Ubisoft CEO Squashes Any Lingering Hope for a 'ZombiU' Sequel - Bloody Disgusting!

Ubisoft CEO Squashes Any Lingering Hope for a ‘ZombiU’ Sequel


Following the consistently low sales of their Mature-rated games on the Wii U, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has decided that since a majority of Nintendo fans don’t seem to be too interested in that kind of entertainment, they’re just going to stop making them. This means Watch Dogs, scheduled to arrive later this year, will be the final M-rated game Ubisoft brings to the Wii U. This also means no more ZombiU, though that should come as surprise seeing as Ubisoft confirmed last July that they had scrapped the prototype for a sequel they had in-development.

This disheartening bit of news comes from Game Informer, which recently had the chance to chat with Guillemot regarding their plans for Nintendo’s console. The gist of it is the publisher will be shifting their focus entirely on bringing family-friendly entertainment, like their incredibly popular Just Dance series, to the Wii U from now on.

Their decision to not turn ZombiU into a series makes sense from a business perspective, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. ZombiU is a fantastic game that had the potential to become a strong new horror franchise. It certainly deserved to last longer than it did.


  • The only thing that bothers me about Ubi’s decision is that the franchise could have been ported, and done better on, the Xbone and the PS4. Outright killing it instead of looking at alternative measures for gaining an audience is, in my opinion, short sighted, and reeks of “we can’t make women playable because it’s too difficult.”

  • RawBeard

    I know there is probably an exclusivity clause with Nintendo which will answer my question, but why doesn’t Ubisoft just reboot/rework the game, dropping the WiiU elements from it and release it on the other consoles? I would love to play the game but I’m not buying a WiiU to do so.

  • marklola12 .

    well a lot of developers don’t want to make games for the Wii U because its a crap system, low sales and its full of baby games

  • Khy

    What the 3 users below me said. Seriously, ALL of you guys hit it on the head. Why don’t they just reboot this on the PS4/XBone? I mean have they seen the gaming climate OUTSIDE of the WII U? They’re definitely making a huge mistake. They’re sitting on money.

    • E Crash

      I just saw this as I posted my same response. I WANT this game. Let’s start an online petition?

  • E Crash

    Ok, re-release it on other consoles, DONE. Test it then to see how well it does. Has anyone thought of that? I WANT this game, but cannot buy a Wii-U for their child-like titles. Sorry it’s my personal opinion, if it hurts, get over yourself, it’s just a console.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I have yet to play this because I still need to get a Wii U. This will be one of the first games I get, though, for sure.

  • masterjedi

    It’s a crap decision. Ubisoft complains that their mature games don’t sell on the WiiU, yet ZombiU is actually their HIGHEST SELLING GAME on the entire system INCLUDING the 2 Just Dance games they’ve already released on WiiU. 700K copies sold, (not counting digital sales if there were any) is nothing to sneeze at for a new IP.

  • Benny Kleykens

    Considering that there are only a few mllion Wii Us sold (compared to 14 million PS4s) and considering that the demographic for Wii U is indeed “families”, Ubisoft really only has the option to either make famiily-games or start developing for different Consoles. An initial ZombiU port to PC wouldn’t be a hugh investment and would definately be profitable and could revive ZombiU … but exclusivity to WiiU is the real curse to this game : that port will never happen.