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Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’ Pulled From Release

It sounds as if The Green Inferno literally just entered hell, and that sucks for fans of Eli Roth.

Deadline is reporting that Green Inferno, the Roth-directed film about student activists who travel from Gotham to save the Amazon rainforest only to be pursued by a cannibal tribe, has been taken off Open Road’s release calendar. The film was scheduled for wide release on September 5. We’ve been supporting the film heavily here on the site after we posted this positive review last September.

They write that this happened because financier Worldview Entertainment is balking at ex-CEO Christopher Woodrow’s commitment to provide the P&A.

They have also confirmed from Open Road that the release date is scratched, though the distributor won’t comment further, including whether there will be a later release date or if this goes straight to video. Worldview has been going through a restructure since the abrupt and largely unexplained exit of CEO Woodrow, which Deadline revealed last June.

Add the writer, it looks like the scrapping of Green Inferno from Open Road’s fall schedule has little to do with the quality of the film Roth directed, co-wrote and produced.

Worldview doesn’t intend to leave Roth high and dry, they add, and behind the scenes talks are going on to try and figure this out.

Green Inferno was acquired by Open Road after it premiered in the Midnight Madness program at 2013 Toronto City to raucous response.




  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m actually not surprised by this. When I first saw news on this, it seemed like a VOD release. I want to see this, but probably not in theaters.

    • Justin Corillo

      VOD thought here too from day one. this just didnt seem like a theatrical run film. i’m sure we can expect it in a wal-mart discount bin double-disked with aftershock.

      • Brian Wiley

        Agreed. The quality of the movie didn’t seem like a theatrical release. It looks like it was shot on shitty low budget video to save cash. The plane crash scene looked very tv movie quality.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      Statements like this are why we end up with our theatrical horror releases being nothing but sequels, reboots, and remakes.

      • ThunderDragoon

        Oh please, there have been plenty of original horror movies that have come out within these past few years. Stop being dramatic.

      • J Jett

        Daniel Baldwin, over-dramatic much? this movie absolutely looks like a VOD/straight to video flick. if YOU want to spend money on a movie like this, all the more power to you but don’t belittle people who don’t just run out and see every crappy looking movie to come along.

      • Full Frontal Squashing

        Oh Daniel, how could you?

  • Brock

    As long as it gets released I’m still stoked. Would’ve been great to see in the theatre. Just hoping it doesn’t get locked away

  • Kyle Yadlosky

    I was really pumped to go see this bloodbath in theaters. I saw the first trailer for it just a couple weeks ago before The Purge: Anarchy and was jumping up and down in my chair like a giddy little kid. This news blows so many different dicks of all shapes, sizes, and levels of infectious payloads.

    • The_Whore_Whisperer

      “This news blows so many different dicks of all shapes, sizes, and levels of infectious payloads.” Comic gold!!! Kudos.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        Why am I not surprised the type of person with your username would find humor in such stupidity.

        • The_Whore_Whisperer

          Why am I not surprised that a person with your username is a self-righteous bore-ass.

        • Sean

          And kill yourself.

  • J Jett

    even though i’m really not into this type of genre, i feel bad for all those who worked on the film, expecting it to get a theatrical release (one without controversy).

    • Robobenito

      I feel bad for all those who worked on the film too. Especially the Amazonians who had never seen television or a movie and were exposed to not only a screening of Cannibal Holocaust, but also to the filming of Roth’s latest snuff-porn attempt. The people who worked on it can fuck off for taking part in such a disgusting exploitation of humanity. Malaria and parasites are too good for them.

      • James

        How are his movies snuff porn but not the rest of horror films?

        • Robobenito

          Have you ever seen one of his movies?

          • James

            Yes I have. Except for maybe 2 scenes in hostel 2 his movies are pretty tame.

  • anthonyd1

    Im really pissed. I just got all of my friends excited to go see this and now who knows how long we will have to wait to see it. It better still be getting a wide release

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Now you’re going to have no friends.

      • Dustin

        I rarely laugh at loud at these comments, but this guy ^^^

  • Spooky Samantha

    Oh, thank God. For a minute there I thought we were going to be treated to an original, scary, and well written horror film. I mean, who needs that when we have another cash grab Scream sequel on the way?

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      This has nothing to do with the content of the movie. And there is no Scream sequel on the way you fucking spooky idiot.

      • Leebo

        Is there any reason to be rude?
        And no Scream sequel on the way? Ha, right.
        Williamson and Craven have just “made up” so don’t be too surprised to see it announced in the near future – perhaps not a “sequel” but the inevitable “modern day remake” being “re-invented”.

        Probably dealing with a film within a film idea of the killer(s) resenting the fact that Stab is being remade and it will “obviously” suck, so will be picking off the actors in the movie.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Ha. This is what we like to call a “slippery slope argument”.

    • Ben Murphy

      Original? Nothing original here.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I hope we don’t have another ‘The Poughkeepsie Tapes’ fiasco on our hands.

    • c-s-a78

      yeh im in australia.and still waiting for that movie!!!

      • WalkingDeadGuy

        I finally watched it last night on YouTube of all palaces. Check it out! 🙂

        • c-s-a78

          cheers bro.
          ill check it out.

  • chetrog

    Hope its not so bad that they don’t want to to just not deal with with it. Hope it goes to VOD at least.

  • zombie84_41

    Such bullshit man. I hope Eli fines another studio and gets this into theaters and not limited either. Because I don’t wanta watch this at home I wanta watch this with people.

  • Satan’s Taint

    No loss Eli Roth is a hack anyway.

  • WHOOOT! I have featured the film as well on my page.. wanna see him

  • Gregory Miller

    We can never have nice things

  • Don’t care about Roth, so it’s fine with me.

    • Full Frontal Squashing

      Hey Dees! Good to see you here.

  • Krug09

    I am not a fan of Roth but like i said i think he could make a decent film if not for all gore fest. I did want to see this but on tv/dvd etc.

  • Hint to Roth: now would be a good time to “accidentally” leak the film

  • Clifford

    The distributor only realized now what an incredibly racist movie The Green Inferno is.

    • PMC

      I’m curious. Why do you think the film is racist, Clifford?

      • Krug09

        I think he means because the cannibals are tribal.. people or whatever they are.

        • PMC

          I see that. having traveled and lived amongst various indigenous peoples all over the world as a passionate anthropology enthusiast and tribal art collector, I can safely say that, for the most part, those who eat human flesh as a part of their culture are, indeed, people of “color.” For example. The Fijians. The Asmat. All over Papua/New Guinea. West African Congolese tribes. Melanesian. The list goes on. It is not racist. It is just true. (I was just trying to teach a young, ignorant, misguided liberal a history lesson.)

          • eek

            You sound like a douche.

          • PMC

            Perhaps. However, I am an educated and informed douche. Unlike most on this thread.

          • Robobenito

            Please enlighten us. When and where have you “traveled and lived amongst various indigenous peoples” as an “anthropology enthusiast”? Or are you just throwing out vague terms to try and garner credibility? Jesus, I just realized I’m engaging in an intellectual debate on Bloody Disgusting, never mind.

          • PMC

            Zululand in South Africa; Rio Negro Watershed in the Amazon; Mindanao in the Southern Philippines; Kaokoland in Namibia; Kalahari Basin in Namibia.

          • Robobenito

            You failed at your lesson, and proved Clifford’s point wonderfully.

          • Daniel Patrick Kelly

            He did? How?

          • Nick Carton


    • Jason Bartlett

      Yeah, cause cannibalism screams racism.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Sounds like someone is projecting.

  • Pleather-Face

    I think it’s delayed because they’re already planning the reboot.

  • Pimpdalyrical

    Gonna root for the tribe….

  • NixEclips

    If you think the movie looks crap, you should play the app game. Lazy bullshit.

  • tyler

    I don’t understand who and why they keep approving the funds for this man to continuously make boring crap.

    • Michael Fairlamb

      The isn’t an article about Lars Von Trier.

      • tyler

        Your right – same with Lars too! Another I don’t understand is M. Night Shyamalan (or however u spell it). The only film that was decent/good was Sixth Sense but they keep funding him to make bomb after bomb.

        • Michael Fairlamb

          Everything LvT has done has been crap. Roth I enjoy, and MKS has had several movies besides 6th sense. Signs, for example.

          • Chamber

            The fact that you enjoy Roths movies and hate Von Triers says plenty about your taste in film.

          • Michael Fairlamb

            Yes, it says I am not a weather vane swayed by critics and popular opinion and a desire to pretend to be superior by hopping on the artsy-fartsy bandwagon of snobby hipsters and look down on all the filthy plebeians who don’t have the refined taste I have attained.

          • devilgod

            LvT’s “RIGET” is just amazing and no, I don’t mean the crappy King-version


      • Chamber


  • Chamber

    Good. I wouldn’t pay money to see a “film” by Roth if you drove me to the theater, carried me to my seat, and bought me snacks. He is a hack of Tyler Perry proportions. Dude can’t make a decent film to save his life.

    • Vt14

      How are you going to compare Eli Roth to tyler perry thats like comparing sardines to salmon ummm sorry but no and Eli Roth doesn’t make religious based movies that have any type of life altering or positive message . He makes movies that make you not want to go outside alone past 7:00 p.m and that make you want to throw up so if you don’t drink scotch than stick to vodka because I’m pretty sure no one would go that far as to invite you to one of his movies ….. Just saying

  • Travis

    Roth blows, but I definitely felt that this movie was going to be better. I was a little excited for it to come out only because watchable horror releases have non-existent

  • Derek Behrends

    I was just saying yesterday how excited I was for this movie, and now it gets scrapped. I’ve always wanted to see a Roth film in theaters but I guess it won’t happen. This is bullshit.

  • Matt

    Ok. So i just popped Sabotage in the bluray and this was one of the previews. I was inytrigued enough tto get on here and check it out. Honestly, ive been looking for a truely scary movie since about ’75, but everything that comes around seems like the same shit poured in a different bag. So eli roth puts this out. Ok cool. Canables. Thats reletively fresh. Then comes the moaning and whining ofbthe cast projecting so much beliveable fear. And the oh my god run away run away bullshit. How the hell is an audiance going to give a fuck about characters who are too pusified to fight for thirrselves? Only dif between thid tutd and the other turds already flushed is these victims are wearing safety vests instead of a tube top and fuck-me pumps. Screw it, theres more beluevable tension in That 70’s Show.

    • waltereg0

      English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

    • wp

      I have never seen so many misspellings as in this one post, ever!

  • Jeremy Ross

    Wow how crazy all you anti Eli fans….. Why are you even o this site you pansies Eli rocks if you don’t think so let’s see you make a good scary

  • Jeremy Ross

    And the edit talking about yeah cause cannibals scream Realizm. are you fucking retarded cannibals are real and exist everywhere you are all a bunch of fucking idiots

    • Robobenito

      You seem like a sensible guy.

  • James

    How disappointing. I’ve been itching to see this one for a while now.

  • Pixelsmith81

    Damn. I was actually looking forward to this one, even though I’m so-so on his other movies…

  • darkjadis

    Why would i want to see random chicks getting eaten by cannibals? Because companies tear down the forest. Im supposed to root for the cannibals i bet. I like when fucked up assholes get murked, not random chicks on a school trip. I can only imagine the torture he has in this one. Blood and gore is one thing, GLORIFYING torture is another thing. Its like his movies are made for people to pussy to do it themselves so they get off on the movie.

    • Joshua Alt

      Doesn’t know shit about horror films, check out the August Underground Trilogy.

  • Gee Cee

    I wish the cannibals would eat you whiners. Shut up already. geez.

  • Wayne

    Cannibal Holocaust wannabe.

    • Joshua Alt

      Eli Roth has stated that Canninal Holocaust is his favorite horror film and actually cast the Director of Cannibal Holocaust ‘Ruggero Deodato’ in the film Hostel 2 as the wealthy cannibal. I would not say that “The Green Inferno” is a wannabe but a homage.

  • Joshua Alt

    Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I had mean waiting for this for so long.

  • Damn, just now hearing about this. I was really looking forward to it, big fan of the Cannibal subgenre.

  • I too, found myself searching local theater listings today only to eventually find this article, much to my disappointment.

    Sounds like the same fate that House of 1000 Corpses and

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation met. We saw the trailers, “Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!” and then… nothing. They simply disappeared into the abyss.

    While it would be nice to see it on the “big screen” we’ll at least eventually get to see it on Blu-ray.

  • Paul Murray

    Even though this movie is probably a huge rip-off of Cannibal Holocaust since Roth loves that movie, I’m still really hoping VOD or even a torrent is possible.

  • Eli Roth just created the Hostel movie series, which I think is the most gruesome, evil, and horrific of all.

    I know that this movie “The Green Inferno” would give me nightmares.

    But, I am so curious.

  • Vt14

    So f$&@ing pissed !!!!!!!!!! Stop hating if you cant handle the heat stay the hell out of the kitchen like seriously do they need to remaster it to r-rated standArds owtf thats why movies that are r rated are meant for adults now theres limits on how gruesome a movie can be inorder to be on the big screen ughhhhhh this is eli roth he doesnt do green eggs and ham hes vulgar and thats what we love about him he pushes the envelope …… F$&@ing A-holes cant handle his work well maybe they need a vomit bag if its too much but his fans love it…… And hes soooooo sexy 😉

    • Amnesiac Kid

      he truly is sexy!

  • Nika Brock

    Pissed!!! I was waiting so long for this

  • Jason

    I’m not a critic like some of you seem to be. All I want from this movie is a lot of horror and gore. Everyone bitches about which side they’re on but a true horror fan just wants something new and fun. Lots of Guts and blood and nudity make for a great experience as long as you don’t look to deep into it.

  • Steve

    I was fortunate enough to see it at AFI fest. I don’t believe it will disappoint fans. You can check out my short and sweet review at

  • Kalina Donyai

    I’ve been every where, now I know why I can’t Phuckin find it!!

  • Joe Keen

    I’m looking forward to the movie, but as someone mentioned, this movie is not as original as they think it is. This was highly influenced by Cannibal Holocaust that was made in 1980.

  • David D Walker

    So what’s the latest news are they ever going to release this flick ?

  • Anon

    i can’t believe they complain how similar it is to the Cannibal Holocaust movie when Hunger Games is still released and it is A LOT similar to the Battle Royale movie

  • Really, who are Eli Roth’s fans – IDF and Shin Bet ?!

  • Joan Camara

    I’m confused. I see that this article is from 2014, and these comments are from 2 years ago too. It is 2016 now. I found out about this movie, because a friend of mine saw it on TV a few days ago (Aug 16th, 2016), and told me about it, so I was doing a search for online, and found this article. Sooo, I don’t get what this article is saying. This movie was not going to be shown in theaters? Soooo, they just skipped the theater, and put it on cable, or satellite (that’s my friend has)? Anyone know?

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