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‘Shaun of the Dead’ Returns This Halloween!

Even though the long-promised Shaun of the Dead sequel appears to be deader than the zombies in the film, the characters of both Shaun and Ed are going to return in an upcoming Halloween special!

Simon Pegg revealed on Twitter that he and Nick Frost will once again play their Shaun characters in “Phineas and Ferb’s” upcoming Halloween special.

“Phineas and Ferb” is a Disney Channel animated comedy about two stepbrothers who find inventive things to do on each day of their summer vacation such as building a roller coaster out of materials you would find in your everyday home like Popsicle sticks, indoor plumbing, etc. Unbeknownst to them, their pet platypus, Perry, leads a double life as a secret agent.



  • Nick M.

    I got excited for a second, until I read “Phineas and Ferb”, then I lost all interest.

    • Grimphantom

      Same here, if it was on Gravity Falls however i would have been interested.

  • Alex Dye

    Phineas and Ferb, perfect place for them to show up. P and F is a genius show for both kids and adults; come on they made a “Full Metal Jacket” ref, how many cartoons can you claim do that?

    • Lyle Chip Chipperson

      I love how intelligently written the show is for kids but I have watched it a few times and it just isn’t entertaining or funny. Still better than most of the shit programming on kids networks though.

      • Grimphantom

        True on that, there are worst and P&F is a bit decent if it wasn’t for the singing. Still like Trisha mention even a Rick & Morty works too along with Gravity Falls and Regular Show especially RS since the creator mentions the show was inspired by British TV

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    They should have been on Rick & Morty instead

  • Evan3

    This is awesome.

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