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Robert Englund Says Farewell to Freddy Krueger (Video)

This past Friday Robert Englund once again attended the Flashback Weekend in Chicago, only this time it was a nightmare of a visit.

Englund, best known for his role in A Nightmare On Elm Street, donned the famous Freddy Krueger make-up “one final time.” Effects legend Robert Kurtzman created the final look, which gave super fans the chance to take a personal photo with Englund (see my embarrassing shot above), with proceeds going to charity (to save a local drive-in theater).

Fox 32 Chicago was granted exclusive video coverage of the event, and turned in the following report from the massive annual horror convention that leads into the Wizard World convention in two weeks.

Englund chats about how he feels now that he’s officially saying goodbye, only he does so while rocking the infamous Krueger make-up. This was a once in a lifetime event that won’t soon be forgotten.

FOX 32 News Chicago



  • he’s amazing.

  • Darkness69

    Well, thanks for breaking my bloody heart once again, Bloody Disgusting!

  • Spooky Samantha

    Good. And take those talentless screenwriters who pen mindless slasher flicks with you.

    • Sick_skwerl

      Robert Englund is a god damn national treasure! And I can’t believe no one has said anything about this comment.
      “Yes good bye to all those miiiindless slashers. I only watch really pretentious movies that get called ‘cerebral’ by uppity shit bags like me.”
      And if anything, the first ANOES is one of the smartest (and most creative) slashers out there.
      *drops microphone*

      • Darkness69

        Ignorant comments deserve to be ignored, that’s all.

  • I watched a few interviews with Robert Englund as Freddy at this recent Flashback weekend. He never confirms that this is definitely the end. Instead he avoids the questions, calls it a stunt and also said he wasn’t sure if it would be the last time with the make-up, but one things for sure he was ready to tear it off.

  • Saren Nevac

    Roberts Freddy is amazing – like how he plays it creepy yet with a glee. Freddy just enjoyed killing and scaring kids. Its why the remake sucked making Freddy so serious and moody. Shame we will never see Robert playing Freddy again. But he has left behind a larger than life character that will endure for a long time.

    • ThatGuyD

      A little off topic, but I really wish they would have made Freddy not a child molester, would have made a better back story imo.

      • Eastman420

        In the originals he just killed them. The remake they made him a molester

        • Didn’t they explain he was a molester in Freddy’s Nightmares, the tv show? I’m remembering when Robert Englund was in the court room. At the end he got burned. It was a prequel episode.

          • Sick_skwerl

            You’re totally right, in “no more Mr. Nice Guy” directed by Tobe Hooper. Everyone makes the distinction of “child killer” or “child molester”. He was both. And I dont see why people get bent out of shape one way or the other, he was a fucking monster haha.
            (For the record, though, I hate the remake.)
            Long live Robert Englund!

          • Leebo

            Aye, iirc Craven originally had Fred Krueger envisioned as a paedophile in the original Elm St movie, but around the time of filming there was some big child molestation court case that gripped America, so it was decided that maybe they would “overlook” that part of his character, but later movies made it clear that he was a paedophile.

      • Sick_skwerl

        Do you mean like he totally didn’t do it? Like the kids all lied? Because, if so, I agree- that would have made for the best plot twist in a franchise remake EVER. I’ve said so since i saw it in theaters, “if they had just played it that the kids were lying and that’s why he got burned and THAT’S why he’s getting revenge, that would have been interesting.” (Wouldn’t have made up for shitty fx and acting, but it would have been compelling at least).

        • Leebo

          Indeed, at the cinema I was also hoping that Freddy was actually innocent, and the “revenge” was because he’d been wrongly accused.
          That would have been a great twist and could have led to some decent sequels.

        • ThatGuyD

          That’s exactly what I was hoping for when watching it. Freddy’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, he would just be more awesome if he wasn’t a kid toucher, real or not heh.

  • Krug09

    So since 2014 marks 30 years since the original can we please get a bluray collection for ANOES… A real one not that double sided collection that doesn’t work!

    • Matthew S Shireman

      sir i own bth the blue raybut yes the doble sided work great just has a flopy disk becare ful and you will be fine and i was their that day sadly i did not see him love you mr kreger

  • Khy

    Gah sucks. Part of me wishes that he and Wes Craven could return for one last film. Just one last rampage of classic Freddy killing up kids on Elm Street. Then I’ll be satisfied.

  • Eastman420

    So sad love how he can get right into character no hesitation. Still has it love hat laugh!!!

  • Grimphantom

    Even tho this might be his last appearance of Freddy we can still see Robert Englund in other horror movies and voice acting which he has done a great job by doing voices like the Riddle from The Batman, The Vulture from Spectacular Spider-Man and the Deer-man from Regular Show

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’d love to hear him do his Freddy voice for a video game or something. That would be pretty cool.

  • MontagTheMagician

    It was so surreal to walk into the room and see Freddy standing there in person. I am going to cherish my picture with him forever and it was so worth the money and the 7 hour drive.

  • Mr Poo

    What a class act and an iconic role!! Hats off Mr. Englund

  • susan

    remake was better.

    • JD

      said nobody, ever

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