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‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Sequel Leaked!

Most folks aren’t too happy with the state of Resident Evil. Capcom knows this, and while acknowledging the fact that the series is in dire need of a new direction — preferably one that takes it into the realm of survival horror, where it belongs — they’re doing more than that. The first bit of good news was the reveal of a remastered Resident Evil Remake, which first released on the GameCube back in 2002.

If this turns out to be legit — and I really think it is — the second step in their master plan to bring the struggling series back to its former glory will be through the continuation of the spin-off Revelations series, which many, including myself, see as one of the better Resident Evil games in quite some time.

Capcom has offered no confirmation on whether or not this is legit, but the premature unveiling of Resident Evil Revelations 2 comes from French gaming site Gamer in a Box, which spotted some box art and a single screenshot for the unannounced game on While we can’t be certain this is official, I think it’s safe to say that its being on the Xbox website gives it some clout.

I would love to play another Revelations game, especially if its coming to current-gen consoles. The first game was a 3DS exclusive until Capcom ported it with an HD makeover for last-gen consoles.





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