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‘Jurassic Park’ Posters You’ve Never Seen (Because They Weren’t Used)

Experience the past, in the present, at the Theme Park of the future.

We’re heading back to Jurassic Park, thanks to, who landed a series of never-before-seen posters for Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic.

Explains the site, on August 26, Titan Books is publishing “The Art of John Alvin,” a 140-page collection of not only the posters you already know and love, like E.T., Blade Runner, The Lion King, and Gremlins, but a treasure trove’s worth of works-in-progress the world never got to see!

Check out a bunch below; which is your favorite? I’m a huge fan (pun intended) of the one with the T-rex that says, “Man. Science. Entertainment.Technology.” Even though the tagline is stupid, I find the image striking.

Jurassic Park” ©1993 Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.



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