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Invada Records Reissuing ‘Warning Sign’ Soundtrack On Vinyl: Stream Four Tracks (Exclusive)

Invada Records has announced that they will be releasing a vinyl reissue for the soundtrack to the 1985 sci-fi/thriller Warning Sign, Bloody-Disgusting exclusively reports. Composed by Craig Safan (Nightmare On Elm St. 4: Dream Warriors, The Last Starfighter), the film follows, “…the story of a man-made virus that is accidentally released into its laboratory, turning its workers into zombies.” It stars Sam Waterston (Law And Order), Kathleen Quinlan (The Hills Have Eyes, Event Horizon), and Yaphet Kotto (Alien, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare).

The fully electronic score was composed using a Synclavier synthesizer, an incredibly expensive piece of kit at the time:

Due to the science fiction and horror overtones, the Synclavier creates an appropriate atmosphere which Safan layers with different effects, from an electric piano that illustrates a desolate location in the film’s early stages, to the use of metallic effects as percussion for the chemically-affected staff. Safan weaves dissonant sounds to suggest chaos and paranoia, and innovatively synthesizes human voices to convey a sense of tortured souls to those infected. What follows is an intense score where the foreboding turns to reality with an eerie and uncomfortable texture, broken only by a beautiful and warm melody for the resolution and end credits, where all is well.

The score has been newly remastered by Optimum Mastering, and features new artwork by Marc Bessant (Portishead, DROKK) liner notes by Craig Safan himself plus George Ginn (Legendary 84 year old owner of the UKs oldest soundtrack store ‘the Record Album’).

Below is a stream of four tracks from the album.



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