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This Custom SHODAN PC Might Already Be Sentient

Someone has finally made a custom PC case that’s worthy of overthrowing the human race. Inspired by the malevolent AI SHODAN from the long-dormant System Shock series, this one-of-a-kind PC is emblazoned with the incredibly judgmental face of everyone’s favorite rogue AI. The attention to detail here is just ridiculous, but we mustn’t overlook the possibility that this case is too genuine, enough so that it becomes sentient and hurtles the world into a Terminator 2: Judgment Day type of situation. I refuse to die before I get my hands on Silent Hills.

The creation you can see below is the work of Tom. Tom’s a fan of the series, so last September he decided to design a custom case that accurately represented his love for the games.

Tom even made a making-of video, which you can find below.

In related news, I just realized that System Shock 2 turned 15 on August 11 and I forgot to mention it. So as a sort of belated celebration, once you think you’ve spent enough time ogling over the lovely stuff above, you should consider checking out this artist rendering of the greatest scene in the series. And feel free to share your favorite moments from either game in the comments below.



  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Now that is awesome. All that cable layout is amazing!

    Side note: I wish this game would get a modern remake so bad (and DIablo 1 and 2)

    • Adam Dodd

      I would be all over a remake of either Diablo game. The first needs it the most, but I’d prefer a chance to return to the second. I miss my Assassin class.

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