of the guide stuff I just winged it through the game because (just like you) i couldn’t stand how it felt to be babied through the story. I also agree that great games attract people who don’t play that genre of game and i believe that RE can do that, if they stick to the original and don’t change anything from it I’m still going to buy it and play it. If they do change some things then again I’ll still buy it because to me RE is a huge chunk of my childhood and in my heart it’ll never die. Hopefully the reboot will be amazing and bring back that terror I had as kid to even turn the corner and live up to that everlasting fear of the undead.

          • Zaid Mohammed Jawad

            yes buddy yes, RE was a big deal to me as well, i played and finished RE2 so many times that i guided my friend through the whole game on the phone. thats how nerdy i was about the game, I bought a gamecube just for RE zero and RE1 Remake! i was a die hard fan but they just ruined it going after the general audiance.

            Konami did that to castlevania as well and it just makes me so angry that major companies making such obvious greedy steps to milk a franchise, it hurts, for me i feel like ownership to those games cause i grew up with it! that is why i get angry when the company doesnt care about me anymore and try to satisfy the general audiance who has no idea how the original title started.

            i know, the feeling, i am a castlevania huge fan and i ended up buying coxvania ( lords of shadows1,2,mirror of fate ) even when i knew it will not be the same at all and worse, LOS2 and mirror of fate were bad as in really bad, even game scores took a beating on it ( that bad! )

            and i completely understand and pray to GOD! that they fix RE and bring back the original horror to give us those mini major heart attacks and that feeling of fear of a zombie waiting in the next corner and melt your brain with puzzels and challenge us to solve, not spoon feeding us like children.

            i love dark souls btw, this game has no friends lol! it just wants to beat the living pulp out of you, and i just loved being killed and bulled like that! it has been so long since i have played a game that challenged me! :) am sure you already played 1 and 2

          • InfectedBreed

            Yup and my god the times I’ve died on them is a record I swear but I still love them all the same and even worse is I still play demon souls also and can’t drop it for the life of me. Its suck that castlevania got ruined I was planning on trying to get them but now I just don’t know if I’ll play them or just collect it and let them sit on a shelf. And yeah I did the same thing and went and bought a GameCube just for the remake of RE1 so I feel your pain. As for nerding out on RE2 I’ve done the same thing actually I ended up guiding my mom through it (she was the one the game was originally for) it was hilarious watching her face as I told how to play and run through it.

          • Zaid Mohammed Jawad

            i know how you feel *brofist*

            your mom is awesome! LOL! and that must have been some awesome experince!
            my mom loved crazy taxi! and once we got her hooked the poor lady just couldnt get enough of the crazy jumping car XD

          • InfectedBreed

            Oh man! that game just made my day and just the same my mom got hooked so bad. I just would sit there and laugh at how much she would enjoy that game.

  • BloodyDe1ty

    I’m totally going to buy this. Hopefully we can get 2 and freaking Nemesis if this does well enough!


    i started playing Resident Evil on RE4 although i have played played RE3 or 2 not sure which one just a little bit but i was just a kid other than not knowing what i was doing i also shit my self so i never played it, so as a RE and a picky player this will be a great opportunity for me to try out this greatly hyped game.

  • MossbergShottie

    It took them long enough to do this…damn..They ported Code Veronica and RE4…and I said where is the remake?? I thought I was the only one wondering..after a while I thought it was a lost cause..they ported RE4 like 10 times and showed no love to the REmake.. They say it originally didnt sell well but it was on the Gamecube…if it was on PS2 it would have went platinum easily..but now that shinji mikami is no longer involved with the series i really dont see RE getting back to its roots

    • InfectedBreed

      Yeah I agree with you Resident Evil shoulda just stuck to playstation were it started.

      • Burak Suat Görgün

        Excuse me, RE2 came to N64. And RE1 didnt because cartiges were worse, had more limited capacity back in the RE1′s felase. On the time RE2 was around, thinga were different.

        Download the roms ans see for yourself. (SM64 and RE64 as example

        • InfectedBreed

          Yeah I remember thank you. I wasn’t trying to piss you off I was simply stating that for me RE was a playstation starter and it really didn’t matter that cartridges were good or bad (just so you know I also owned an N64) but to me RE felt better on PlayStation and always will. I also played RE4 on Gamecube and again it felt better on the PS2 then the Gamecube.

  • Jesse Kulewsky

    Capcom needs to find a balance. RE4 was the best game in the series. Many hardcore fans may disagree, but the numbers don’t lie. It was one of the highest rated, most loved, and best selling games of all time. But WHY was it so? Simple: It was able to give players a refreshing new playstyle while still remaining a horror game. Dead Space 1 did the same thing years later and people absolutely loved it. And most recently, Revelations has proved that Capcom still has what it takes to make a true Survival Horror RE game. So do us a favor Capcom, knock off the rock punching and concentrate on making a game that with memorable environments that brings the scare back! Also, get rid of this quick select chapter garbage. It really takes you out of the game. Bring back the merchant or the work bench.

    • Adam Morris

      I’m sorry dude, I have to disagree. 4 did have an amazing play style, but if that’s all it has, then you’re selling for gameplay, not setting or suspense. I do agree with you about Dead Space 100%, but bear in mind, it originally started out that way, Resident Evil started with fixed cameras to keep the idea that you couldn’t see what was coming, you could hear it, but until you turned that corner, you wouldn’t see it. The foreboding plays an enormous rule in a suspense have, not knowing what to expect. Dead space did this as well, but it was totally abrupt and unexpected, resident evil always used changes in music and atmospheric sound to scare you. Games like Fatal frame also do this and it’s fantastic! It’s keeps you in the edge of your seat and wanting more. That’s another thing I feel Resident Evil has lost, I’d hope to see it make a comeback

      • Adam Morris

        Swype has terrible spell correction by the way, so that explains all of the typos, my bad lol

  • Nathan J Verzella

    Ive only ever watched my father played the original 3( along with spin off titles like code veronica and whatever else that had back then. Shit memory) but the first on ei got to play myself and beat was 4. It was tremendous. I loved it. And tbh i loved 5 too. Yeah sometimes it was rediculous. But honestly if they gave more scare and left out some of the action but roughly kept the playstyles of 4 n 5 all while hitting home on the original aspects of the seriess than i think they could possibly have something. But sadly with all that it will come down to development and be a 50/50 chance of success.but its not even that simple as this article loves to state :p

  • crag

    I’d love for them to bring back creepier, more desolate and lonely atmospheres—those kind of atmospheres where you seem alone but don’t really feel like it. I’d also love them to turn ammo back into a scarcity; the newer games give you so much ammo, you never have to worry about running out, thus you never really feel like you’re in any danger. The original Resident Evil games were amazing because there was so little ammo, you were always afraid to run out and get stuck in a horrible situation where you just had to use your knife.

    And one of the biggest things they need to reintroduce: FIXED CAMERA ANGLES.

  • ThunderDragoon

    “…action-oriented sequels that followed Resident Evil 4.”
    Ahem, that STARTED with Resident Evil 4. Sorry, it’s the truth. But yeah, I agree with this article. It really is up to us fans where Capcom takes the franchise. I hope this sells like hotcakes.

    • Tom Kuzupas Jr

      Hotcakes don’t sell as much as Breakfast Burritos or Egg McMuffins. :p

      • ThunderDragoon

        XD I love it.

  • SaltSlasher

    Mix scariness of RE1, the action of RE0 and RE4, and give us a great story of RE2, and you have RE7. RE6 should be like Dead Aim, just an off shoot of the main brand.

    I don’t mind action games like RE6, but not from the main brand. They never detered the style, except in 6, they still got to do outbreak, FPS ones, the Wii shooters, and Code Veronica.

    Personally, I want them all, I want a main game 7, i want side titles even if they are different. The worst thing they can do is stop making games. I preordered RE6, and I don’t regret it, even if it wasn’t that great.

  • Dana Greene

    I am so excited for this. Words can not express how happy I am right now. Many people on here keep saying that RE4 was the best and favorite yet they never even played the original one? I am a die hard Resident Evil fan and i have to say the by far best RE game was 2. I’m really hoping that this does well and we get to see revamped versions of RE2 and RE3, now if that happened i would shit kittens. I know that originally the remastered version on Gamecube sold like crap because, well lets face it, they put it on Gamecube only. I mean all the RE fans were on Playstation not the 5 year olds on Gamecube. I bought a Gamecube back in the day when this cam out just so I could play the remake, let me tell you it was well worth it. Now its going to be even more amazing playing it on my Xbone. Thank Capcom you have chosen wisely.

  • Adam Morris

    First off, let me just say this. Resident Evil lost its suspense factor around Resident Evil 4. It wasn’t as scary honestly, that’s where I think they dropped the ball. It became an action game and lost an opportunity to be something more. In fact, the original concept was almost a total 180 from what it became. It was originally supposed to take place in Antarctica if I remember right, or maybe it was Alaska, either way, the idea of seclusion in an environment like that takes on its own form of eerieness, not to mention, Leon was supposed to mutate into a monster from time to time. There were zombies in the original concept as well as booby traps, just like the original games. It seemed scary, just like the rest. There’s a reason Resident Evil was considered a survival horror, it was scary! Like I said before, it’s lost the suspense, it’s still a great game, but it lost its roots. You can’t sacrifice a story for gameplay, that’s what made it such an amazing game in my opinion. I’ve had so many friends who are fans say they’d like to see Resident Evil 2 and 3 remade like the original. Not many remakes are done right when it comes to games, but damn it, Resident Evil had the best remake any fan could ever hope for! For the graphics and technology we have now, it would be worth it for Capcom to put this concept to the test. A remake of Resident Evil 3 could be so massively expansive now! Just keep the story intact and throw some awesome extras in like they did with the remake of the original. Also, consider doing a release of what Resident Evil 4 was originally supposed to be. I thought it looked amazing, I would have loved to see the final product of that concept!

    • Tom Kuzupas Jr

      Or maybe we’re just getting older and things aren’t as scary to us anymore. Nonetheless, I agree, RE did start going downhill with RE4. It was ok. The only thing that really creeped me out about RE4 were the chainsaw wielders, Mendez’ transformation and Saddler’s transformation. Then again, I was 18 at the time. But they really need to get back to making RE how is used to be.

      • koyo koyo

        I really don’t buy the ‘getting older’ factor.

  • Nat Sapphix Cairns

    Well with this being the case—EVERYONE BUY THE REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lets get the series back to its roots rather than it just being a clone of that crappy Call of Duty Shitfest,
    Seriously Resident Evils 4-6 were terrible (just my opinion, i know loads of people say 4 was good but i just didn’t like it)
    lets get the puzzles and scarce ammo and fixed angles back, and more badasses like Nemesis, desolate locations with the threat of being blown up when the game ends…and for gamers sake please dont make it go up in chapters thats just really off putting.

    Oh and MORE JILL :D

    • scooter2407

      RE4 is one of the greatest video games ever created. Those who “hate” it are the hipster-equivalent of gamers.

      (But everyone’s entitled to their opinion!)

  • Fuhai Mitsuki

    I REALLY don’t want them to do another remaster. For fear of the abortion that was 6 possibly influencing the remaster.

    I was…ok with 4…and 5 was decent if you took it for what it was, Ie: not a survival horror game, but 6, my god 6 I hadn’t played such a terrible game since Duke nukem forever was released and that should have stayed unreleased.

    they ruined chris as a character by making him a women hitting, amnesic but drinking to forget, wait, wut?, but wait, also has ptsd max payne wannabe who can survive getting hit with a rocket to his unprotected face via “muscle memory”. The pstd angle made no sense in the way it was presented. I mean the man killed stars team members to survive the mansion, survived the city out break, recused his sister from the island in code veronica, finally finished the fight by killing wesker, and did whatever he did in revelations. nope no ptsd any of those times. No, what does it, what stresses him out is some squad of generic, unnamed except one person whose name you don’t remember squad working on him get wiped out.

    Nothing was accomplished if not for the grace of Ada having been there. speaking of ada, she had no personality which really only works for the mysterious only there briefly support characters. Her contribution was that of a marry sue character that added a level of stupidity to the ending I had never seen before.

    The ending of ada’s arc just takes the story full retard for lack of a better wording.
    I mean I never want to play another “new” resident evil after it. I know resident has never had the greatest story, but this was way way waayy over the top and I felt like I had lost brain cells after playing it. on top of that The monster designs were laughable, I mean I had fallen out of my chair laughing at how stupid they looked.
    So, I fear for any “remastering” they do.

    if the camera angles get improved, and the controllers are better and the graphics get touched up great. if it goes full action game then I won’t be touching it.

    • Matt

      They are just releasing the Gamecube RE remake with touched up graphics. They aren’t supposed to be changing how it plays or anything. It is said to have a choice between more updated or the original “tank” controls. So I am all for this because that remake deserves all the praise and attention it got. I think it should see even more. It was right up there with RE2 as my favorite RE games.

      • Fuhai Mitsuki

        oh, cool. I actually had the gamecube remake, and loved it.
        I just worry for the series. Specially after how 6 turned out.

  • fullynickmate

    my ONLY problem with this hd re release is that its a digital game only… ppl wanna OWN PHYSICAL copies of this awesome game and not everyone can download games because of net providers.. but for now lets just wait and see.

    ALSO CAPCOM, take note of how unlocks happen. WE LOVE being able to unlock new characters and missions and weapons and costumes and art etc. the next re game after this we would prefer loads of content, mercenary missions.. Create 2 scenarios like re2 and code veronica had. like 5 different characters with ties into each others stories, that was so damn annoying. bring back 2 characters (claire and leon is my preference) with maybe a sherry unlockable campaign that isnt even related to the other campaign.. i could go on forever with ideas, but i think i will end i there..

    u should even consider employing a bunch of old school re fans and have them HELP with ideas. 10 ppl that love the series to death and KNOW what everyone would want… someone like me hahaha.. not even kidding. make a cut, have us play it and see if its good and it can be fine tuned. i could honestly that would be a major step in the right direction to creating a new re game.. hate to say it and i mean no disrespect, but clearly u need help from the old school fans.. hell even go back to raccoon city after it was wiped from the map. take us ALL THE WAY BACK…..

    k the end lol.. sorry if i sound like a moron

    • Tom Kuzupas Jr

      The only way they’re going to do that is through DLC which you have to pay for. And you know damn well that Capcom is going to do that because they’re greedy bastards and want money. There is no such thing as “unlocking” hidden characters, missions and weapons anymore on a game. Everything is done through DLC which is basically Disc Locked Content. And if this is a download only game, then it looks like I’m going to have scrounge up some money and buy myself a Nintendo Gamecube, because I too would much rather have a physical copy.

  • Leslie Klein

    I’d buy it…hella’d buy it

    • Frank Moolah

      Hey Leslie ur cute

      • Andy Collier

        Hey Frank, you’re creepy.

        • scooter2407

          Hey Andy, you’re probably correct.

          • Frank Moolah


          • scooter2407

            HAHAHAHA!!! CLASSIC!!!

            Your attempt to say you’re not a douche is to post a picture of Steve Stiffler.

            You’re either brilliantly witty or lacking a cerebrum.

          • Frank Moolah

            The computer doesn’t fight back

        • Frank Moolah

          Kick rocks Andy Dick. Ur mama should of had an abortion. U have officially been castrated.

        • Frank Moolah

          Kick rocks and play in traffic a$$ wipe

  • Marco Zuniga

    Just announce a release date, Capcom, and I’ll be refreshing the store like a madman to get it as it comes, I still remember how PISSED I was over 12 years ago when they announced it was a Gamecube exclusive, after all this time, I’ll be able to play it!

    • Vladimir Jeger

      I’ve played it on my PC with Nintendo Emulator

      • Mrox2

        fine, tell your mom you played it on pc, no one cares, I played it on PC too but I will buy it, emulators suck, I hate piracy, I love classic RE, I’m poor but I will save for it because its worth it.

  • Pavel Alling

    Pienso que luego de una espectacular parte como la 4, la calidad del juego cayó estrepitosamente con lo sucesivo. Lo primero que se debe tener es una buena historia, esa es la base de la “pirámide”, lo programadores que hagan lo suyo después. Sinceramente terminé de jugar hasta la última parte, porque soy fan del juego, pero en ocasiones estuve tentado a dejarlo, algo que no me había pasado nunca; la competencia de otros videojuegos restan también interés a lo que pienso es una de las mejores sagas, no solo de terror, sino como game en general.

  • Gregory

    The truth is capcom did not want to take a chance on not making sales with the economy. Back in the day you could be creative, and if the game didn’t sell as expected it wasn’t that big of a loss. Capcom saw that people enjoy shooters like gears of war and cod so they went that route. I personally didn’t like the way re 5 went, re 6 wasn’t bad because at least with Leon’s story you had the survival horror element. Re4 had all the best elements, it was a survival horror game with action elements. Not everyone likes the pace of the survival horror genre, I love it. Re revelations was not a bad game. I hope they go back to the roots of the series, re1 is one of my favorite games. The re1 remake was awesome, almost like a new game. I’ve been waiting for an hd remake, I hope they remake re2

    • Nk

      Well revelations was great but what did you fight there….. chewing gum. Monsters that look like chewing gum. Disaster. People want the zombies… all the way classic. Ok its hard to let the story always to play in a mansion but there Are ways to tell the story. The last us us was great. Thonk about the engine in the city of racoon city now that would have been great game

      • Mrox2

        they were technically zombies, just watery like due to the virus base.

      • Lio

        I believe that the “monsters” on Revelations were those things because of the capacity of information on the original version. It was a portable game for 3DS. The Revelations 2 i believe will be released only on consoles, so it must be better.

        Revelations was a good way to blend both classic and new RE style. Leon´s campaing was good all along until chapter 3 and that bizarre cavern… WTF was that?

  • Era Kazamura

    I want to see the original trilogy updated and in HD, but rebranded back to Biohazard, in part to distance it from the later games but also so that more casual gamers who are unfamiliar with the older games (and the Japanese name for the franchise) don’t associate it with the crap-fest that was the RE movie series.

    • Ben Flagg

      Unless I’m mistaken, Capcom is still to this day not allowed to call the game Biohazard in North America due to rights issues.

      • Enetirnel

        That’s correct, name trademark issues against a band… The band didn’t want it to seem as though the game was associated with them if I am recalling correctly.

  • Frank Moolah

    A/b mf’ing time Crapcom

  • Cameron Standring

    I’ll likely get it if it’s properly priced, though I would’ve loved a Vita version.

  • Travis Dedmon

    If they want the sales to be accurate- they should make this available in stores. Not everyone is online. I for one can’t afford it anf would love to the remake in my possession (again!)

  • Andrew Benson

    Am I the only person who thought Resident Evil 6 was way better than the 2002 remake, and Operation Raccoon City could have easily been awesome?

    Chris’s campaign was Resident Gears of War, but aside from that–it wasn’t that bad. Jake/Leon/Ada’s campaigns were all really good, though it needed some fixing up with the gunfight mechanics. Getting shot shouldn’t mean you stand there, grimace, and cover your face like someone’s using a squirt gun on you.

    • Цветозар Георгиев

      Nope, bro, you are not the only one who thinks that RE6 actually was the best of the how I like to call them “shooter RE-s” starting with RE4. RE6 had the darkest one among the last games in the series and also had more of this survival feeling.

    • Shayla

      You are very likely the only person. :P

      It was playable. I enjoyed it as a co-op game enough to get through it, but as a RE game, it’s a travesty. Just in general, Capcom is getting lazy and turning the series into a generic shooter with a thinner and thinner story with terrrrrrible character writing.

    • Ramiro Tello

      please get out of this forums, you don’t deserve to be a fan, resident evil 6 was a garbage of game

      • Saul Silver

        leons campain was good but the rest :P i agree!!!! i want Raccoon City back and the Umbrella Corp!

    • Lestat

      REmake was the best resident evim game ever made and you should be ashamed of comparing it to the piece of shit RE6 was.

      Seriously, anyone who calls themselves fans of RE hated RE6.

    • Lio

      Resident Evil 6 was good… until it begins! After that, downhill for it. I couldn´t simple finish it… It sucks a lot!

      ORC COULD be a great game, but it sucks with those high level of bugs and problematics… It would be a lot better if Capcom relaunched a pack with Outbreak 1/2 using LIVE/PSN for online play and make it work as it was created to be.

      4 Players online on it would be fantastic!

      • Andrew Benson

        I’m sorry, but if you thought Outbreak was that much better than RE6, I just can’t take you seriously…

  • ssj_duelist

    I have already bought and completed this game, I’m not buying it again with soem minor graphical tweaks (seriously look awful for a PS4 game). REmake 2 and 3 in one game and you have my money. This is idiotic on Capcom’s part to use to test the waters.

    • Brian Stull

      The graphics you have seen are from the PS3 not the PS4.

    • Andy Collier

      Please…please kill yourself.

      • ssj_duelist

        How about you kill yourself and rid the world of one more fanboy?

      • Frank Moolah

        bitch ass troll

    • Mrox2

      I agree with you completely about REmake RE2/3 in one game for obvious reasons, development related reasons and Information I’ve known about the developers.
      But I completely disagree about not buying this game, if you support classic RE Games then buy it and you will get what you want, Dear god, this is receiving more negativity than RE4 which got re released may times (without any improvement)
      + CAPCOM is on low money now, do you prefer to see the company/series die ?

  • Floyd Vexodus Williams

    Make Resident Evil 7 a open world game please and the controls like 6 so
    we can put are backs to the wall and fall to the floor and roll, and we
    need vehicle’s with mulitiplayer online.

    • Jack Filósofo Esquizofrénico F

      Is that a fuckin’ Resident Evil to you??????? For fucks sake we want a horror game, not a god damn GTA /CoD with zombies!

      • asdf

        what he/she searches for is Dead Rising XD

      • Gabriel Rodriguez

        See now there’s a die hard re fan just like me

    • Andy Collier

      I would murder everyone at Capcom if they did that.

    • koyo koyo

      I’m assuming this was a joke.

    • Shanan Rodger

      I’m sorry, I don’t normally do this, but if that is what you think should be done with RE7 then you are truly a disgrace to the RE fanbase and I sincerely hope you get eaten by Yawn!

  • Ramiro Tello

    I hope this remake will sell very well, i played resident evil zero and almost have chance to play this remake, but i want a Resident Evil 7 game that go back to the real survival horror

  • vmorda

    If they want the next RE to be successful they only need to make the character underpowered again (limited ammo, basic weapons) and set in a atmospheric, claustrophobic environment. Where you are completely isolated and no co-op or forced AI partner, as that ruins the feeling of isolation or dread.

    • Joe Stanziale

      And bring back a fixed camera and the original controls. The fact that you couldn’t see without being forced to move in order to change the camera was scary in itself

      • Mrox2

        I love Classic RE, But the fact is that Camera doesn’t do much to make a game scary or not, its the way its used right or not, this statement I see it millions times and its wrong and dumb.
        So, you would play RE6 with classic cams fright ? yeah sure it will be SCARY FOR YOU !

  • Saul Silver

    Remake 1, 2 and 3 thats all we need and maybe zero zero storys befor Arklay Mountains and stuff

    • Vladimir Jeger

      I agree

    • Mrox2

      I hope Zero is included with this, calling it now, spread this, Zero is more important now, I haven’t played it personally.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    I just hope they really take their time developing these because if they rush it and miss anything this will ruin the franchise.

  • koyo koyo

    At least they seem to be trying to win the original fans back… Unlike Square Enix who ground the FF series into a bloody pulp.

  • John Dizzle

    Use what worked with Resident Evil 4 and improve on those mechanics. Make it a little more open worlded without it turning into GTA. Make it more RPG-like with some side quests for more opportunities to level up your character and earn money for new weapons/items. Have a few optional FF7 styled “hidden bosses” for secret weapons and items. Make a few of the bosses unlockable characters that you can play as in later playthroughs, maybe with a unique storyline as well. Its simple. Duh

    • Lestat

      I really hope you’re no serious

    • Sleepnot

      thats exactly what capcom thought after RE4.. And now we have RE5 RE6 Revelations and ORC

      • scooter2407

        Didn’t play RE6 or ORC but I played (and loved) RE5 and I wouldn’t call that one open-ended. Was pretty straight trail for me…

    • Mrox2

      No, Outbreak did it better…

  • Nicholas Patrick

    If the future is in my hands, why can’t it be on the Wii U as well as all those other systems?

    • Lestat

      Because that thing isn’t selling well and uses a completely different architecture than the other consoles so developing the game for it would be expensive.

      • Mrox2

        + They already can play Wii version on it, this console sold bad and releasing the game on it is a bad idea, sorry.

  • Eric Nichols

    All I can say is, if ur gonna do it guys, do it right, like u said in interview just released. The original RE was, by far, wild. No game was like it, it took me 6 months of looking at it to buy it, thinking it was just another 1st person shooter. WOW, was I wrong !! I believe making it true to the original is best plan, no new weird added angles, “places behind the main balcony”, just do the game justice, -remake- the original RE. True gamers will buy and suggest to others to buy this SWEET remake of a all time classic. Thanks for reading this if you do… Eric Nichols…USA

  • lisa titus

    Yes!!I have so many ideas I love my Resident Evil I love love love it!!

  • lisa titus

    What else can I say its a freakin fantastic idea

  • Zeus

    If they can make the game feel like Res 1 and be able to add the game play of Res 4 that would be pretty sweet. 1, 2, 3 and 4 where probably my favorites. they have all the potential to make the game feel like a horror survival game plus more. i believe they can do it and they should because this serious isn’t meant to die off.

  • Miguel Vilhena

    Yeah I’m game.

  • TableFlipper

    They should remaster both 2 & 3 to and put it out as a trilogy i would love to see RE2 & 3 running in full 1080p. Resident Evil was the first survival horror i played and to this day all 3 still creep me out. With 5 & 6 I think they felt like they had to make it more action orientated but they were so wrong the whole point of resident Evil was that it was pure horror and putting action into it just took away that element.

    • Mrox2

      RE2 + 3 Both remade as Mashups, seeing thats how thew were planned (re3 was going to be an expansio) and happen nearly at the same time, something like Revelations espisodes would be nice + all other characters scenarios, if so then yet, if not then no, I dont want a basic graphical remake, REmake (RE1 REmake) is not a basic graphical overhaul.

  • Lio

    I haven´t played it and it´ll bem a must buy to me. It was undersold because was an exclusivity of the Gamecube. If it was launched on PS2, probably the sells could be higher..

    • keiran

      It was launched on the ps2 after game cube

  • David Pickles

    these screens only show a minimal improvement over the gamecube game, yes it’s 1080p or what ever but that will only work on the ps4/xbone and pc, the last gen are 720p right ? surely capcom know by now people want resi 2 and 3 REmakes… this is surely a no brainer gamecubers asked capcom for them back in 2002 but for what ever reason they didn’t bother. just re released them as a straight port instead.. capcom need to not only improve the level of details of the characters more as this only looks like a darker shadow and slightly higher res… the game needs some easter egg or some new pay off like a new story element or some new mode, and some ‘achievements/trophy that are fun to get, also a new zombie beyond the ‘ crimson head/forest with his nades that if you shoot him you die/ the mutated frog/lizard hunters’ also maybe re work the ‘dogs’ in the hall way cos most people will expect that now.

    also they should totally remake zero.

  • Jason Cookman

    I want a remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. I want The remakes to be a lot less focused on run-n-gun antics as in Resident Evils 4-6. I want a WORLD of Raccoon City. Return to third person angles, that could be switched between one or two others pressing a button but only unlocking them during a complete playthrough with a top rating. And no online bullshit. ONE PERSON GAME!!! It’s not supposed to be a damned competition against your dorky buddies, it’s a story of surviving a nightmare and the lives of the characters involved!

  • Kevin Murphy

    It under sold because it was not released on playstation or xbox only on the gamecube at the time problem solved, thats why capcom changed to action in resident evil 4, now there hand is in the dogs mouth

    • WyckedWu22

      that’s not why it was more action at all…before it was confirmed for the Gamecube the alpha version had the over the shoulder view.

  • Floyd Vexodus Williams

    Make Resident Evil 7 a open world game please but Scary like e Resident Evil 1and the controls like 6 so
    we can put are backs to the wall and fall to the floor and roll, and we
    need vehicle’s with mulitiplayer online.

    • Jay Turner-Smith

      The game is called Resident Evil, not GTA with zombies. Not all games should be open world with cars. If you want that play State of Decay. But, I want Resident Evil to stay unique.

    • Daniel Smith IV

      Thank You Floyd! This is the greatest comment I read in any website so far –be it youtube, gameinformer, this one (which I’m currently viewing right now) and many others…

      • Daniel Smith IV

        By the way, here’s why: your proposal (even though it sounds minute) demonstrates simplicity, logic, effective economic costs, efficient timing, sticking to what works, and retaining the classic element of the Resident Evil series which made it so great–and that’s good damn horror. Time is critical entertainment industry and cap com would save so much cash flow if they maintained the game play from Re6 and implant it in the reboot series (if there is one) because I felt resident evil 6 had great game mechanics, and was a fun game in general, but it just wasn’t freak’n scary.
        If they embark on a quest to make a new resident evil, I’d say keep the game play and make it really creepy. Everybody, who are genuine fans of the resident evil series, loved the horror. So what the hell happened capcom? Action, action, and more action. It didn’t work, so next time, keep what works in the games–pure logic; there’s nothing to it. And finally, an open world resident evil would be so sick. It could go many ways. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that Dante from DmC isn’t a main character or Ben Stiller narrates the plot.

    • Matthew savant

      Sorry man but that sounds awful, That’s the opposite of survival horror.

  • Canucklehead

    So I need to buy a “remastered” version of an older game in order to demonstrate my willingness to buy a new chapter of the game that may or may not be any good? Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

  • Cristián Posada

    ReRemake is my absolute favorite in the series. The locations are gorgeous. Some of those perspectives down hallways and staircases with the light source of candles, swinging lamps, or moonlit windows brought back the simple thrill of a haunted house. When playing as Jill running around the place solo, couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Clarice in Silence of the Lambs; a strong female lead trying to piece it all together and hold herself together. A reboot is long overdue on the big boy systems. The only reason why I’m still holding my damn WiiWee is because of RE:Archives.

    • Matthew savant

      Homebrew it and fill it full of classic games from NES-PSone and you’ll be holding on to your ‘WiiWee’ forever.

      • Tom Murphy

        he means HD remakes not playing games we already played at launch

  • Aaron

    i want this soooo bad! i loved the original but i hated the fixed camera angles. if they change the angles to somthing more useable then it would proberly be my faviourite game of all time.

  • Mike Wilson-Barrett

    Everything about the series from games. Movies and novels have been garbage since after the release of RE3 Nemesis. Capcom tried to be too greedy. RE4 was terrible and the series has just got worse and worse since. It might have won game of the year but RE4 was the series downfall. True RE games have always been about 4 things. 1. Survival (Little ammo. Little health. Limited guns) 2. Puzzle solving (going back over areas trying to find keys. Or items to unlock doors ect) 3. Umbrella, Zombies and T/G virus (Super company. True zombies mutated from both virus) and 4. A gripping real story and storytelling (interwoven characters. True backgrounds. Fighting for a common goal)

    RE since the release of 3 has tried to change that. Camera angles in 4 were awful. 5 even worse. 6? Gave it a total wide birth. It no longer is scary to play RE. The creepy music has gone been replaced by indy type rock music. The limited guns has been replaced with abundance of weapons and ammo. Dont have a gun buy it from a merchant….(no thank you)

    Capcom have strayed faaar too away from what made series great and in my own opinion (barring Outbreak) the series died with Resident Evil 3.

    This will just be a port with updated graphics and items in different places just as the original remake did over the PSX version.

    Either COMPLETELY go back to the start and reimage the series as the original survival horror for 2014+ or lay the series to rest. Nobody wants an RE game that is all guns blazing. You can do that in Call of Duty or Halo…

    • LilG_of_SPE

      I agree with one exception, I think Code Veronica was a good game.

    • keiran

      Come on,I was blown away with re1 back in 1996 ,re2 was great as well,nemesis wasn’t enjoyable to play because you couldn’t get a minutes peace with the nemesis crashing in all the time but re4 was a great come back and the main reason I bought a game cube!! Re5 was OK but beached out too far from the series to be as enjoyable as the first 2 games and re6 was too me a total disappointment and should never have been made…I look forward to the evil within as it looks like we are coming back to the roots of survival horror!!!

    • Josh Morgan

      RE4 was a masterpiece! It won game of the year on many mainstream gaming websites.

      • Mike Wilson-Barrett

        Just coz it won doesnt mean its a good game. Avatar took almost 2billion at the box office. Its still a crap movie. Same with twllight now that is a terrible franchise.

        • Nicholas Byrd

          I know this is a late reply just happened to pop up on Google. I actually enjoyed Avatar even if it basically was military FernGully with bioengineering. That aside, and onto RE, what was your issue with RE4? The proper aiming system and body damage mechanics were the biggest step forward for the series at the time, the AI was greatly improved, the graphics were stunning especially for the time, and the HD remake was quite lovely as well, it maintained a good horror atmosphere and good storyline, especially for a RE game, and with the context attack moves you could actually defend yourself with some degree of effectiveness if you ran out of bullets.. Now those are opinions granted, it is just that they tend to be shared by many, many gamers. So, and this is an honest question, what was it about RE4 that turned you off?

    • WyckedWu22

      Resident Evil 4 was the pinnacle of the series…

      • Mike Wilson-Barrett

        Maybe in your opinion

    • ste

      Are you serious nemesis was the best out the lot followed by 2 then 0 then 1 4 was good but I hate chapters that’s what lets its down then they add multiplayer to it then just ruins it completely for me so anyone saying its ruined since 3 there talking crap 5th game was the worse 1

      • Mike Wilson-Barrett

        If you read my comment properly i said AFTER the release of RE3. So from RE4 onwards

  • petermax

    The only trouble I had with RE6 was it’s range in difficulty. Seriously the amateur setting was way too easy but just going up one difficulty setting to normal and the game became impossible. I don’t even want to think about the higher settings.

  • WyckedWu22

    RE7 should have a VERY EERIE atmosphere with different dificulty levels of Survival Horror. Story has never been a huge factor in the series…With this one you guys could really flesh the story out and make it amazing. The pacing has to be right…And some really unique DLC…for Single player. Maybe some DLC in the mansion…some type of flashback for one of the characters. Go ALL OUT GUYS! RE will be redeemed!

  • ste

    Nemesis was the best having him chase u every 5 minutes kept the suspense going its ever since they introduced chapters in 4 went down hill 5 was worse 1 then they made it 10 times worse adding multiplayer

  • Northern_Fire

    Two words.. FIxed camera!

    • DD-Indeed

      That’s exactly, what they should do. That was the key element in the original games and that’s why they were so good. You never didn’t know, what was in the next angle. You’d have to listen and wait or carefully approach. And the tank controls were perfect for that. They just should add the side-strafing to controls and able to move like that when shooting, then it’s absolute joy to play that type of game.

  • Matthew savant

    I’m a huge resident evil fan and I thoroughly enjoyed resident evil 4 that being said I played through 5 but did not like it and after playing the demo of 6 I didn’t even buy it and I am not at all a fan of any of the recent resident evil spin offs. I will be purchasing the remake of the remake of the first resident evil, Partially because it’s been while since I played it on gamecube and partially to show my support for a return to the originals.
    I love the first 3 resident evils, resident evil: Zero and Code Veronica. Out of the entire series I think both Resident evil 2 and Code Veronica were masterpieces. I for one would love to see 7 become a well thought out, scary and unsettling survival horror game WITH fixed and interesting camera angles. If the developers are unsure on how the masses will feel about returning to fixed camera then the solution is simple: Allow players to choose between fixed camera or third person in the options menu. Perhaps that could be one of the major directions to bring the series to the turning point that it desperately needs, That and the obvious need to return to actually being survival horror. Who knows, If Capcom does their research and smartened up maybe they could reinvent the genre again. My suggestion to them would be a combination of Resident evil 1-3, Zero and Code Veronica mixed with a healthy dose of the disturbing, psychological horror of Silent hill 1-3 (Particularly 2). Given Capcom’s recent history of Resident evil suckage I highly doubt that would happen but a man can dream can’t he?

  • Matthew savant

    A remake of Resident evil 2 alone would sell enough to keep Capcom’s pockets lined for a while. Never mind a remake of 2, 3 code Veronica and Zero! If they remade those games they would easily make millions. As long as remade them in the same way as they remade Resident evil 1, Still keeping as much of the original game as possible only slightly updating the mechanics and of course dramatically updating the graphics and environment as stated in some comments below, The lighting and shadows, Some moving of the backgrounds (swinging lanterns/lights where applicable, Things blowing around in the wind etc) but no major changes it would have to be a remake not a ‘reimagining’. I would kill to play a properly done remake of these games and I think every real fan of the series would. Additionally they would be introducing the series to another generation of gamers and ultimately pulling more people into their fan base. It’s sad that my favorite three franchises have gone so far down, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy have become complete disasters. I don’t know who game developers are listening to but they certainly are not listening to their true fans. Maybe it’s because it’s always the smaller minority of ‘fans’ that have the worst taste and are the most obnoxious are the loudest lol Either way I feel like the world of video games is so flooded with absolute junk right now it’s sad. Occasionally we get thrown something brilliant like The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain and every time a new Elder scrolls comes along but in the meantime I’m replaying the classics missing the golden era of gaming….Went a little off topic but it’s subjects like these that remind me just how much the gaming industry has gone south.